How to Become a Live Casino Streamer in Five Easy Steps

At the risk of invalidating the point we’ve raised on numerous occasions, there is in fact a way you can make money playing online casino games. We’re not talking about beating the house or finding the elusive strategy to guarantee wins with online slots.

Spoiler alert – there isn’t one.

Instead, we’re talking about the growing popularity of live casino streaming. For some time now, people have been generating decent revenues by streaming themselves playing popular video games on platforms like Twitch. Slowly but surely, the craze is attracting an entirely new demographic of casino gaming fans.

It’s basically the exact same principle – you stream the online casino game you’re playing in real-time, you interact with those watching what you get up to and you generally put on an entertaining show. From direct payments from viewers to subscriptions to paid ads and so on, there are plenty of ways to make money with live casino streaming once you’ve established an audience of a decent size.

Best of all, it’s an incredibly easy and affordable business venture to set up in the first place. You’ve probably already got everything you need to get started, so why not think about getting paid for doing what you do best?

Here’s a brief rundown of the five main steps involved in getting started in real-time casino game streaming:

1. Create a Twitch Account

First up, no platform is better suited to this kind of venture than Twitch. There are countless professional gamblers worldwide that have already built audiences of hundreds of thousands of followers, generating the kinds of profits that augment (most of) their losses. 

Streaming software will also be needed to showcase what you are doing in real-time, but it’s not particularly expensive or difficult to use. There are even free streaming software packages available online, which can be great for getting started while you get to grips with how the whole thing works.

2. Decide What You Are Going to Focus On

For obvious reasons, the casino games you intend to focus on should be those you are most passionate about. Not necessarily those you find easiest, but those you enjoy and can provide an entertaining experience with.

It is important to narrow down your scope as early as possible and work out exactly who you intend to target with your content. This is because those who enjoy watching people play poker may have little to no interest in watching the same person play roulette or blackjack. With casino game streaming, it is best not to cast your net too broadly, but to instead become a popular authority in a more defined niche.

3. Practice Extensively Before Getting Started

Make no mistake about it – broadcasting live isn’t anything like recording videos and publishing them for playback. It’s a completely different experience that demands a different set of skills and an altogether more confident and focused approach.

This is why it is essential to practice extensively in private, prior to getting started. Record yourself over the course of an appropriate period of time doing what you intend to do live, in order to pick up on your strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. If possible, consider showcasing these recordings to friends and family members for their own input. Don’t make the mistake of starting with real-time broadcasting until you have the confidence to get it done right.

4. Market Your Live Streams Aggressively

Pulling in punters from as many social networks as possible is essential, if you’re to build an audience of a decent size. This means using all of your other social media accounts to your advantage – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any others you’re signed up with.

Promote your Twitch channel, give them a feel for what to expect and post links for their convenience. Invite them to spread the word about what you do and invite their own friends and followers, ensuring each of your live streams is promoted far and wide in advance of taking place.

5. Stick with it

Last but not least, you need to be realistic with your expectations in the early stages of the project. For one thing, you’ll probably make any number of mistakes and wonder whether or not you’re cut out for live streaming. In addition, you’re unlikely to immediately start generating even modest sums of cash through subscriptions, paid ads in your content and so on.

It takes time to build the kind of credibility and authority that translates to revenues and regular income. You will therefore need to ride it out and be ready to take the rough with the smooth, as there’s likely to be more of the former while you find your feet. Nevertheless, it will all be worthwhile when you start making money doing what you’d otherwise be doing for free as a hobby!

Taking Inspiration from Others…

Of course, one of the best ways of finding out what works and what doesn’t is to spend some time watching a selection of successful streamers in your field.  Take note on how they get the job done, take inspiration from their live streams and pay close attention to how they interact with their viewers.

However, under no circumstances should this type of research cross the line into ripping off other streamers wholesale. You need your own voice, your own personality and your own unique product to become a successful live streamer.  If you simply attempt to repackage what other people are already doing, it isn’t going to work.

Plus, it’s worth remembering that Twitch isn’t the only platform available for this kind of business venture. If for any reason it’s not for you, there’s always the likes of YouTube Live and Facebook Live to try out. Both of which have been growing steadily in popularity as of late and have engaged audiences of tens of millions of users worldwide. 

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