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The Health Lottery
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Reasons to Play

  • Help charities and good causes with every penny spent
  • Higher odds of winning than with the standard National Lottery
  • Simplified site design with no unnecessary distractions
  • An impressive customer care team and service package

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    The Health Lottery Reviewed With Bonus

    If you live in the United Kingdom and own a television, you will definitely be familiar with The Health Lottery with it being given the kind of exposure that goes above and beyond even the biggest online casinos and gaming sites. At this stage, you might well be wondering why Casino Papa is even including The Health Lottery in a site that’s primarily about casino gaming, bingo and so on.  Well, there’s a very good reason we’ve decided to include The Health Lottery review – and it’s a reason you’ll have to keep reading to find out!

    Since the year 2011, The Health Lottery has been offering something of a simpler, some might say ‘feel-good’ alternative to the standard lottery. With weekly draws and the promise that most of the proceeds go straight to good causes, it’s an appealing prospect, to say the least. Not only this, but they also have the selling point that players of The Health Lottery are a full 21 times more likely to hit the jackpot than take home the top prize with the standard lottery. Jackpots don’t tend to be quite as high, but the fact that you’re more likely to win is pretty sweet. Not only this, but there’s far more to The Health Lottery than initially meets the eye.


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    Site Summary
    First impressions of The Health Lottery are preciseexactly as you’d expect them to be – clean, crisp, professional and well presented. You’re provided with the results of the latest draw, which just for the record involves pulling five primary numbers and one bonus number from the hat. And that’s precisely why it’s far easier to win the jackpot with The Health Lottery, where matching just four balls will net you a cool £250. You can set up a direct debit, you can read the latest news, and you can check out the sound causes The Health Lottery supports.As for what else is on offer in a gaming sense, there’s also a pretty impressive selection of instant win games – the same kinds of virtual scratch cards you will find elsewhere. Card prices are fixed at £1 and prizes range from £1 right up to an impressive £10,000. And once again, it’s a case of all proceeds going to charity, which is nice.But the biggest surprise with The Health Lottery comes when you click the ‘Bingo’ tab at the top, which (unsurprisingly) transports you to their very own dedicated bingo site. Known as Health Bingo, you suddenly find yourself staring at a fully loaded bingo site with an extraordinary array of features and special offers, the likes of which on the surface at least seem to be right up there with the best of them.Despite the fact that the range of games available isn’t quite up there with some of the market’s leading names, you can’t help but be impressed given the fact that you didn’t expect to find any at all.  There’s plenty of bingo action, a sizeable selection of slots and even a casino section with plenty of table games.  We put as many as we possibly could to the test and found that while it wasn’t quite as mind-blowing as you’d expect from say or Bet365, everything nonetheless delivered the goods and ticked all the right boxes.They even had a rather generous looking 200% welcome bonus offer available at the time of our visit, valid on deposits from £10 up to £150. As it’s the case with most bingo providers, wagering requirements were set at 4X, which isn’t the best but certainly isn’t the worst you will come across. There were also plenty of regular promotions and competitions to check out.While it is slightly unfortunate that The Health Lottery’s bingo site doesn’t offer telephone support for its customers, there is nonetheless a helpful live chat facility which we found to be more than adequate. E-mail response times were decent all around, and we never found ourselves waiting for more than about half a day for an answer. Payments in and out weren’t exactly lightning fast, but also weren’t as bad as we’ve seen and experienced elsewhere.Other than this, we found the mobile experience to be robust enough, though we did experience a lot of lag when playing with the standard desktop website and quite a few pages that repeatedly failed to load after previously doing so.  Nevertheless, an enjoyable experience in general.

    Best Features
    Without a shadow of a doubt, the single best feature about The Health Lottery is the way in which it donates so much money for good causes. It’s always good to know that when you are spending money online for your enjoyment and entertainment, it isn’t all going into the pockets of some big faceless brand – it’s making a difference.

    The above point is where it begins and ends as far as The Health Lottery and reasons to check it out go. The lottery they offer itself is well worth having a go with, and while the bingo isn’t the best on the market, it certainly delivers an enjoyable experience. However, when you consider the fact that every penny you spend with The Health Lottery helps charities and good causes up and down the United Kingdom, you have the perfect excuse to see what’s on offer and get involved.


    • Overall site performance is a little sluggish
    • Plenty of pages returned error messages during our tests
    • Not the largest selection of games available
    • No telephone customer support for bingo players


    • Much better odds of winning than the standard lottery
    • A great selection of instant win games available
    • Genuinely impressive bingo and other casino games
    • Decent on-going promotions and competitions
    • Solid customer service
    • 20p from every £1 goes directly to help good causes