The Truth About No-Deposit Bonuses…

Gambling really is nothing like it used to be. Something which, for the most part at least, is a good thing. Thanks primarily to technology, casino gaming is more accessible and immersive than it has ever been. What’s more, the shift to online gaming is prompting service providers worldwide to create increasingly generous deals and discounts to entice new customers.

At this point, it’s entirely likely that you will have come across no-deposit bonus offers. Nevertheless, you may be unsure as to how they work. Or for that matter, whether they are as genuine as they appear to be.

At its core, every bonus offer exists for the sole purpose of attracting customers to the respective website. They may seem generous, but are nonetheless marketing tools used for the benefit of the casino. This doesn’t mean they can’t be of enormous value, but is nonetheless an important point to remember. What’s more, it’s also true to say that many (if not most) of the deals you come across these days aren’t nearly as generous as they appear to be.

Hence, it’s a good idea to have your wits about you, if you intend to go ahead and pick up a welcome bonus or two.

What does all this mean for the casual casino player?

Realistically, those who play casinos on a casual basis have very little to worry about. After all, it’s not as if you’re going to be spending enough to lose a great deal. But at the same time, there are endless bonus deals and promotions out there that are of zero value to the average everyday player.

In the case of no-deposit bonus offers, you’re looking at a deal that supposedly provides you with something for nothing. There’s no requirement to sign up, yet you’re handed a small sum of cash for choosing this particular casino. More often than not, no-deposit bonus offers are limited to around £10 at the most.

Assuming you qualify, it seems like a deal that’s too good to pass up. In reality, you need to assess the value of the no-deposit bonus in accordance with its terms and conditions. Make no mistake about it – bonuses like these are always governed by pretty severe terms.

Primarily, you’ll be looking at wagering requirements, which must be satisfied in order to withdraw any of the cash you win when playing with it. In a working example, you could be handed a no-deposit bonus deal worth £10, which attaches wagering requirements of 50X. This would mean that you would need to wager at least £500 in real money, in order to access any winnings generated from this original £10.

On top of this, you may also find that the wagering requirements need to be satisfied within a strictly limited period of time. Typically, a week or so being all you’re given. As a result, you’re unlikely to come even remotely close to fulfilling them.

Last but not least, it’s also entirely likely that the no-deposit bonus will be severely limited in terms of where and how it can be used. In some instances, you may only be able to use this £10 to play a handful of table games or slots. If you’re happy with the limitations, feel free to go ahead. If not, it’s probably not worth bothering with.

Taking advantage of no-deposit bonuses

So with all of these restrictions in place, is there really any sense taking advantage of no-deposit bonus offers? Given the relatively low likelihood of winning a prize, isn’t it better not to bother in the first place?

The short answer – it’s entirely up to you.

With the vast majority of welcome bonus offers, it’s a good idea to view the bonus funds a little like play money. Realistically, your chances of successfully winning and withdrawing anything with no-deposit bonus funds are pretty much zero. As such, if you set your expectations too high, you’re guaranteed to be disappointed.


By contrast, accept that the whole thing is just for a bit of fun and it’s a different story entirely. Taking advantage of no-deposit bonus offers means taking the opportunity to try out the casino in question, without having to spend a penny of your own money. What’s more, there’s always the tiny (very tiny) chance that you will fulfil the attached terms and walk away with a modest win.

Are no-deposit bonuses worth it?

Once again, it all comes down to personal preference whether no-deposit bonuses are worth it or not. If you’re happy to accept bonuses like these for what they are, then the answer is yes – they’re more than worth taking advantage of. With such a huge variety of casinos to choose from, it simply makes sense to put them to the test before entrusting them with your cash. With a no-deposit bonus offer, you get the opportunity to do exactly that.

Irrespective of whether you enjoy the experience or not, there’s absolutely no risk as you aren’t playing with your own money.

Not only this, but you may occasionally come across a no-deposit bonus offer that doesn’t have quite so severe terms and conditions. In which case, there’s every possibility of pocketing a prize. Not the kind of payout that’s going to put you in a new tax bracket, but still – better than nothing!

Hence, it’s up to you to do the research required to find the best no-deposit bonus deals on the market and take advantage of them.

No-deposit bonuses and free spins

Last but not least, you may also find that any number of free spins are handed out as part of a no-deposit bonus package designed for online slots. Be advised that if this is the case, exactly the same rules apply.

Wagering requirements, time restrictions and plenty of terms and conditions – all to be taken into account. No-deposit free spins can be great for getting a feel for the casino, but aren’t going to make you rich.

Gauge your expectations accordingly and remember – it’s all about the enjoyme

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