How To Find The Best PayPal Online Casino Sites In The UK In 2019

PayPal is the largest and most successful online banking system ever created. To date, more than 290 million people have opened PayPal accounts worldwide. With more merchants worldwide accepting PayPal payments than ever before, the popularity of this innovative payment platform is only likely to grow indefinitely.

But what is it about PayPal that makes it such a popular choice for online casino customers? More importantly, which are the best PayPal casinos for UK players as of 2019?

In answer to the latter of the two questions, has done a deep dive into the best UK casino sites that accept PayPal. Check out their latest listings and see which PayPal casinos are making waves right now.

As to the popularity of PayPal with online casino gamers, it’s a case of multiple points of appeal coming together to create something special. It’s worth considering that PayPal isn’t in the habit of allowing its services to be used by just any online business. Relentlessly committed to quality, convenience, safety and security, PayPal has become something of a ‘badge of honour’ in its own right.

Hence, when you come across a casino that uses PayPal, it’s almost always a casino you can count on.

Beyond the superficial accolades, however, there are several important reasons why it’s worth getting into PayPal casino gaming. A few examples of which include the following:

You’ve already got an account. Statistically speaking, it’s entirely probable that you already have a PayPal account up and running. In which case, there’s nothing else you need to do, other than find a decent PayPal casino and dive into the action. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, it takes (literally) seconds to sign up and get started.

Pure pedigree. There may be dozens of online payment systems and virtual wallets around these days, but none have been doing their thing nearly as long as PayPal. Not only has PayPal been around for a long time, it also has a flawless track record for safety, security, transparency and so on. PayPal is by far the most trusted online payment platform in the world.

Buyer Protection. It’s also worth bearing in mind that PayPal is one of few payment platforms that almost always sides with the customer. Should you find yourself in any kind of dispute or disagreement, PayPal’s ‘Buyer Protection’ has you covered. This makes it almost impossible to get ripped off when paying for legitimate products and services using PayPal.

Speed and convenience. Depositing funds in your casino account and withdrawing winnings can be simplified and accelerated using PayPal. It’s also possible to transfer funds from your PayPal account into a regular bank account within a matter of minutes, making it quick and easy to control your cashflow and get your hands on your money.

Any time, any place. With a PayPal account up and running, it’s possible to make purchases and enjoy a spot of casino gaming at any time and from any place, without any of your credit cards, debit cards or bank account details to hand. All you need is your PayPal ID and password, so you’ll never be locked out of your finances if you temporarily misplace your wallet.

Unrivalled security. PayPal is operated in accordance with some of the strictest regulations and compliance codes in the world, making it one of the safest places to do business. Pretty much every risk associated with online credit and debit card transactions is eliminated with PayPal, which can be particularly reassuring where casino gaming is concerned.

Above all else, it’s the transparency of PayPal that makes it the ideal choice for casino gaming. While not every PayPal casino is equal in terms of quality, enjoyment and customer service, most PayPal casinos are at least trustworthy.

As mentioned above, finding the best PayPal casinos on the web can be as simple as using an independent resource like However, it’s still worth taking into account a few key considerations, in order to help you make the right choice.

Examples of which include the following:

Exclusive Bonuses. From time to time, you may come across some casinos that offer exclusive bonuses and rewards for customers using PayPal. This isn’t always an outright deal-breaker, but is nonetheless worth looking for when choosing an online casino

Customer Feedback. The most honest and transparent information comes from those with no direct ties to the casino – i.e. the customer. Along with expert reviews and recommendations, always use genuine customer feedback to help guide your decision.

Deposit/Withdrawal Conditions. Just because a bunch of casinos all accept PayPal payments doesn’t mean they have even remotely similar deposit and withdrawal policies. Always check out a casino’s terms and conditions in full, considering minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts, minimum deposits, processing times, commissions/fees payable and so on.

Customer Support. 24/7 customer support is always preferable, but not always available. There’s every chance you’ll need to contact the casino’s customer support team at some point in the future, so it’s worth seeing how they handle queries before signing up. If there’s at least a decent live chat facility, you’re probably in safe hands.

Gaming Variety. Of course, all of the above is of little importance if the library of games on offer is substandard. Quality matters far more than quantity, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide what type of gaming you’re looking for. You might also want to consider how much of the gaming library can be accessed via your mobile device, if you plan on taking your gaming on the go.

In Summary…

While it’s not to say that every PayPal casino is a truly superb online casino, there’s a degree of reassurance that accompanies the PayPal ‘badge’. Particularly when it comes to speed, safety, security and convenience, PayPal sets the highest possible standard for all online wallets worldwide.

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