How to Spot (and Avoid) Scam Casino Strategies

Casino strategies…the bane of savvy gamers worldwide.

Hammer in a quick Google search and you’ll immediately find thousands of examples of apparent strategies for beating the house. There are so many ‘experts’ worldwide who seem to believe they’ve nailed the secret to turning a profit with casino gaming. Some of which going so far as to share their wisdom with the world.

But here’s the thing – they simply don’t work.

If there was a sure-fire way of beating the house, how would casino operators worldwide become so spectacularly rich and powerful? Once the secret was out, wouldn’t it spread like wildfire and result in millions earning millions at the expense of casinos?

Of course it would, but it doesn’t happen because beating the house isn’t a thing. Pretty much every casino game across the board is meticulously designed to ensure that the house always wins, given sufficient time.

Now, it’s not to say that certain casino strategies cannot at least increase your chances of taking home a prize or two. Or at least, reduce your likelihood of making silly mistakes. Studying your preferred casino games and nailing the basics of savvy-play strategy comes highly recommended.

It’s just that when it comes to strategies that claim to hold the secret to success, this is where we start getting angry!

On the plus side, it really couldn’t be easier to spot spam and scam strategies from a mile away. If you detect any of the following, you can bet your bottom dollar you’re being led down entirely the wrong path:

Charging for the privilege

First up, anyone looking to charge you for access to their ‘secret’ strategy is out for nothing other than to rip you off. Irrespective of how cheap or appealing the deal may sound to be, there’s something extremely important to bear in mind.

In short, let’s assume that the individual in question really had come up with a viable strategy for beating the house. If this was the case, they’d undoubtedly be putting it to use, having others put it to use on their behalf and making more money than they’d know what to do with.

Which begs the question…why are they charging a “One-time-only fee of just $5.00!” for their incredible secret? Why on earth would they need to supplement their clearly-enormous fortune with this kind of pocket change?

The obvious answer – they don’t have a fortune because their strategy is a complete and utter scam. If anyone came up with a strategy that actually worked, they’d never need to worry about earning a penny elsewhere, ever again. So if they’re charging for what’s apparently a sure-fire bet, they’re taking you for a fool.

Absence of mathematics

If you want to build a clearer picture of how casino gaming works, you need to do the math…as they say. The mathematics behind even the simplest casino games are spectacularly complicated, yet in all instances reach exactly the same result:

The house always wins.

You can look at the numbers anywhere you like, but you cannot and will not come up with anything that reverses the statistical house edge. It simply cannot be done. It’s a little like attempting to influence the outcome of a dice roll, or the flip a coin. Random is random and the house edge ensures that random always works in their favour.

This is therefore another clear indicator of a scam strategy when you see one. In some instances, they’ll provide you with all the ‘helpful’ instructions and guidelines in the world, though offer absolutely no mathematical or statistical evidence to support their claims.In others, they’ll present completely meaningless numbers that make no sense when added up.

OTT claims

One of the most common scams when it comes to casino strategies is to attempt to blind victims with ridiculously OTT claims.

“I made £10 million in two years using this strategy, so can you!”

“Make £2,500 per day with this simple trick casinos don’t want you to know about!”

You know the type – the kinds of claims it’s difficult not to be tempted by, though are clearly fabricated. Once again, it all comes down to a combination of the two points above. For instance, if the individual in question really had made £10 million in two years, why would they bother sharing the secret with the world?

Wouldn’t they be too busy making a fortune and investing their time more strategically elsewhere?

Secondly, they’ll happily tell you how much they ‘won’, but won’t go into any real mathematical detail as to how it happened. Not to mention, completely avoiding the mention of risk (see below) along the way.

Pretending it’s risk-free

Last but not least, even those who own and operate the biggest casinos in the world don’t try to pretend gambling is risk-free. Even with all the attractive marketing campaigns in the world, they’re still responsible enough to warn gamblers that every wager constitutes a potential risk of financial loss.

By contrast, those who are out scam you with dodgy strategies will do whatever it takes to convince you there’s absolutely no risk involved. They’ll swear blind their strategy completely eliminates risk from the equation, telling you that no matter what happens, you’ll eventually come out on top. In reality, this is an absolute impossibility and always will be.

Every aspect of gambling across the board inherently incorporates a certain level of risk. Hence, the name – gambling. If there was a way of reducing risk to a point where profits were guaranteed, the world’s biggest investors wouldn’t need to chase risky opportunities to expand their fortunes. They’d simply capitalise on the latest strategies, with the help of established statisticians and genius mathematicians.

The reason this doesn’t happen is because there is no way of eliminating risk from the equation. Or even tipping the balance significantly in your favour. Unless any resource you come across on the subject of gambling is open and honest about risk, it isn’t a resource you want anything to do with.

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