Casino Etiquette to Make You Look Like a Pro

Everyone loves the glitz and glamour of a casino. The online casino experience may be pretty fantastic, but it’s pretty safe to say that there’s nothing quite like donning your glad-rags and heading out to a busy gaming hall of some kind.

The thing is though, casinos are only able to be glitzy and glamorous thanks to the combined efforts of those in attendance. After all, if casino clientele in general were…well, let’s just say ‘uncouth’ and leave it at that…casinos wouldn’t be painted nearly in the same kind of positive light. Meaning that when you attend the casino personally, it’s your responsibility to play a part in perpetuating this premier picture.

On the plus side, doing so doesn’t have to be difficult. Most of it comes down to common sense, along with the ability to control yourself and your behaviour throughout your visit. The following representing a bunch of simple yet important casino etiquette dos and don’ts that you might like to keep in mind every time you visit a casino.

Turn Off the Mobile
Most people these days are fundamentally and hopelessly addicted to their mobile devices. It’s just a way of the world and isn’t about to change anytime soon. Nevertheless, remaining completely transfixed on the mobile device of your choosing in a casino puts you at risk of receiving a stern word from the casino security, croupier or even fellow players. Along with being considered rather rude, sitting and playing with mobile devices has the potential to be irritating and distracting for other players. And it of course goes without saying that if you insist on spending your time in the casino snapping selfies and shooting video clips, you’ll quickly earn yourself a one-way ticket to the exit.

Avoid Drinking Too Much
Make no mistake about it – casinos don’t hand out free drinks out of the goodness of their hearts. The biggest and richest businesses in the world don’t become big and rich by giving things away for free. The drinks might not cost you anything, but are only offered as a means by which to keep you playing (and spending your money) for as long as possible. Not to mention, perhaps at least slightly impairing your judgment and encouraging you to spend more than you normally might. The thing is though, just because drinks may be free does not mean you have the right or the obligation to drink too much and make a fool of yourself.

Buying Chips
Keep in mind these two things when buying chips. One, always check on the board the minimum and maximum bets on a table before choosing where to sit (you do not want to fork out a $5 note when the minimum bet is $20). Secondly, do not hand over your bet to the croupier, just place it in front of you as you sit down, the croupier will notice and exchange the bet with the equivalent number of chips. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to chips and bets in general is making things up as you go along. If unsure about anything at all, simply ask the croupier/the dealer and they will tell you what to do. Far better than getting things wrong and annoying everyone in the vicinity.

Cashing Out

Suppose you are done for the day and you want to cash out. Wait for the appropriate time when the croupier is less distracted and inform him/her of your intention. Do not leave with the chips you are playing with to cash out – these only work at the table. The croupier will exchange them for generic casino cash chips when you want to cash out and leave. Once again, the best advice being to ask as many questions as necessary to avoid making silly mistakes.

Handling Chips
Do not touch, move, or remove chips during a spin and always remember the colour of your chips because you will be given chips of different colours. If you do not know where to place your chips, ask, because if you do not you risk forfeiting bets by placing them in the wrong place. If you win, the croupier will place chips on top of your bets, keep them in place if you want to continue or ask for an exchange if you want to leave.

No Stalling and Stringing
Do not stall excessively and cause delays – make up your mind before your turn so that when it comes you play your game. Stalling makes others nervous and many if not all do not like it. Stringing is when you say another decision on top of another like saying you are going to raise after you had called. Stringing breaks the concentration of other players and it draws unnecessary attention to yourself.

Leave a Tip for the Dealer
Of course, it’s also good to get yourself in the habit of tipping the dealer – irrespective of whether you won or lost. It’s not as if the dealer is out to get you – they are simply doing their job and therefore deserve these kinds of added extras, regardless of the outcome. Exactly how much you tip is up to you, but if you want to receive a warm welcome next time around, you might want to make sure you leave at least something behind.

Don’t Be a Sore Loser
Playing casino games in general inevitably means having to cope with losses from time to time. As far as etiquette goes, being able to walk away from a loss without throwing a tantrum ranks right up there with the most important rules of all.

Don’t Be a Smug Winner
Last but not least, the same also applies at the opposite end of the table. That being, should you find yourself in a position where you have pretty much cleaned-up and pocketed a small fortune, nobody likes a smug and self-satisfied winner!

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