Why You Can’t and Shouldn’t Trust Every Online Casino Review

Every casino gamer has their own unique preferences and priorities. The kinds of things you prioritise above others, when deciding which casinos to sign up with. From welcome bonuses to gaming variety to loyalty schemes and so on, there are thousands of casinos out there to suit all tastes and preferences. And when it comes to finding the best casinos on the market, researching customer reviews and recommendations can be a good place to start.

Unfortunately, choosing online casinos on the back of the reviews you read isn’t as straightforward as it might be. The reason being that for every honest, impartial and helpful review on the web, there are hundreds more that are nothing of the sort.

If you’ll forgive the shameless plug for a moment, Casino Papa was established to tell it like it is…period. If a casino is fantastic, we’ll sing its praises and promote it. If the casino is terrible, we won’t sugar-coat the fact.

It’s just a shame the same cannot be said for every other website specialising in casino reviews and recommendations. Which is in turn the reason why it’s important not to take every review and recommendation you come across at face value.

A Picture of Perfection

The simple fact of the matter is that every online casino on the face of the earth has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you check out our reviews, you’ll note that we always dig as deep as necessary to find at least something wrong with the casinos we review. The way we see it, this is the only way of delivering an honest and balanced overview.

Look elsewhere however and you will find reviews that give you the impression the casino in question is flawless. Literally, 100% perfect with nothing but glowing praise from the reviewer. But here’s the thing, when a review focuses only on the positives and doesn’t even bother highlighting the negatives, what you’re actually looking at is an advertisement – plain and simple. Advertising is fine, but should never be passed off as fair and honest reviewing.

So next time you come across a review that seems to leave the negatives out of the equation, you might want to think twice about buying into the positives.

Clueless Reviewers

It’s also wise not to read too much into the kinds of reviews that have clearly been written by clueless reviewers. You can usually tell after reading just a few lines whether the reviewer actually knows the slightest thing about casinos and casino gaming.

Perhaps the most obvious and immediate example of this is the reviewer who comprehensively sings the praises of seemingly generous 100% welcome bonus offers…and the like. They talk about how amazing the casino is, how much ‘free’ money is available and essentially recommend the casino and the deal to anyone and everyone. All without ever even mentioning the fact that 50X wagering requirements and various other terms apply.

Clueless reviewers make the mistake of leaving what really matters to casino gamers out of the equation. They barely scratch the surface of the casinos they ‘review’, simply regurgitating the marketing messages and spiel of each service provider respectively.

Incomplete or Inaccurate Information

Next up, the kinds of reviews probably best avoided are those that leave you with more questions than answers. Or at least, fail to cover some of the most important aspects of casinos and casino gaming. Common examples of this being failure to mention anything to do with the customer service team, which in the case of many casinos may be uncontactable 99% of the time. Likewise, issues like fees and commissions on withdrawals, initial sign-up terms and pretty much all the essentials you need to make an informed decision.

Some reviewers do little other than tell you the name of the site, list a few games, tell you it’s fantastic and expect you to sign up. Unfortunately, this is often more than enough to convince plenty of people to do exactly that. If you ask us however, leaving anything important out of the equation illustrates one of two things. Either the reviewer doesn’t have a clue what he/she is doing, or there’s more information to be found that isn’t nearly as positive as the rest.

Lack of Authority

The general authority and professionalism of the review site as a whole can also be a good indicator of the quality of the reviews therein. In some instances, websites are set up to serve as all-encompassing resources for those interested in casino gaming. Helpful articles, tutorials, reviews, and recommendations and a customer service team you can get in contact with, should you have any questions. Right at the opposite end of the spectrum, some affiliate sites are set up simply to house phony reviews and links to casino websites, in a vain attempt to make money through misinformation and deception.

Once again, you really don’t have to dig particularly deep to find out which of the two you are looking at. Simply glance over what the website/company has to offer in general and see if there’s any authority or professionalism to speak of. If not, be wary of reading into any of the information on offer.

Lack of Quality

A quick point but an important point nonetheless, content quality says a lot about those responsible for it. When you come across reviews that look as if they’ve been written in less than 5 minutes at 4am by someone who barely speaks the English language…well, you can probably figure the rest out for yourself! When those providing casino reviews and recommendations can’t even be bothered to keep tabs on the quality of their content, what does this tell you about the value of their advice?

Lack of Updates

Last but not least, it’s also possible to spot a substandard site a mile away, simply by checking if and when it was last updated. Those who take these kinds of things seriously are constantly on the lookout for the latest casinos, games and developments in general to report back on. Not to mention, updating important information on existing casinos, as and when required.

By contrast, others simply throw together a cheap review or affiliate website for next to nothing and leave it to its own devices. It simply sits there for weeks, months or even years on end, slowly but surely losing any value or relevance it may once have had. A complete and total lack of updates illustrates little other than a complete and total lack of passion and commitment, on the part of those responsible for the website.

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