Why It Pays to Play at UK PayPal Casinos

PayPal isn’t in the habit of letting just any casino use its payment services. Instead, they’re somewhat selective about who does and doesn’t make the grade.

In its own right therefore this immediately says something about the quality and calibre of the PayPal casinos you come across. While not all casinos that accept PayPal are by no means of the same quality, the fact that they accept PayPal is at least reassuring. Hence, PayPal has become something of a mark of quality for responsible and reputable online casinos worldwide.

What are the specific advantages to choosing PayPal casinos over those that stick with more traditional payment types? Aside from the ‘honour’ of being approved by PayPal, is there anything to gain by favouring PayPal casinos?

Personal preference counts for a lot when choosing which payment type to stick with. Nevertheless, there are a few undeniable benefits to PayPal casinos, which are worth taking into account.

Examples of which include the following:

Select Casinos. As already touched upon, PayPal is more than a little meticulous when it comes to which businesses it is and isn’t willing to work with. It’s worth remembering that PayPal has been going strong for several decades now and has always stood for safety and security above everything else. They’re not in the habit of knowingly allowing substandard casinos and generally dodgy dealers to use their payment services. So while there will always be the occasional exception to the rule, casinos that accept PayPal have at least passed certain basic safety and credibility checks.

Popularity. Judging by PayPal’s growth and expansion over recent years, there’s a strong chance you already have a PayPal account. Hence, one argument in favour of PayPal casinos is to use the account you already have for maximum convenience. Once things are set up with a PayPal casino, all deposit and withdrawal processes really couldn’t be easier. The whole thing is largely automated and takes care of itself, with little to do other than to enjoy the gaming on offer!

Buyer Protection. One of the biggest benefits of buying anything with PayPal is the inclusion of comprehensive buyer protection. This basically means that if at any point you find yourself being short-changed or scammed, you have a welcome insurance policy to protect you from loss. In almost all instances, PayPal takes the side of the buyer and doesn’t complicate recovery processes, should you be taken for the proverbial ride. Again, this is precisely why PayPal is so selective when choosing which casinos the company is willing to work with.

Security. The same also goes for security PayPal using one of the most heavily regulated systems of any financial service provider. Since opening its doors, PayPal has championed comprehensive transparency and the meticulous recording of all transactions that take place. The idea being that nothing can happen on PayPal without there being a detailed paper trail, along with comprehensive information on both the buyer and the seller. This again adds up to total peace of mind for the customer, who’s effectively protected from the usual threats.

Rapid Payments. In both directions, casino payments made by way of PayPal can be extremely quick. Deposits are processed immediately and the vast majority of withdrawals are as quick as it gets. As one of the largest companies of its kind, PayPal has the kind of processing power it takes to deal with even the largest and most complex payments in a matter of seconds. What’s more, the fact that you’ve got the PayPal app right there on your mobile device means you can keep a close eye on what’s happening at all times.

Ditch the Credit Card. Another advantage brought to the table by PayPal casinos is the elimination of credit and debit cards from the equation. While credit and debit cards represent viable and convenient options for casino gaming, they are nonetheless not without their security risks. Now more than ever, fraudsters are finding new and innovative ways to hijack credit and debit card details when used online. Most banks are stepping up the fight against fraud, but PayPal remains a significantly safer and more reassuring option where available.

Exclusive Bonuses. Depending on the casino you decide to go with, you may gain access to certain special deals and exclusive bonuses as a PayPal customer. Often touted to promote PayPal and encourage gamers to sign up, additional PayPal bonuses are becoming increasingly common. From deposit top-ups to free spins and so on, you could find yourself with a little extra in your account by getting to grips with PayPal.

Committed Customer Support. Last but not least, if you do find yourself struggling with PayPal for any reason, the company is renowned for its customer support. Typically available 24/7 – depending on your location – it’s usually pretty easy to get hold of a member of the team and access the support you need. Some of the more conventional banks and financial brands on the market not exactly making the grade in this department.

Sign Up, Get Started…

Among those who’ve never given PayPal a try, the justification is usually the same. That being, they can’t be bothered with the complexities of opening yet another online bank account.

In reality, PayPal has been designed from the ground up to be as simple as possible. In fact, it’s just about the easiest online payments system to get to grips with. And when you do, you’ll gain access to all of the above benefits at an extensive list of casinos worldwide.

Speaking of which, the number of casinos accepting PayPal payments is growing all the time. Some of the biggest names already accepting and recommending PayPal payments include:

  • 32Red
  • Betway
  • NetBet Online Casino
  • Spin Palace
  • Mr. Green
  • LeoVegas
  • Nedplay
  • Dash
  • Virtual City Casino

So if online casino gaming is your thing, PayPal casinos come highly recommended. Having already become the preferred payment option for millions, you’ll soon wonder how you got by without PayPal in your corner!

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