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888 Casino
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    888 Casino

    If pedigree was the be all and end all, 888 Casino would be the indisputable industry heavyweight. And if both pedigree and brand familiarity added up to guaranteed success, there wouldn’t be an online casino in the world that could touch these guys. In reality however, these kinds of on-paper kudos don’t always add up to a great deal when it comes to the provision of genuinely world-class online gaming. So does 888 Casino live up to its own reputation? Let Casino Papa be the judge of that!

    The fact that 888 Casino made its glorious entry to the scene back in 1997 does in its own right generate confidence among gamers. These guys have almost two decades of experience to fall back on, they’ve grown into one of the biggest names in online gaming on the face of the earth and the 888 brand is so well known that even those with no interest in gambling whatsoever still know it and recognise it in an instant. On-paper at least therefore, 888 Casino is an outright global giant on the scene, but at the same time it’s fair to say that power and presence aren’t necessarily what the gaming community as a whole is looking for.

    Mercifully, 888 Casino is a rare example of an online casino that walks the walk, rather than just talking a big game.


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    Site Summary
    Boasting more than 20 million members spanning much of the world, it’s pretty obvious that 888 Casino is getting something VERY right.

    And this is exactly the impression you get the moment you hit their home page, which along with being beautifully and professionally presented also proudly displays the various gaming awards they’ve won over the last three consecutive years.

    Given the size and scale of both the brand and its gaming offerings, the actual 888 Casino is deceptively simple. An elegant and refined dark colour-scheme is punctuated with just a few promos and tabs, rather than the usual brain-scrambling assortment of loud and brash gap-fillers.

    For newcomers, quite often the most important primary matter to address is that of bonuses – as in how much you can expect to get and whether or not it’s the real deal.  As is the case with every online casino in operation today, 888 Casino does indeed offer seemingly generous rewards for newcomers – all of which are bound by a variety of terms and conditions.
    Would no bonuses at all be better than silly bonus terms that aren’t in any way realistic? We think so…clearly the industry as a whole thinks otherwise!

    And just for the record, there’s no deposit-free account options here which means if you want to play, you’ve got to pay.

    Delving into the gaming experience itself, it never fails to surprise newcomers to 888 Casino that they make concerted efforts to keep gaming numbers relatively low – in the region of 100 or so. As far as they’re concerned, it’s a case of offering an absolutely flawless experience on the very best of the best gaming-wise, as opposed to trying to cram in every game and casino experience on the face of the earth.  In any case, with all average odds in the region of 97% and a continually evolving bank of games in accordance with what’s newest and in highest demand at any one time, it’s more than obvious that 888 Casino knows exactly what it is doing.

    Those preferring to do the gaming via iOS and Android devices are more than well looked after by the folks behind 888 Casino, having put together one of the very best mobile apps in the business. In fact, plenty of punters who spend a fair bit of time with 888 Casino argue that the mobile app is actually superior to the standard desktops casino – it’s certainly one of the most intuitive and user-friendly ever engineered.

    In terms of Live Action gaming, 888 Casino pretty convincingly threw down the gauntlet to all other online gaming brands when it secured its own private room on Evolution Gaming’s Latvia studio. Consummately professional and seriously attractive dealers host world-class casino games 24 hours a day and seven days a week, delivering experience that’s far above and beyond that of most rival offerings.

    It would almost be counterproductive to map out a list of the various deposit and withdrawal payment types accepted by 888 Casino – suffice to say they are happy to accept any means by which you can get your cash over to them.  Unsurprisingly, they also have a pretty stellar track record when it comes to prompt and reliable withdrawals, though given the size of the company and its vast community of members, delays in withdrawals are not uncommon.

    From a customer service standpoint, all calls from the UK are directed to 888 Casino’s head service building in Gibraltar, which is suitably massive and operates on a 24/7 basis.  It’s a bit of a shame that Live Chat is only available between 06:00 to 23:00 GMT, but given the fact that some casinos don’t offer this facility at all, it’s hardly the end of the world. 888 Casino takes huge pride in only ever hiring genuine professionals who both know and love online gaming, but with so many calls to deal with it can inevitably get rather congested at peak times.

    Best Features
    Contradictory as it may be, perhaps the single best feature about 888 Casino is the way in which despite being biblically successful on an unprecedented scale, they haven’t tried to reinvent the wheel. Instead, they provide gamers with exactly what gamers are looking for, along with a series of exclusive gaming experiences and a variety of on-going competitions and giveaways.

    On the whole, 888 Casino very much lives up to the hype and delivers on almost all bases. It looks great, it performs seamlessly and even though there aren’t quite as many games on offer as you might find elsewhere, there are as many as needed for a top-tier gaming experience.

    Terms & Conditions


    • Live Chat facility isn’t offered 24/7.
    • Comparatively small selection of games.
    • Occasional congestion of customer service telephone lines.
    • Overly strict wagering requirements for bonus credit.
    • No deposit-free sign-up options.


    • Pedigree dating back to 1997 – huge industry experience.
    • One of the biggest and most successful online casino brands of all time.
    • 24/7 customer service with UK telephone numbe
    • Huge 97% overall average payout rates.
    • Brilliantly presented with fantastic visuals and sound effects.
    • Constantly evolving gaming library.
    • Superbly strong security.

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