10 Tips to Improve Your Online Gambling in 2019

The time for new year’s resolutions has come and gone. But this doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty of time to commit to any number of positive improvements for the year ahead.

If you’re a keen online gambler, there’s always something you can do to improve your enjoyment and your success rates alike. Or at least, get out of one or two bad habits for the benefit of your bankroll.

So if you’d like to enjoy your best year in online gambling to date, here are 10 suggestions you might wish to consider for 2019:

1.  Bring a little variety into the mix

First up, everyone knows that variety is the spice of life. Hence, it’s worth making 2019 the year you finally get a little more adventurous with your gaming.  Of course, this contradicts the advice that you should stick to what you know and focus on the activities you both enjoy and understand. Nevertheless, occasionally throwing something completely new into the mix really can maximise the enjoyment of gambling online. If you’re primarily an online casino gamer, why not give sports betting a shot? If you’re all about poker, why not see how you fare at baccarat?

2.  Start a gambling journal

If you take your gambling seriously, you should consider a gambling journal mandatory. The idea being that you keep a close eye on your wins and losses, gradually building an invaluable resource to help guide your future decisions. It’s not the most interesting activity at first, but you’ll soon get into the habit of writing things down as they occur. Glance back at your journal from time to time and you’ll find it much easier to keep things in perspective as you go.

3.  Explore online casino bonuses

Online casino bonuses are there for the taking, so why not take full advantage of them? Just for the record, we’re not suggesting for one minute that every casino bonus out there is worth bothering with. If the wagering requirements and general terms are too excessive, you’d be better off avoiding them entirely.  Nevertheless, you’ll occasionally come across an outstanding deal that could help you get so much more for your money. It’s simply a case of tracking them down and signing up!

4.  Allocate time and money

Responsible online gambling means taking responsibility for how much time and money you invest in your activities. For 2019, therefore, why not begin allocating yourself a specific amount of time and money each week/month?  Rather than simply letting time slip away and spending far more than you intended to, it’s far better to adopt a proactive approach. Think about how much time and money you can realistically afford to spend on your online gambling activities, employing as much willpower as necessary to stick to your guns.

5.  Do some research

Whatever your preferred online gambling activities, there are thousands of books, journals and online tutorials you should probably be checking out. If you intend to get the most out of your time spent online, it simply makes sense to dig a little deeper and do some research. Ultimately, most casino games are based purely on chance and there’s little you can do to affect the outcome.  Nevertheless, there’s always plenty you can do to ensure you make logical decisions and avoid excessive losses.

6.  Try a new online casino

New online casinos and sports betting sites are opening their doors at record-pace. Why not take the time to see what they’ve got to offer? Standards vary significantly from one operator to the next, but there are nonetheless some outstanding newcomers to the scene that are more than worth checking out. Use customer reviews and recommendations to weed-out the less desirable entities, check out what’s on offer before signing up and give those introductory bonus terms a good read.

7.  Learn more about casino licenses

General online casino standards have never been higher, but not every operator plays by the rules. In addition, the threat posed by shady criminals is growing by the day and should be taken seriously. As such, it’s in your best interests to learn more about casino licences and discover the benefits of working exclusively with regulated gaming providers. Not to mention, do everything you can to safeguard your personal information and minimise the likelihood of falling victim to identity theft.

8.  Allocate your winnings

Statistically, there’s nothing you can do to guarantee you will win X amount of money in Y amount of time.  Even with all the calculations and intuition in the world, you’ve still no idea when or where you’ll strike it lucky. Nevertheless, there’s nothing to stop you dreaming of what might be. Consider allocating your winnings ahead of time, perhaps contributing towards something you’ve had your eye on. Every time you win £20 or more, for example, it could be added to a kitty to build towards a holiday you know you deserve. This way, you’re far less likely to blow your winnings on the kind of random crap you usually spend your spare money on!

9.  Get yourself offline

Online casinos and sports betting sites do a great job recreating the experience of the real thing. Nevertheless, many would argue that there really is nothing like the enjoyment of a real-life casino or a busy bookmaker. If it’s something you’ve never experienced before, why not take the plunge in 2019? Even if it turns out that the online alternative is your preferred option, you’ll have lost nothing by finding out and could have gained a lot!

10.  Get into live-dealer gaming

Last but not least, live-dealer casino gaming is quickly taking over as the new standard for discerning online gamers worldwide. Delivered by a decent operator, live-dealer gaming effectively combines the benefits of online casino gaming with the excitement, immersion and social interaction of the real thing. Live-dealer gaming has come leaps and bounds in terms of both quality and performance, so there really has never been a better time to check it out for yourself.

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