Six Blackjack Personalities Common in Every Casino

Is stereotyping the kind of people who attend casinos a good thing? Debatable indeed, but entertaining nonetheless!

In any case, you only need to head to a casino a handful of times to pick up on certain trends. This is particularly true at the blackjack table, where you’ll encounter several common characters.

Some of which are more enjoyable to spend time around than others, for obvious reasons.

Of course, it could well be that you yourself fit into one of the following brackets. Nothing to be ashamed about, but a potential eye-opener perhaps.

There’s a fair amount of overlap between these categories, outlining the six most prevalent blackjack personalities in casinos:

1. The Poser 

This is the kind of person who treats every second at the table as if they’re on live TV. They’re dressed to the nines, wearing sunglasses even though it’s dark inside and stone-faced. They may also be quite good at their game, but can be difficult to take seriously.

It’s usually easy to spot somebody who’s more about looking good than actually having a good time. Definitely an entertaining character to watch, but not the kind you’ll get much interaction from. The way the blackjack poser reacts to an unfortunate loss can also be quite the spectacle!

2. The Socialiser

At the opposite end of the scale, you have those who are more interested in making friends than winning money. Some of whom know what they’re doing, others could not care less about the game itself.

These can be great people to spend time around, if you have socialising in mind when heading out to the casino. They’re great for a spot of banter and conversation, making for a light-hearted atmosphere. It’s only if you were out for some peace, quiet and solitude that they can get annoying.

But then again, why seek sanctuary and solitude in a crowded casino?

3. The Mathematician/Statistician

The defining characteristic of this player is their complete lack of joy when playing the blackjack. To the mathematician or statistician, it’s serious business – perhaps even their job. These are the people who have the knowledge and skills needed to tip the odds at least slightly in their favour.

Card counting is a difficult job, leaving little to no time for socialising or smiling. In fact, it’s so all-absorbing that trained dealers and security staff can usually spot a card counter by way of their mannerisms alone.

If you see someone earning plentiful prizes but seemingly getting no joy out of it, they’re probably a member of this club. 

4. The Terrified Newcomer

Another entertaining individual to be around, though a potential annoyance for the oh-so-serious veteran. These are the people who’ve clearly never been in a casino in their lives and are struggling to cope.

Shaky hands, a wobbly voice and chips flying all over the place when it’s their turn to place a wager. Not to mention, no real understanding of the rules and constant questions as to what to do next.

It’s the enthusiasm and pluckiness of these people that makes them fun to be around. Not to mention, the opportunity to help them learn the ropes and negotiate the learning curve. If you find the terrified newcomer more of an irritation, you’re probably a member of the ‘takes themselves too seriously’ club. 

5. The Lucky Streaker 

Less a personality and more a chance encounter, but interesting nonetheless.  This is where you find yourself in the company of somebody who simply cannot lose. They may have no idea what they’re doing, or even be playing blackjack for the first time.

Either way, they just seem to be winning with every move they make. Even if some of the moves they make are downright ridiculous, they just continuously come out in their favour.

This can be annoying, inspiring or entertaining – depending on your own personality. It can also be tempting to follow the moves of this kind of player, though this is usually where their luck will run out…and so will yours! 

6. The Grumpy Blame-Gamer 

Last (and possibly) least, these personalities are not a huge amount of fun to be around. This is the player characterised by their incredible commitment to blaming anything and everyone for their losses. 

Each time they lose, they’re clearly agitated and begin playing the blame game. They claim to have been distracted by things going on around them, they say there must be something wrong with the deck or they even point the finger of blame at the dealer.

Sadly, all they accomplish in the process is confirming their ignorance and/or lack of blackjack knowledge. When you lose at any casino table, you lose 100% on the basis of the decisions you make. Until you come to terms with this fact and accept it, you’ll be confined to amateur ranks with the rest of the beginners.

Getting Your Blackjack Game in Order

If the prospect of playing blackjack at a casino table in front of other people terrifies you, there’s a simple solution. All you need to do is set yourself up with a decent online casino account until practice makes perfect.

Admittedly, there are (big) differences between online blackjack and the real thing. For example, card counting isn’t something you can do online, nor is interacting with the dealer.

That is, unless you give live-dealer online gaming a try, which comes highly recommended.

But when it comes to the basic mechanics of the game and how each plays out, online blackjack is identical to the real thing. It can therefore be a great way of building your confidence and getting to grips with the fundamentals, before heading to a casino.

At which point, you’ll have the added enjoyment of spotting these characterful casino personalities as you go. Not to mention, gradually developing your own persona and working out which of these brackets you fit into personally. 

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