Binary for Beginners – Entry-Level Advice for Newbies

Once again, the popularity and expansion of the binary options trading industry has been hitting the news all over the world. More people than ever before are deciding to give binary a go, having acknowledged its potential to deliver healthy profits.

Still, the one thing that hasn’t changed about binary trading is the way in which it is all about balancing risk with reward. The industry has been criticised on numerous occasions for giving the impression that binary represents an easy way of earning money. Not to mention, a safe way. But then again, the same can be said for casino operators who promote themselves with pictures of jackpot winners, wads of cash and so on.

The truth about binary is that it can be every bit as safe or risky as you want it to be. Simply a case of acknowledging it for what it is, rather than the way it is portrayed.

So with this in mind, what follows is a brief overview of just a few tips from the experts, regarding how to get by safely as a binary beginner:

  1. Accept the Risk
    First and foremost, binary trading has a lot in common with traditional casino gaming. Specifically, the way in which it represents a form of gambling. With binary trading, it’s a case of using your knowledge and understanding of key issues to determine how various assets will perform over any given period of time. But as you cannot predict every eventuality, there is always the risk you will be wrong. And it’s the same with casino gaming – you can study all the strategies in the world, but it doesn’t guarantee you will win. So before getting into binary trading at any level, you need to acknowledge the fact that it is by rights a gambling activity.
  2. Demo Accounts
    When getting started for the first time, there’s absolutely nothing better for learning the ropes than experimenting with demo accounts. However, we’re only referring to those demo accounts that do not first require you to pay say £250 into your account. After all, decide this isn’t the platform for you and you’re stuck with £250 you probably won’t be able to withdraw. Use the kinds of binary options trading platforms that offer risk-free, obligation-free demo accounts that do not involve deposits of any kind. In addition, try to act as if the virtual currency you are provided with is real money, in order to get a feel for what trading is really like.
  3. Join a Social Trading Group
    Right now, there are some simply fantastic social trading sites and services that are ideal for newcomers. If you haven’t already come across the idea, social trading effectively combines the traditional social network with binary. You are free to make your own decisions, though everyone on the network is free to observe, follow and replicate the actions of other traders, should they wish to do so. Not to mention, chat about training opportunities and generally offer support to one another. Of course, some argue that copying the actions of others isn’t the ideal way of picking up trading skills. Nevertheless, it’s one of the very best ways of seeing how the experts get the job done and where you should be focusing your attention, if you are still learning the ropes.
  4. Money Management
    It’s a good idea to view your initial binary trading activities as you would any other online gambling activities. Which means managing your finances carefully, setting a budget and being as strict as necessary when it comes to profit and loss. Set yourself limits with regard to how much you will permit yourself to win or lose, before walking away for that particular day, week or month. Under no circumstances should you ever bet money on binary options that you cannot afford to lose. The reason being that even if you are 100% sure of the outcome, there’s no way of 100% guaranteeing success.
  5. Do Your Homework
    When deciding which assets you would prefer to trade, there are basically two ways of going about it. The first of which being to simply select assets at random, in accordance with what feels right on the day. As for the other, it’s a case of doing your homework, researching the available assets/markets and making your decisions more strategically. In the first instance, it’s highly likely you will go with something of a split between the two. Nevertheless, the hallmark of a capable and professional trader is their commitment only to assets and markets they know and understand. If you really want to get into binary, you need to be willing to do your homework.
  6. Keep It Simple
    Whichever platform you choose to work with, you will no doubt find yourself with thousands of interesting tools, options and features to check out. For the time being however, it’s advisable to simply ignore them altogether. The reason being that the greater the complexity of the trading, the less likely you are to make the right decisions at these early stages. There will be plenty of time to experiment with additional features later, but for now it is better to keep things simple.
  7. A Trusted Platform
    Last but not least, the importance of selecting a trusted binary options trading platform cannot be overstated. For one thing, you really don’t want to put your finances or your personal data at risk with a substandard operator. In addition, it pays to work with the service provider that offers sufficient resources and support for newcomers. See what kinds of educational tools they have on offer, ensure they do not require weighty minimum deposits to get started and find out what other traders at your level have to say about them. It’s better to hold off until you find a provider you are confident in than to take chances with a lacklustre alternative.

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