The Benefits Of Using Online Casino Bonuses

As anyone with an interest in online casinos will know, there’s really no shortage of options to choose from right now. The more popular online casino gaming becomes, the broader the range of casinos gunning for your business.  But this skyrocketing popularity also brings something even more interesting and exciting into the mix:

The astonishing range of online casino bonuses up for grabs.

These days, you’d have to look far and wide to find even a single online casino that isn’t offering a compelling welcome package. Depending on where you look, the typical online casino UK welcome bonus package can range from a handful of free spins to the promise of (literally) or thousands of pounds in bonus credit.

Unsurprisingly, not all online casino bonuses are quite as generous as they appear to be. If you genuinely think any online casino is going to hand you a grand simply for signing up, you can think again. Terms and conditions very much apply, but this doesn’t mean that online casino bonuses aren’t worth checking out and making the most of.

Instead, it simply means that you have to have your wits about you and go with your gut!

Understanding What Casino Bonuses Are

Getting to grips with casino bonuses is as simple as interpreting them for what they really are. Above all else, you need to acknowledge and understand the fact that under no circumstances does a casino bonus constitute ‘free money’ in the conventional sense.

These are not cash prizes, nor are they sums of money you can simply withdraw and do what you want with.

Casino bonuses always have and always will come with some caveats. Not that this should come as much surprise, when you see the 100%, 500% and in some instances 1,000% bonuses being touted by casinos all over the UK. 

Chief among these caveats is the wagering requirement – also referred to as the play-through requirement. This is a smart loophole used by casino sites that mean you can’t withdraw winnings gained from a bonus offer until you spend a certain amount. Let’s take a closer look at what wagering requirements are and why you need to take them seriously.

What Are Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements?

Essentially, casino bonus wagering requirements are a device used by casino sites that ask you to play through a certain number of times prior to withdrawing your winnings.

This means that, if you get a bonus of £100 with a 10x wagering requirement, you must bet £1,000 in wagers before being able to withdraw any of the bonus funds or the winnings generated thereby.

Unfortunately, you’re highly unlikely to come across a generous introductory bonus with a wagering requirement as low as 10x. More often than not, wagering requirements are set at 30x to 50x the bonus amount PLUS the initial deposit. Add £100 to your account, claim a 100% bonus of £100 and with wagering requirements of 50x, you could be looking at a play-through requirement of £200 x 50 – or £10,000 of your own money.

This might seem devious, but it is a perfectly standard and generally accepted device. Just be sure to read the fine print before signing up, so you know exactly what you are getting into.

The Benefits Of A Legit Casino Bonus 

With all of the above in mind, you may have reached the conclusion that online casino bonuses are not worth bothering with. The reality is, this isn’t the case at all. Instead, it’s a case of acknowledging casino bonuses for what they are.

Online casino bonuses are exactly that – incentives that provide you with ‘bonus’ credit to play with. It’s not real money that you can withdraw – it’s casino credit that can be used to enjoy the various games on offer. While it’s technically possible to satisfy the wagering requirements and subsequently withdraw some cash, bonus funds should be seen as ‘virtual’ currency for pure enjoyment purposes only.

Casino bonuses really can provide you with a massive markup on your initial investment, just be prepared to play for a lengthy period in order to access any winnings you make!

Exceptions To The Rule

Of course, you will occasionally encounter an exception to the rule and these are the bonuses that are too good to pass up. The biggest and best example of which being the bonus that comes without any wagering requirements whatsoever.

With no-wager bonus offers, the money you’re handed is yours to do whatever you want with. You receive it, you spend it on the games of your choosing and the winnings are yours – as good as real cash in your pocket. Terms and conditions will still apply a (maximum wins, time restrictions, withdrawal limitations and so on), but there are no wagering requirements in the traditional sense.

In addition, no-deposit bonus offers are also technically 100% risk-free. These are the kinds of bonuses handed out without the player having to deposit any funds in their account. In this instance, wagering requirements have a habit of being exponentially higher than those that apply with traditional deposit based bonuses.  

However, the fact that you do not have to deposit a penny of your own money to qualify for the bonus means there’s genuinely nothing to lose.

Staying Safe And Finding The Best Bonuses

With such an epic range of bonuses available, it can be difficult to know where to start.

The best way to get a safe and secure casino bonus is to choose a top review site that provides straightforward info on your chosen casino. You can also just go with a household name, which tends to offer fairer, safer games to players. Still, be sure to check out any fine print.

As long as you take necessary precautions, there are many benefits to using an online casino bonus – and the best bonuses available are more than worth checking out.

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