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Caesars Casino
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  • One of the world’s most trusted and respected casino brands
  • Some exclusive games not on offer anywhere else
  • A great overall website design that performs well
  • Immediate play with no software downloads required

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    Caesars Casino Review & Statistics

    If you’re into online casino gaming, you’ll know that there are certain brand names that immediately resonate when it comes to quality and service provision. Which is why when you hear the name Caesar’s Casino, you immediately think you’re onto a winner. After all, how could a name that’s synonymous with awesome gambling on a global basis be anything but superb? The thing is though, it’s a well-known fact that in this industry, names really aren’t everything. So does Caesar’s Casino live up to the kind of hype you’d expect to be surrounding such a name, or does it disappoint? Let Casino Papa guide you through the details!


    Just in case you were wondering, the answer is yes – Caesar’s Casino really is owned by that Caesars Entertainment Group. As in the same company responsible for all the other famed Caesars casinos and gaming empires spanning much of the world. The company’s origins date all the way back to the 1940s, when the brand opened its very first casino in Reno. So they have the history, the size, the power and the reputation – what do they bring to online casino gaming?


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    Site Summary

    Well, in terms of gaming quantity, the answer is…not very much at all. Contrary to what you’d no doubt be expecting, the gaming library at Caesar’s Casino is actually tiny in comparison to that of comparable rivals. How tiny? Somewhere in the region of 40 to 50 games in total, though it’s worth noting nonetheless that they are at least highly selective when it comes to quality. There aren’t many games, but the games that make the cut are all impressive enough.

    There is no downloadable software client on offer, which could be seen as a good or a bad thing, depending on personal preference. As for the way in which the site itself performs, there’s no denying how well put together the whole thing is or how well it functions in general. The visuals are spot on, the sound effects excellent and navigation is a piece of cake.

    Table games are particularly enjoyable at Caesar’s Casino thanks to the site’s gorgeous 3D graphics and polished presentation. One slightly (or more than slightly) disappointing note however is that there are no live dealer games on offer at all. This comes as quite the surprise given the pedigree and background of the brand in general, but at the same time isn’t usually a deal-breaker for most gamers. On the plus side, they do offer the highly popular ‘Play Your Cards’ game, which is basically where you decide if the next card will be higher or lower in value – just like the well-known TV show.

    One big question that pops up pretty quickly – where’s the table of recent payout percentages? Caesar’s Casino is undoubtedly doing things honestly and fairly, but the lack of such disclosure is never a good thing.

    Does Caesar’s Casino excel when it comes to bonuses and welcome offers for new customers? In a word, no. There’s a solid 200% bonus offer available up to a maximum of £1,000 with wagering requirements initially listed as 2X. Too good to be true? Totally – slot machines only count for 5% contributions to the wagering requirements, meaning that in reality it’s actually 40X and not 2X. Very misleading and the result is a wagering requirement of £40,000 in 30 days…not going to happen! They also offer a second ‘Reload’ bonus with the same wagering requirements, so it’s not the best.

    Other than this, being able to play the games for free with no money on the line is a bonus, there’s 24/7 customer support available via various channels and banking options are both abundant and fast. Sadly, when you add into the mix a total lack of support for mobile devices, the very limited gaming choice, lack of live dealer games and relatively poor welcome bonuses, it doesn’t add up to quite the picture you might expect.

    Best Features

    The first and most important word that springs to mind when visiting the Caesar’s Casino website is quality. You get the impression that this is a site of quality put together by those who know this business better than anyone else…which may in both instances be true. And even though the gaming library is far too small, the games that are on offer are all high-end.


    On the whole, it’s hard not to admit being somewhat disappointed when trying out Caesar’s Casino for the first time. It’s not that it’s a terrible site…far from it…but rather because you would naturally expect so much more from a brand with such pedigree. The site looks great and works a treat, but there aren’t enough games, there are no live dealer games, there’s no mobile support and the bonus offers are poor. And the fact that Caesar’s Casino doesn’t publish its recent payout percentages…seriously, just not good enough these days!


    • The library of games on offer is far too small
    • No live dealer gaming at all
    • Very little support for mobile gaming
    • Introductory bonus terms and conditions both harsh and misleading
    • Recent payout percentages really should be published


    • Very professional site and overall approach to casino presentation
    • One of the most famous and trusted casino brands in the world
    • Fast and safe payments with multiple payment types accepted
    • Exclusive games and a generally high level of gaming quality