The Top 5 New Bingo Sites Available to Play Right Now

Bingo has enjoyed a serious revival since the game went online, gaining legions of new fans and attracting thousands of new players every day. If you’re looking for the biggest and best bingo sites to play right now, keep reading – as we have 5 that are well worth checking out. You can also read more about new bingo sites by checking out

But for now, here’s a rundown of five superb new bingo sites that are making waves across the UK in 2019:

Bingo site #1 – Cyber Bingo

Feast your eyes on a near-endless range of different bingo rooms, which all feature a progressive jackpot. These include:

·         Spring Bingo

·         Pack & Line Bingo

·         Nickel Bingo

·         Free World Bingo

·         Diamond Bingo

·         Tourney Bingo

New players can take advantage of initial deposit bonuses of around 500%, as well as 10 free spins and a $25 cash bonus to spend on bingo games. You even get loyalty points every time a bingo card is bought on the site which can be changed for extra dollars to spend on even more bingo!

Bingo site #2 – Bingo Flash

With 24/7 bingo games with active chat rooms, you can play and socialise whenever you like at Bingo Flash. As well as exclusive bingo tournaments every week, players can also have fun playing an amazing version of 75-ball bingo, and a whole host of other bingo games which follow various traditional and innovative new patterns.

The site is divided into several sections. The Green Room is where you can play for next to nothing, and have a chance at a progressive jackpot, while bingo in the Purple Room is free! Can it get better than that? Sure, it can – there’s also a fun USA Room where players from around the world get together and play bingo, with cards costing between 5¢ and $1.

Bingo site #3 – 123 Bingo Online

This is the site to head for if you love the idea of top-class bingo bonuses and jackpots. Signing up alone gets you an instant £25 bonus you can use on any of their bingo games on – for real money prizes. As well as generous cash bonuses, players can the also win gift coupons, vacation packages and progressive jackpots across the 75 and 90 ball bingo games. They also have a mobile version too.

Bingo site #4 – Bingo Fest

Enjoy 10 free spins on the Pinta Pop slot, £25 to spend on the site and a matched first deposit of up to 500% – simply for signing up as a new player. The fun doesn’t stop there, as regular promotions, prizes and jackpots are almost always on offer to registered customers too, along with various tournaments and free games to enjoy.

Bingo site #5 – Bingo Spirit

Last but not least, Bingo Spirit is a fabulous site with a range of quirky bingo games to check out. Examples of which include Easter Egg tournaments and Earth Day mini bingo, as well as nickel games, speedy bingo, catapult bingo, bungee bingo for those feeling brave, and many more. There’s a good loyalty scheme in place too – all well worth heading over and taking a look at!

Making the Most of Your Online Bingo Experience  

Online bingo has transformed the way new and experienced players from all over the world get their fix. Often misinterpreted as simply an imitation of the real thing, online bingo can actually be more enjoyable, more dynamic and even more rewarding than traditional bingo.

It’s simply a case of knowing how to get the most out of every online bingo experience.

So with this in mind, what follows is a few basic tips and tricks for maximising your enjoyment when you play online:

1.  Choose bingo sites wisely

Right off the bat, it’s important to ensure that you choose the best bingo sites available to suit your preferences and budgets. As already touched upon, there are plenty of sites you can head to for independent recommendations and expert tips on the best bingo sites at the time. Choose strategically, as opposed to selecting sites randomly.

2.  Ignore advice on systems and strategies

There’s a whole bunch of information doing the rounds regarding apparent systems and strategies that can ensure you win. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a winning bingo strategy. If there was, we’d all be using it and the world’s biggest bingo businesses would quickly go out of business. Try as you might, there’s nothing you can do to 100% guarantee a win at any time. Hence, you can completely forget about any systems or strategies that claim the contrary.

3.  Don’t let your emotions get out of hand

Excitement and nervousness are all part and parcel of the package when playing bingo. Nevertheless, it’s important to ensure that you never let your emotions get the better of you. Or to put it another way, ensure your emotions don’t lead you to make poor decisions. Whatever you decide to do when playing bingo, it should be a decision based on logic and intuition. If you find yourself succumbing to your emotions at the time – positive or negative – you might want to cool-off a little before continuing.

4.  Keep an eye on bankroll

Roughly translated – don’t go spending more than you can afford to. Prior to getting started, establish exactly how much money you can afford to put on the line and commit to spending not a penny more. Irrespective of how quickly you wipe out your budget, you need to walk away when there’s nothing left in the kitty.

5. Take your time and enjoy the ride

Last but not least, there’s a tendency among many bingo players to approach the whole thing like it’s one big race. Rather than sitting back and enjoying the ride, they play as many bingo cards as they can possibly handle and burn through their cash like it’s Monopoly money. All of which detracts from the whole purpose of online bingo – pure enjoyment and escapism. Try not to rush things and instead soak up the enjoyment of each card you play, one after the next.

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