Five Reasons to Take a Break from Gambling

Hold on…a casino website and promoting the art of not gambling? Who in their right mind would advise people not to do the thing they base their entire business on?

The answer – anyone who knows the importance of common-sense responsibility.

Truth is, anyone who pretends compulsive gambling isn’t an issue is contributing to the problem.  Time and time again, it’s been shown that talking openly and honestly about issues like these is the single best way of protecting people from harm.

For too long, the taboo surrounding irresponsible gambling and gambling addiction has been perpetuated. It’s still an issue today, but some of the better providers within the industry have at least committed themselves to creating an open forum for discussion.

Not to mention, putting measures in place (like voluntary exclusion and betting limits) to protect their customers from harm.

Even so, it’s still down to the players themselves to know when and where to draw the line. You don’t have to be on the verge of full-blown gambling addiction to benefit from taking a break from the whole thing. 

In fact, there are benefits to occasional breaks from gambling that have nothing to do with irresponsible decision-making, or losing more money than you can comfortably afford to.

Win this in mind, here are five reasons why taking an occasional break from gambling could benefit a lot of regular gamblers:

You Can Stack Up a Healthy Bankroll 

First up, gambling with the exact same bankroll week in and week out can sometimes get a little boring.  Each time you head to the casino for your weekly indulgence, you allocate yourself £50, and nothing more. As any sensible gambler would, you stick to this limit like glue, so as to avoid overspending.

All well and good, but you could also find yourself somewhat limited, with regard to the type of action you can buy into.

In which case, why not spend a few weeks away from the casino, in order to stack up a healthier bankroll? Instead of gambling with £50 each week, why not give the whole thing a miss for a couple of months, and then set out for a wild night with £500 in your pocket?

Technically speaking, you’re not spending any more or less than you would have. Even so, you’re suddenly in a position where you can take a seat at much higher-stakes tables, and perhaps pave the way for bigger wins. 

Or if not, at least enjoy a night of steaks, champagne, and the kind of debauchery you would not be able to afford with your usual weekly budget. 

It’s Great for Reigniting Your Passion 

Totally away from the financial side of things, taking a break can be fantastic for reigniting your passion for gambling. There comes a time in the life of all regular gamblers where what was once a pursuit of pure passion becomes somewhat routine.

In some instances, the whole thing can become almost robotic. You sit at a table or a slot machine, you place your wagers, you await the outcome and so on.  From start to finish, you barely crack a smile, and treat the entire experience almost like a chore. 

This is a prime indicator that the time has come to take a break from gambling in its entirety.  If you are no longer getting any genuine joy out of the experience, you’re missing the point of gambling in the first place. 

If things are getting a little dull and repetitive, consider stepping away for a while.  Or at least, try setting your sights on something different, perhaps branching out into games you have not yet tried. 

You Could Try Something Else with the Money 

Speaking of trying something else, why not allocate your regular casino bankroll to something different entirely? A weekend away, an inexcusably expensive pair of trainers, dinner in a restaurant that’s a way out of your price bracket – the options really are endless.

The thing to remember is that taking a break from gambling should never be seen as a punishment. You’re not barring yourself from something you love, and doing yourself a disservice in the process.  

Instead, you’re taking the time to reignite your passion for casino gaming, and setting yourself up with some pocket money in the process.

You Could Save Up For a Gambling Trip 

Along similar lines, you could also allocate your weekly/monthly gambling kitty to the trip you’ve always wanted to take.  

These days, you can bag an unforgettable weekend in Sin City for much less than you’d think.  Simply by distancing yourself from the tables for a few weeks, you could have all the money you need to fulfil a lifelong dream.

That even if heading halfway around the world isn’t an option, a casino-based city break at home can be seriously enjoyable.  Particularly if you get a bunch of friends in on the deal, and throw a few other indulgences in for good measure. 

Something to look forward to on the calendar, and a great way to give yourself a little breathing room from your usual gambling activities.

It Can Help Keep You On the Straight and Narrow

Last up, nobody in human history has ever deliberately developed a gambling problem. Nor has anyone in their right mind been fully aware of the fact that they’re heading in a dangerous direction, and continued regardless.

Compulsive gambling has a nasty habit of creeping up on you unaware. One minute, you’re enjoying casino gaming as a carefully controlled and supremely entertaining pastime.  The next, it’s taking a toll on your life and your wallet in a way you never thought possible.

As is the case with most things, preventing gambling addiction in the first place is far easier than attempting to ‘cure’ it at a later date. By the time the most obvious warning signs of gambling addiction have emerged, you could have already crossed the line.

Hence, to do yourself a favour and prevent things going this far in the first place is really the best thing you can do.

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