The 7 Best Casino Games for Beginners: First-Time Gambler Tips

Getting to grips with the basics of online casino gaming can be surprisingly simple. Even if the whole thing seems intimidating at first, it all quickly becomes second nature.

However, it’s important to target the right games as a newcomer, in order to keep things as straightforward as possible. Some games are easier than others to get the hang of, but each of the following can be fully enjoyed with no knowledge or experience necessary:


Slots are the most straightforward games to play by a significant margin. The popularity of slots is already huge but continues to grow at record pace, according to the UKGC’s recently published stats.

The appeal of online slots lies in the fact that there is really no skill or strategy involved.  All you do is hit the button and await the outcome, often with a pretty decent chance of pocketing a prize. 

You can take things a step further by getting to grips with things like multipliers, bonus rounds and so if you like, but it is far from compulsory. All you really need to do is find the most legit online casinos with slots on the web, while ensuring the slots’ themselves have a decent Return to Player rate. This refers to how much the slot in question pays back for every £100 paid in, so an RTP of 96% would mean £96 paid out in total prizes per £100 wagered. 


It’s a relatively similar story with roulette, in the sense that there is no knowledge, skill or experience needed. 

Depending on the version, a roulette wheel will have 37 or 38 spots that the ball can land on. These spots are numbered from 0 to 36, with American versions also having an additional double zero. Each spot has an equal chance of coming up. All you have to do is place your bets accordingly and see what happens next.

Wagering on fairly even outcomes like Red/Black or Odds/Evens reduces the house edge to the absolute minimum. With bets like these, you are looking at something as close to a 50-50 outcome as it gets in a casino. There’s still a small house edge that keeps the balance the way of the casino, but it’s minimal.

Roulette is a seriously easy and enjoyable game to get into, making it a great choice for beginners.


Baccarat is often overlooked by casino newcomers, who assume it to be too complicated for players with no experience. In reality, it’s just about the simplest of all card games played in casinos.

Both the banker and you receive two cards. Cards ranging from 2 to 9 are valued at the number written on them, while 10 and face cards have zero value. Aces are worth one point.

Each hand amounts to the sum of its constituting cards. If it goes over 10, it amounts to the remainder of its sum divided by ten. A 6 and a 7 thus amount to 3, not 13.

You bet on whether the banker or the player gets the larger sum. There also is a tie bet with a better payout but worse odds. That really is all there is to it – you get the outcome and see what happens. 

Baccarat is interesting as it is one of the only casino games where you can win a prize if the banker wins. You have the freedom to place wagers on any possible outcome – not just the likelihood of you winning.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a classic hi-lo game with a very simple ruleset. You have a betting table with various dice variations, and you place your bets accordingly. 

The game is played with three dice. The rolled dice give the result of the round, and you receive a payout specific to your bet if you guessed correctly or lose your wagered money.

Again, it is a great choice for newcomers as there is no strategy involved and nothing you can do to influence the outcome. Everything that takes place is based on the roll of the dice, which for obvious reasons cannot be predicted. 

It’s therefore simply a case of hedging your bets wisely, ensuring you place your money on outcomes with a decent likelihood of occurring. The best odds on the table are 48.61%, meaning an extremely minimal house edge.

Dragon Tiger

If you come across a casino that offers Dragon Tiger, it’s definitely worth checking out. This hugely immersive game takes Baccarat and simplifies it further, with only two cards in play at the time. 

Guessing correctly pays out one to one, losing takes away the bet, while a tie only takes half the bet.  The house edge comes out at around 3.7%, so it’s again a fairly even balance. 

Dragon Tiger is great for a few casual wagers, but there’s not a great deal that happens beyond the basics. Not the kind of table game you’re likely to spend hours at, but great for getting started as a newcomer.

Bingo, Keno, and Virtual Lotteries

In terms of simplicity, all three of these games practically play themselves. But whether or not they are a good idea for newcomers is a judgment call.

This is due to the fact that in all three instances, the likelihood of pocketing meaningful prizes is relatively low. In addition, there’s also very little involved by way of actual game play. 

You simply buy your tickets, wait for the outcome and see if you’ve won…that’s it. Exciting enough when things work out in your favour, but not the most thrilling experience the rest of the time.


Last up, blackjack has the kind of allure and appeal that are irresistible. With the right tactics at the blackjack table, it is possible to reduce the house edge to something in the region of 0.5%. 

The great thing about blackjack is how a little experience, intuition and common sense can go a long way. There’s nothing you can do to control or predict the outcome, but you can hedge your bets strategically to take things more in your favour. 

In any case, the blackjack table is often where the party’s at on a busy casino floor, so is well worth stopping by.

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