Working and Playing from Home: The Importance of Good Posture

One of the various consequences of COVID-related restrictions has been a record numbers of people working from home. Not to mention, record numbers of people spending more time at home in general than ever before. Several months of partial or complete shutdown across the UK has forced millions to once again rediscover the joys of staying in.

An eventuality some have found more enjoyable than others, but still – something that’s become the new norm.

Unsurprisingly, more Brits than ever before have also been looking to the web for entertainment. Online casino gaming in particular has exploded in popularity during lockdown, with online casinos at home and abroad (like Ufabet) having seen a huge influx in interest.

Working and playing from home can be enjoyable, but at the same time doesn’t always add up to an active lifestyle.

Focus on Health and Wellbeing

Not being able to get out and about has prompted many to focus on their health and wellbeing more than they previously might have. With gyms and fitness facilities having largely been out of reach for some time, it’s been a case of making do with what we’ve had access to.

But there’s one aspect of health and wellbeing that’s escaped the attention of millions of housebound Brits over the past few months:

The importance of good posture.

It’s no secret that sitting at a desk all day isn’t exactly good for your health and wellbeing. When the working day comes to an end, you might normally switch to less sedentary habits as part of your normal life. Recently, however, finishing work for millions has simply meant switching to other online or desk-based activities.

All of which has the potential to take its toll on the body, if not carefully monitored.

Simple Tips and Guidelines for Improved Posture

If you spend a fair amount of time gambling online (responsibly) and you also work a desk-based job, it’s essential to be mindful about your posture. The good news being that the key to getting it right lies in nothing more than a few simple changes to current habits.

Here’s how to ensure your online casino gaming activities don’t do a number on your posture and your health:

Take the hint

First and foremost, never overlook any signs or signals your body may be giving you. If you experience aches, pains or stiffness of any kind, it’s very likely because you’re doing something wrong, or doing too much. Don’t simply ‘accept’ discomfort as part and parcel of the whole thing, as it really shouldn’t be.

Be proactive with your posture

This basically means periodically considering the position you are sitting in and whether or not it is appropriate. If you’re slouching, leaning or any position that’s likely to put a strain on your back, make the necessary corrections right away.

Take regular breaks

This is an essential good-practice guideline to follow where all types of online gambling are concerned, anyway. But along with keeping your activities and habits in check, taking regular breaks is also essential for giving you the opportunity to reset your posture. Ideally, you shouldn’t be sitting in the same position for any more than around 30 to 40 minutes, without taking a break for a short walk.

Keep things within easy reach

Anything you’ll be using while sitting at your desk should be within easy reach, meaning you don’t have to stretch or strain to grab it. This means things like your phone, your mouse, your coffee and so on. Unless you can comfortably reach it without stretching, it’s in the wrong place – or you are!

Perform stretching exercises

Much as it sounds contradictory to the above, there are some strictly useful stretching exercises that can be performed while sitting at a desk. Most of which involve the neck, the shoulders, the wrists and so on – great for preventing repetitive strain issues. Browse online for a physician-approved set of exercises and perform them on a regular basis.

Lockdown with your eyes

Rather than sitting with your head and neck in a precarious tilted position, try to get into the habit of looking down with your eyes instead. This basically means that every time you glance at your keyboard, your mouse or anything else on your desk, it should be your eyes that are moving, as opposed to your neck and your head.

Set a timer

If you simply cannot be trusted to keep an eye on the clock and take regular breaks, set a timer and have an alarm remind you to do so. Again, it’s never a good idea to sit in the same spot for more than 30 to 40 minutes, without at least taking a short break.

Upgrade your equipment

There’s really never been a better or more appropriate time to treat yourself to a complete setup of new equipment. If nothing else, it’s worth at least investing in a decent chair, which provides appropriate support for your back, neck, arms and so on.

Use speakerphone or a headset

Gripping your phone between your ear and your shoulder is one of the worst things you can possibly do for spinal health. If freeing up your hands for a few minutes simply isn’t an option, take and make calls using a loudspeaker or a headset.

Try mobile gaming

Last but not least, you could always make the occasional switch to mobile gaming, in order to provide you with temporary freedom from your desk.  Combine a brisk walk with the occasional stop on a park bench for a few bets as your reward for doing the right thing!

In Summary…

For the most part, the human body does a great job of telling you when and where something isn’t right. Though when it comes to posture and spine-related issues, waiting until things hit crisis point really isn’t the way to go.

If you’re spending any amount of time working or playing at your desk, be sure to show your health and wellbeing the priority it deserves.

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