Here’s Why Your Online Slots Strategy Isn’t Working

It’s wouldn’t be entirely untrue to call online slots rather fickle mistresses. Even if you fall head over heels in love with them, there’s a chance you’ll find it to be a short-lived love affair. Likewise, you may find yourself coming back time and time again, even though the love went out of the relationship a long time ago. Sound familiar? It probably will to many, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way at all.

If you know Casino Papa, you’ll know that we’re usually against declarations of there being a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’ way of going about things. The reason being that if you’re having fun, go for it! But just to contradict that point entirely, there are certain mistakes that will soon see you falling out of love with the slots and slot sites you previously adored. So for this piece, we’re addressing those on the road to digital divorce – i.e. those getting nothing out of online slots but disappointment. That being said, anyone looking to build and maintain a healthy long-term relationship with the best online slots could also benefit from reading on.

Where You’re Going Wrong
We all have different approaches to online gambling, which is why it’s hard to make any real generalisations. However, when it comes to mistakes involving online slots, there are certain examples that pop up way more than others.

On the surface, it seems fool-proof. Throw in some cash, hit the button and see what happens next. In reality, you have to be slightly more mindful of a few things to get the most out of it all. Which if you ask us essentially means steering clear of any of the following mistakes:

You’re Thinking You Can Beat the House
Right off the bat comes the biggest blunder of all and one to avoid at all costs. You know those online guides that tell you how to come up with strategies to turn a guaranteed profit with slots? Free or paid, they all have one thing in common – they’re utter garbage. Ask yourself – if it was possible to beat the machine or the house, how on Earth would any of these guys remain in business? How would online casinos and slots sites turn over massive profits? The obvious answer is, of course, they wouldn’t. Everything that happens with a slot is 100% random 100% of the time. You have no control over things, there are no strategies that work and the RTP percentage is always less than 100%. Buy into strategy theories and you’re doomed before even getting started.

You’re Playing for Profit
If you’ve read and taken in the information above, this pointer should be predictable and obvious to say the least. It’s a simple case of mathematics and one that anyone can understand. Say even the best slots site has a great RTP percentage of 95%. This means that for every £1 put in, 95p will be paid back out. But not necessarily to you. For £100, it’s a £95 payout, for £1,000 a £950 and so on. Which means that in all instances, the machine pays out less than it takes in. Not only this, but who gets the 95% payout and when is totally random. As such, viewing slots as anything that can be used to turn over a guaranteed profit is nothing short of dangerous. You might walk away with a win, but you absolutely cannot and therefore should not bank on it…ever!

You’re Overlooking Your Goals/Preferences slots
There are technically only two types of online slots players out there. On one side of the fence, there are those who don’t mind losing time and time and time again, if it means there’s a fraction of a chance they’ll win a bigger prize. On the other, there are those who prefer to win much smaller sums on a regular basis, happy in the knowledge that the jackpots on offer are much more modest. That is something that must be taken into account when choosing slots and slots sites, as the differences from one to the next can be truly enormous.

You’re Not Evaluating the Slots Site Itself
Even if you have found yourself a slot you love, there’s still work to be done before diving in. The reason being that the experience you can expect will be affected massively by the actual site via which you approach the slot. Think about it – what’s the use in winning a massive jackpot on a slot, if it turns out the site is dangerously dodgy and won’t pay you a penny of it? Or what if the site you choose is so unreliable that the slot you’re on freezes when you’re one spin away from a £100,000 payout? Long story short, the quality of the site you choose matters just as much as the slot…maybe even more. Use reviews and ratings to find the best slots sites on the web.

You’re Not Learning How to Quit While Ahead
There is no time you’re more likely to throw away more money than you can afford to than after getting lucky with a win. You start out with £20, you suddenly drop £100 out of the slot and you’re £80 in profit. So what’s the harm in throwing the full £100 back in to chase an even bigger win? Big mistake. If you started with a budget of £20, this is clearly the budget you can afford. Not £50, not £100. So if you do find yourself ahead, don’t go making dodgy decisions and throwing away cash you could really do with.

You’re Buying Into Bonuses
Ah yes…who could possibly resist the offer of a massive welcome bonus with no strings attached? You look for a new casino, you find one that’s offering a mind-blowing bonus and the decision’s a bit of a no-brainer, right? Wrong. Well, unless you want to come out of the whole thing far worse off than when you started. There are so many slots sites these days offering wild and wacky bonuses like £1,000 in your account on top of your first deposit and anything up to 100 free spins. Statistically speaking, you’re pretty much guaranteed to win something with these freebies. The only problem being that with 30X, 40X or even 50X wagering requirements, you won’t be able to touch it until you put up to £50,000 of your own money on the line. Did you really plan on spending £50k on a slots site? Of course you didn’t – hence why you need to read those terms and conditions VERY carefully.

777 You’re Ignoring Public Opinion
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you can’t always rely on the musings of others. However, if an online slot has earned predominantly negative ratings from those that have tried and tested it for themselves, chances are it’s for a good reason. Likewise, independent reviewers who flag up apparent issues and points of contention with slots shouldn’t be ignored either. Go with the consensus and look for patterns of opinion.

You’re Not Setting a Budget
Unless you’ve got bottomless disposable income, you need to be highly-disciplined when it comes to setting a web gambling budget. It needs to be money you don’t need, money that’s not been allocated to something else and money that you are 100% happy to lose. It isn’t an investment and nor is it a price to pay for the opportunity to win a larger sum. It’s cash to be used for pure fun and games, nothing else. Bet with cash you really can’t afford to lose and before you know it…

You’re Chasing Losses
One of the biggest mistakes in all areas of gambling, chasing losses only ever breeds disastrous consequences. Your logic and judgement are impaired, you’re already in the red and you carry on gambling out of pure rage and desperation. Which means you lose more…and more…and more. Setting a budget means walking away the moment it has been exhausted, even if you were seconds away from a big win or suffered a catastrophic loss due to your own personal error.

You’re In the Wrong Mood
Online gambling can be fun, but it differs from other hobbies in that it might not always cheer you up. The reasons being that in order to get it right, you need to remain cool, calm and collected at all times. Which is precisely why getting busy with online slots when you’re in a bad mood is a terrible idea. You may be angry, stressed out, worried about something or just generally down in the dumps. In all instances, you’re not going to be able to give the slots the logical focus you need and you’re on thin ice from the word go.

You’re Becoming Mobile Trigger-Happy
Last but not least, there’s a time and a place to indulge in the world of mobile slots – just as there are times and places it’s not necessarily ideal. One prime example being any time you’re under the influence of anything that may impede your judgement. A few beers worse for wear, you reach for your phone, play like money’s no object and fall asleep. The next morning, you realise you’ve blown the £75 you really needed for something else. Mobile slots are nothing short of epic, but be careful against getting too trigger-happy at times you should probably abstain!

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