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  • A brilliant online casino for newcomers to get to grips with things.
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    EuroGrand Casino Review

    It’s part of the illustrious William Hill Group, its makers promised it’d inject a dose of real glamour into online gaming and it’s been on the scene for over 15 years now. Nevertheless, these kinds of kudos on paper don’t always add up to a genuine winner when put into practice. Does Eurogrand Casino have style and substance in equal measures? Let Casino Papa guide you through the details!

    Often looked at as something of the little brother of William Hill Casino, Eurogrand Casino is essentially the brand’s more focused attempt to rake in the continental punters. The fact that it comes from such an enormous brand should in theory mean market-leading bonuses, special offers, wagering requirements and general performance across the board – exactly what these guys promise.

    Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon for these side-arm projects to miss the mark entirely, having been deliberately designed not to take the sparkle of their main-course counterparts. Still, customer opinion on the site and its owners as a whole vary, so what’s the story from a 2015-16 perspective?

    Thanks to Jackpot Killer for the video!


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    Site Summary
    There’s really no denying that the reputation of the William Hill group pretty much guaranteed the immediate success of Eurogrand Casino.

    It hit the scene in 2006 and has had a pretty strong following ever since – mostly concentrated on the other side of the Channel. Indeed, Playtech also had a huge stake in Eurogrand Casino following the software provider’s US exit – Eurogrand being their ticket to potentially huge success in Europe.

    So the brands did pretty well out of things, but what about the punters?

    Well, if you’re hell-bent on spending your time with the site that’s ultra-modern, ultra-intricate or generally OTT on visuals, you won’t find it here. Likewise, if you prefer the biggest and most highly-developed online casinos, you might as well give Eurogrand Casino a miss. What’s notable about these guys – and arguably to their credit – is the way in which they’ve stuck with a quintessentially classic overall approach to casino design, while at the same time keeping actual game numbers relatively limited.

    If you ask these guys, it’s all a case of sticking with a quality and shunning quantity.

    And it’s hard to dispute the result either – simplicity, elegance and a fabulously fluid overall gaming experience. The optional software download opens up the casino as a whole and brings brilliant smoothness to the whole affair. In fact you pretty much have to download the software if you want to make use of certain key facets of the brand’s customer service options, which is a little on the odd side but not the end of the world.

    As for gaming variety, you’d be hard pressed to find anything specific to complain about as all bases are covered and most essential games/titles are here.  That being said, some aren’t exactly won over by the fact that the only software these guys use comes from Playtech, which in turn means that things are comparatively limited when held alongside the offerings of rival casinos.  Playtech might be the best, but a little variety wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    Suffice to say, no such thing as a free lunch!

    Cashier services at Eurogrand Casino are certainly some of the best you’re likely to come across, with one of the largest arrays of accepted payment types of any current casino. Quite simply you name it, they accept it – all deposits being processed instantly and withdrawals taking one to seven business days, depending on your chosen payment type and whether you’re a VIP.  Withdrawals are limited to 9,999 units of whichever currency you choose on a monthly basis.

    Given the fact that things are kept relatively simple at Eurogrand Casino, it’s impressive to see that they’ve kept in line with demands and supplied a series of Live Action casino games. And what’s even better is the way in which keeping things simple – as in the general theme of the site as a whole – has made all such live games pretty brilliant on the whole.

    In terms of customer service, to take a look at what’s being said by the masses and from personal experience, is pretty clear that the consensus is one of general praise. There’s 24/7 Live Chat available…if you download the software…there’s a Freephone UK number to keep things cheap and email response times are known to be pretty good. More importantly, the team itself isn’t prone to speaking to you like an idiot if you ask what may be considered a rather remedial question.

    Best Features
    Topping the table in terms of top features for Eurogrand Casino would have to be the overall stripped-back template that makes it a genuine pleasure to play with. They also have one of the very best customer service teams on the web, not to mention a pretty comprehensive help section that does a good job in ironing out most basic questions and queries.

    To hold Eurogrand Casino alongside say BGO Casino for example and carry out a comparison is to immediately understand the enormous differences. Eurogrand Casino is more about the pleasure of pure casino gaming and a focus on simplicity, rather than shouty extras and complex visual add-ons.

    It may not have the largest array of games, but both for purists and those just getting into online gaming, it’s genuinely a front-runner.

    Well, all apart from the ridiculous lack of Live chat for those who don’t download the software…something that in all respects makes no sense at all!


    • Software provided only by Playtech limits variety.
    • Live Chat only available to those who download Eurogrand Casino software.
    • “Recommend a friend??? bonus somewhat too complex and convoluted.


    • No nonsense approach to overall design and user-interface.
    • Sensible wagering requirements with no silly OTT demands.
    • Superb customer service on the whole.
    • Massive assortment of accepted payment types and generally rapid payment processing.

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