Essential Online Casino Tips

Newbies to online casinos can learn a lot on the way to becoming experienced players. What you can learn is dictated by what you already know, but there are no limits to what you can learn as you play. 

Still, a little knowledge goes a long way when deciding which casino to sign up with in the first place. 

With this in mind, these are some of the most essential tips shared by NewCasinosUK for anybody getting started with new slot sites for the first time:

Research the Bonuses Available
Online casinos are always offering bonuses, and one of the most common of these bonuses is the initial sign-up bonus, which you can only claim immediately after creating an account. There are a lot of these bonuses you can claim available at different casinos, as there are no limits to how many casinos you can sign up with.

However, such game bonuses come with various terms and conditions, including wagering requirements or play-through conditions (indicating the number of times you must wager the bonus before you can withdraw anything you win with it), maximum win limits, and expiry dates. These conditions apply to both free spins and sign-up bonuses, so need to be checked in full before signing up. 

Finding a Casino
Whether you are signing up with your first casino or looking to branch out to something new, comparison sites can help. That is, just as long as they’re independent and feature the recommendations of real gamers. If there’s any sponsorship involved in their recommendations, they can’t be counted on as 100% honest and objective. 

Again, playing the field for good bonus offers is an obvious way to go, but only if the bonuses offered are legit. If the terms and conditions attached to a bonus offer are too strict, it’s most likely not worth bothering with. 

Other than this, nothing matters more than ensuring the casino you choose is licensed and regulated. Irrespective of where you’re signing up from, it needs to licensed and authorised to be doing what it does. If not, you’re taking a chance even signing up with them in the first place. 

Mobile Play
Research suggests that the overwhelming majority of online casino traffic comes from mobile devices. In which case, it’s entirely likely you’ll spend much of your allocated gaming time playing on your smartphone or tablet. 

The good news is that almost every decent casino on the web right now is prioritising the mobile experience for mobile gamers. Some offer dedicated apps, but almost all reputable brands offer an excellent browser-based experience you can simply log onto. 

As for the bad news – not all casino brands do the same high-quality job creating an engaging mobile experience for players. Some disproportionately prioritise their desktop sites, only to offer mobile gamers a subpar experience. For this reason, it’s important to put their mobile casino to the test before signing up, just to ensure it’s on par. 

Payment Methods
This technically boils down to personal preference, but you need to ensure the casino supports your preferred payment method. This may be cryptocurrency, debit card, e-wallets, bank methods or prepaid cards. Whichever of these you prefer to deposit and withdraw with, you’ll easily find a casino that supports it.

That said, there are some casinos that continue to inexcusably charge their customers for even the simplest transaction. Processing fees, commissions on withdrawals – all of which are guaranteed to take a toll on your bankroll. 

Make sure you check the payment terms and conditions in full, in order to ensure you don’t end up being fleeced at a later date.

Customer Support
Speaking of being fleeced, there’s nothing worse than a customer support team that doesn’t care about customers. It’s pretty much as bad as no customer support being provided at all, as at least in the case of the latter you wouldn’t waste time trying. 

Assessing the quality of the customer support provided is as easy as checking out a handful of real-life customer reviews. Or if preferred, you could simply fire a few questions at the team yourself and see how (and if) they respond. 

Ideally, you’ll want to find a casino that offers customer support via a variety of channels. Live chat, telephone, email and so on – the more the better. 24/7 customer support is best, but being available during most peak gaming hours is good enough. 

Security and Safety
The extent to which the casino prioritises safety and security should be a make-or-break factor when making your choice. There’s no excuse for anything but making every possible effort to safeguard your customers, as a casino operator. 

Hence, this is critical when you are searching for a casino online that you will interact well with.

If the casino doesn’t prioritise safety and security, you’re risking a world of potential consequences each time you play. More so, your personal data and financial information could easily fall into the wrong hands. 

Check the casino’s policies and assurances regarding safety. Unless you take 100% confidence in their approach to keeping you safe, take your business elsewhere. 

Feedback and Recommendations
Last but not least, the point about checking what people have to say about an online casino warrants repeating once again. Real-life customer reviews are literally the only source of 100% impartial and objective advice to go on.

With sponsored reviews and recommendations, people will tell you anything to sign up and generate commissions for them. Even if it means pointing you in the direction of a terrible casino, they’ll do it. By contrast, real players just like you have nothing to gain from telling anything but the truth. 

That’s why before signing up with any online casino, it’s absolutely essential to check the consensus among past and present customers. If it all looks good, it probably is – and you’re safe to go for it. If the picture is in any way sketchy or suspicious, there’s no point taking the risk. 

It’s not as if there aren’t thousands of other options to choose from – stick with those with an established and reassuring reputation.  

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