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Expert Option
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Reasons to Play

  • An extremely affordable entry-level account at just $50
  • A user-friendly platform and excellent mobile application
  • Free demo account with no sign-up or deposits required
  • Very impressive customer support service

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    Expert Option

    Is it ever a good idea to judge a book by its cover? In the world of binary options trading, the answer is…sometimes. This is exactly the kind of industry where the first impressions count for a lot. More often than not, if you aren’t entirely convinced and won over the moment you arrive at a broker’s website, this usually tells you all you need to know. But at the same time, you have to dig a little deeper than the surface to find out what exactly is on offer. Casino Papa recently took a look at ExpertOption and found ourselves facing this very dilemma. To go with first impressions, or see how the wider platform performs when put to the test?


    In case you’re wondering what on earth we’re banging on about, we initially found it difficult to read too much into ExpertOption as there are some rather difficult to ignore discrepancies in terms of language. It’s not as if it is in any way illegible, but at the same time it is abundantly clear that the English content has been written entirely by a person for whom English is not their first language. Not the end of the world in any way, but when it comes to activities like binary options trading, these are often tell-tale signs of amateur hour service providers. Which in most instances means we look no further, but given the fact that everything else on offer seemed to be rather impressive, we thought we’d overlook the substandard copy quality.


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    In terms of the platform itself, the one thing we have to bring up immediately is the way in which ExpertOption has without any shadow of doubt the single best approach to demo account provision we have seen to date. Not only do you not have to deposit any money to try out the platform, you don’t even have to sign up or submit any of your details whatsoever. There’s a button right there on the homepage that offers instant, real-time access to a demo account with $10,000 of virtual funds to trade with. So regardless of what else ExpertOption does or does not deliver, this is an example even the best in the business really could do with following. Genuinely excellent.

    Backtracking a little on our original criticisms, the fact that ExpertOption is available in around dozen language including various Asian languages gives us more than enough reason to forgive the use of mediocre English. Not only this, but the fact that the customer service team also supports an extensive range of languages is truly outstanding. ExpertOption is billed as a global trading platform and it certainly seems to deliver on this particular promise.


    We also like the fact that ExpertOption makes it relatively easy to access all important information, like account types. Speaking of which, another huge point of appeal we came across with ExpertOption is the way in which new customers can sign up from as little as $50 for the Mini Account. Account options continue right up to the VIP option, which is still available for a comparatively low $2,500.  But what’s even more surprising is the fact that should you choose to go with a $50 account, this still provides you with your own personal account manager, 1 personal training session, a weekly economic newsletter and a bonus of 50%.  This would appear to be one of binary options broker that does not leave lower-end traders high and dry, in favour of big spenders.


    While on the subject, ExpertOption is unfortunately a broker from which we would highly recommend not to accept these introductory bonus offers. The reason being that mandatory trading volume requirements are set at a ludicrously high 50X as standard, meaning that to accept any bonus is to make it extremely difficult or even impossible for you to get hold of your money.

    We found transactions in both directions to be handled extremely promptly and the fact that it is possible to top up any account with a minimum deposit of just $10 is absolutely fantastic. The trading platform itself is highly user-friendly, there’s an excellent mobile application available and the level of service provided by the customer care team is superb. The asset library is extensive, there are plenty of different types of options to get stuck into and the fact that ExpertOption is extensively regulated is really the icing on the cake.


    In fact, the only thing that lets ExpertOption as far as our experience is concerned is the fact that educational resources are a little on the limited side. Still, the fact that even the cheapest account options come with such outstanding extras and facilities makes ExpertOption a broker that is definitely worth checking out.

    Best Features

    Two things really stand out about ExpertOption in terms of the very best features on offer. Along with being able to access the demo account at the click of a button without having to submit any personal information, the entry-level $50 is one of the best we have come across for newcomers.


    On the whole, the team behind ExpertOption seems to have put together a package that will please just about any trader at any level. Newcomers in particular will be right at home with the free demo accounts and the low minimum deposit requirements. It’s a shame the introductory bonus is relatively worthless and they could definitely do with taking things a step further in terms of educational resources. Still, if you can see past these particular problems, you will probably find very little to complain about over at ExpertOption.


    • Bonus terms and conditions prohibitively strict
    • Not the best archive of learning resources
    • English website copy not of the highest quality


    • A highly impressive and user friendly platform
    • Excellent mobile applications available
    • 24/7 customer service of the highest quality
    • An incredible $10 minimum deposit
    • Excellent account options from just $50
    • One of the best free demo account facilities available
    • Extensive regulation and customer security