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Redwood Options
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  • Excellent platform that focuses on quality and simplicity
  • The perfect place for newcomers and professionals alike
  • Outstanding customer service and account security
  • Dedicated account management

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    Redwood Options Reviews

    To enter the binary options brokerage market in 2013 with so many big names already up and running showed serious courage and confidence. Redwood Options made it clear from the onset that they meant business, quickly attracting a strong customer following and focusing on the total customer experience. As of 2016, they’re going stronger than ever before and continue to maintain an impeccable reputation. But can they really be compared to the undisputed leaders? Read on for the full inside story from Casino Papa!


    There’s no denying the fact that Redwood’s early achievements were impressive. They were one of the few to forego the usual bells and whistles, in order to focus on what really mattered – pure, undiluted and uncomplicated trading. They didn’t have the intention of bringing anything brand new to the table, but to instead deliver a new take on current standards that made things easier and more accessible. The result…well, the answer lies in the endless customer testimonials these guys have stacked up, not to mention widespread critical acclaim.


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    As for the site itself, it’s an entirely point-and-click affair with a tabbed structure to keep an eye on what’s happening. Everything is laid out and presented with beautiful clarity to keep things easy on the eye. Even if you’ve never come across binary options before, you’ll work out how to get things done with Redwood Options in minutes.

    Traders at all levels are covered with a decent mix of trading types, which include popular 60-second trades and the Options Builder for those looking to take enhanced control of their trading. The Open Platform provided by Redwood is also a dream to work with – basically allowing traders to get an instant and real-time look at what’s happening across the site with other traders and trading activities. This way, you’ll never miss out on a hot opportunity that’s caught the attention of the pros.

    As for the kinds of payouts you can expect over at Redwood, it’s pretty safe to say that an average of around 75% and a maximum of 81% doesn’t exactly top the table in either instance. But while these tend to be two of the strongest arguments voiced by critics, it does if nothing else illustrate the honesty and transparency of Redwood. And it’s the same with the library of tradable assets too. It may be nowhere near as big as you’d expect to find elsewhere, but these guys have focused entirely on quality and demand, rather than sheer quantity.

    Redwood offers a variety of account types to attract both newcomers to binary options trading and professionals alike. To open an entry-level Mini Account means adding a minimum of $200 into your account – slightly lower than the usual $250 minimum. A deposit of $1000 will set you up with an Executive Account, which includes one risk-free trade as standard and your own personal account supervisor. For those willing to deposit $5000, Gold Account status with Redwood comes with an advanced account supervision, five risk-free trades of and so much more besides.

    As for those bonuses, depositing between $200 and $999 will earn you 30% as a welcome bonus, deposits between $1000 and $4999 earn a 70% bonus, while crediting your account with at least $5000 will earn you a bonus of 100%. Terms and conditions apply – namely a trading volume fulfilment of 30, 40 or 50 times the bonus, depending on the scale of the bonus you pick up.

    The subject of demo accounts is slightly unusual over at Redwood. The reason being that they do not make it particularly clear that demo accounts are even available. Generally speaking, it’s a case of signing up, crediting your account with a minimum of $200 and then asking your account manager to set up a demo account for you to play with. Which they will normally do, though restricted to a very specific period of time only.That being said, there are various reports from customers who insist that if you ask them nicely enough, they will extend the demo period for you.On top of this, there’s the fact that Redwood is one of the few binary options brokers with which you can put as little as $1.00 on the line with every trade – massively lower than elsewhere.

    Aside from this, Redwood Options has a justified reputation for providing some of the most incredible educational resources on the market, not to mention consistently helpful live signals.


    The two most common criticisms fired in the direction of Redwood Options are the same today as they have always been. It’s a shame to see that there is still no demo account offered and nor is there a mobile app for those wishing to take their binary options trading on the go. However, it is worth remembering that Redwood Options is also one of the most affordable and safest brokers to start out trading binary options with. The reason being that the minimum stake a member can make is as low as $5, which is up to 80% lower than many rival brokers. Customer support is outstanding, the mobile app is as good as any you’ll come across and these guys take no chances whatsoever when it comes to safety and security.

    Best Features

    Aside from the platform itself, one of the best things about Redwood Options is the way in which you can trade from just $1.00. This in turn makes it an absolutely outstanding platform for newcomers, not to mention those wishing to make their money go as far as possible.


    The long and short of it with Redwood Options is that ever since going into business in 2013, they have simply been getting better and better. There may be a few rough edges here and there to tidy up, but there’s really no denying the fact that these guys are well and truly up there with the best in the business.


    • Not the biggest asset library on the market
    • Average and maximum payout rates are not the best
    • Relatively steep bonus terms and conditions


    • A wonderfully simple yet powerful platform
    • Incredibly easy to use and packed with features
    • Brilliant learning resources and live signals
    • Outstanding customer support
    • Minimum investment amount set at just $1.00
    • Solid asset library and plenty of trading types available