Helpful Casino Etiquette Tips for First-Timers

Much as some will try to tell you otherwise, actually going to a physical casino for the first time can be pretty unnerving. The reason being that if you have never been to a casino before, you really don’t have a clue what to expect or how you should conduct yourself. You may have seen enough casinos in the movies in your time, but it’s not as if they are painted in a particularly accurate light.

So assuming you like your first visit to be one to remember for all the right reasons, what you need to know before heading out?

Well, the truth is that in many respects it comes largely down to the specific casino you choose to visit. The reason being that there are certain casinos that will not even let you through the door unless it is obvious you have a small fortune in your pocket, whereas others will pretty much drag anyone in that is willing to spend their money. Do your homework, choose a reputable casino and find a little bit out about it before you go.

In all instances however, there are certain unwritten rules (sometimes they are actually written) when it comes to casino etiquette that you should be willing to follow at all times.

Here’s a quick introduction to just a few of them, to help you stay on the straight and narrow:

1 – Enough With The Photos 2
First and foremost, it is unlikely that you will ever find a decent casino anywhere in the world that allows customers to take photos in the actual gaming area itself. Not only do they consider it to be a significant security risk, but it can also be extremely off-putting for others – especially those who may wish to keep their activities anonymous. Long story short therefore – no photographs.

2 – That Includes Selfies!
And just in case you were wondering, the answer is yes – that also includes selfies! So rather than spending half the night posing and trying to look like a high-roller on your Facebook account, try enjoying the experience instead.

3 – Turn Your Phone Off
The vast majority of dealers will instruct those sitting at their tables to turn their phones off before joining the game. Even if they don’t however, it is simply good courtesy to do so. It might not bother you, but the various annoying sounds your phone relentlessly emits could prove to be extremely effective in distracting those that really need to concentrate. If you need to use your phone or take a call, feel free to step outside.

4 – Dress Sensibly
It’s a good idea to check if there is any kind of dress code at the casino you intend to visit, in order to ensure that you don’t make a fool of yourself…or find yourself being barred entry. If it doesn’t say anything specific about the dress code, it’s still better to err on the side of caution and dress at least semi-smart. In addition, many casinos have policies regarding footwear, which means if you turn up in your old trainers to a casino that doesn’t allow them, you might be in for a long hike home to get changed.

5 – Drink Sensibly
If it’s inevitable that you and your friends will be finding your way to the bar…or having the bar brought to you…it’s really quite important that you remain sensible and in control. This is for two reasons – the first of which being that any kind of drunken behaviour whatsoever will see you thrown out of the casino and most likely banned for life. Not only this, but getting drunk is probably the best way of all of losing sight of common sense and essentially throwing every penny you own down the drain. Suffice to say, simply not worth it.

6 – Chip Checks
It’s also a good idea to check out the table games you plan on having a go at before deciding on how many chips you intend to buy. The reason being that it simply makes sense to find out what the minimum and maximum bets are at the tables you’ll be playing at, which can be exponentially different from one to the next.

7 – Focus
When playing with a live dealer, it represents good courtesy to focus on the game and listen to anything they have to say. One guaranteed way of annoying 1pretty much any croupier working in a casino is to sit in front of them and continue your loud and rather obnoxious yapping, largely oblivious to the fact there is actually a game taking place. If you aren’t willing to focus on the game and give it your full attention, think about disappearing for a while until you are.

8 – Quiet Please!
And for that matter, casinos in general are not places that tend to tolerate any kind of loud and obnoxious behaviour. As soon as you get in there, it’s a case of being willing to conduct yourself in a respectful manner, or run the risk of being ousted before you’ve had chance to place a single bet.

9 – Time And Budget
In order to ensure you don’t get well and truly carried away, you might want to assign yourself a strict budget and something of a curfew by which you will force yourself to leave. It might sound a little unnecessary, but it is surprisingly easy to lose sight of common sense and end up blowing way more than you can afford to.

10 – Hands Off
When playing roulette, never under any circumstances even think about touching or moving any of the chips that are in play. This is quite simply the quintessential example of the kind of thing that will get you in plenty of trouble. And while on the subject, you should also remember never to touch any other player’s chips at any time, regardless of whether or not they are in play.

11 – Learn To Lose
Last but not least, statistically speaking the house is always going to win, which in turn means that you are always going to lose…sort of. Nobody likes a sore loser and this applies just as much in a casino setting as it does anywhere else. Which in turn means that no matter how horrible you think your luck has been and how much money you have thrown away, save your tantrums, tears and outbursts for when you get home!

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