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Kaboo Casino
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Reasons to Play

  • An absolutely huge selection of games of the highest quality
  • Plenty of great competitions and regular promotions
  • The theme and overall design of Kaboo Casino is both unique and highly impressive
  • Kaboo Casino takes a unique approach to loyalty points which is very enjoyable

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    Kaboo Casino Review & No Deposit Welcome Bonus Offer UK

    Every time you hear about a new online casino that claims to be offering something 100% different, you probably shrug a sigh of indifference. In this industry, everyone claims to be offering something unique, even if it’s just the font they use to advertise and list their games! Which is why you may be initially sceptical upon hearing that Kaboo Casino promises something quite radically new from top to bottom. But do they deliver on such promises? Let Casino Papa guide you through the details!

    Kaboo is all about taking players on a journey to “Become the One” – the one to take home the top prizes on offer. It’s a bit like a cross between a sci-fi computer game and the kind of online casino you’d expect to be dreamt up by a fantasy novelist. But then again, themes and gimmicks can’t make up for poor gaming, so how does Kaboo Casino stack up as an actual gaming site in its right?


    Contact Information

    • Casino Name: Kaboo Casino
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    Site Summary
    Well, the first thing you’ll notice when you hit the Kaboo Casino home page is that it is not what you’re expecting. Seriously – it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before, so much so that you’d be forgiven for thinking it wasn’t a casino in any way, shape or form! You get a shot of a sci-fi hero of some type flying through space and a long, downward scrolling page showing off the brand’s key selling points. On the downside, it doesn’t give you much of a direct glimpse into the site itself. On the plus side, you’re almost guaranteed to sign up as it is a seriously compelling piece of work.

    And it’s not just the images too – even the writing has been set out like you’re dealing with some futuristic types from another planet very immersive.

    Regarding gaming, the fact that there are more than 600 games to choose from really says all that needs to be said. Considering that fact that Kaboo Casino was a 2016 launch, the way it is put together and the gaming library available are both outstanding. Entirely everything is present and correct in massive doses. That being said, there’s currently no live dealer table gaming, but this doesn’t tend to be a deal-breaker most of the time anyway.

    As for bonuses, Kaboo Casino has a pretty impressive (if initially confusing) bonus system with which players collect Echoes. These are mostly loyalty points and do precisely what loyalty points do everywhere else. You complete missions to earn these points – missions that include completing account registration, completing challenges, making deposits and so on. A fun spin on the usual standards.

    Players are offered a 100% initial match deposit bonus up to a maximum of £100, along with 50 free spins. It’s nice to see a site not going OTT and promising thousands in unrestricted cash, with no intention of actually handing it over. On a highly welcome note, the free spins are not subject to wagering requirements – they are free. On the downside, the welcome bonus is subject to 60X wagering requirements, which is a lot!

    Unsurprisingly for a newcomer, customer support isn’t yet offered 24/7 – all lines and email/chat channels are open 10 am to midnight. Other than this, Kaboo Casino offers a brilliant mobile version of its website and seems to get the job done high when it comes to withdrawals and account queries.

    On the whole, these guys are off to one hell of a start.

    Best Features
    The single standout feature of Kaboo Casino that excels above all others is the overall theme and setup. It’s pretty certain that you will have never seen anything quite like this before and probably won’t again for some time at least. The free spins are great, and the sci-fi themed loyalty program is also top-notch.

    While there’s no denying that Kaboo Casino will be a massive hit with sci-fi fans, it’s got a ton to offer gamers across the board. The gaming library is extensive and overall performance, and quality of the site is both the first rate. There’s no denying that it can get a little tiring to deal with so many wannabe Vegas sites that do a poor job in recreating the Vegas experience. In this instance, the whole idea of the casino is turned on its head and transformed into something seriously impressive. You’ll find all the games and experiences you know and love presented in a manner you’ve never before seen – one that is more than worth checking out!


    • A dedicated mobile app would be nice, though is not essential
    • Customer care team not yet available 24/7
    • Welcome bonus has rather steep wagering requirements
    • More information on the opening page would be useful


    • A theme and overall concept that are nothing like you’ve ever come across before
    • Free spins that are not subject to any wagering requirements
    • A clever loyalty points system that plays out like a game
    • Solid customer care team
    • Great support for mobile devices

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