Why Are Women Turning to Poker to Boost Their Careers?

Slowly but surely, women are earning their rightful places at the top of the leadership ladder with the world’s biggest businesses. In may have taken the introduction of formal legislation to encourage employers to take workplace equality seriously, but things are at least finally starting to happen.

There’s still a seriously long way to go, but any kind of forward movement can only be a good thing.

All the while, entrepreneurs and innovators are setting their sights on specialist services to help ambitious women climb the career ladder. One of whom recently hit international headlines, having created an entirely new platform to help women succeed in the workplace.

A platform that combines business with poker.

Jenny, the billionaire investor behind Poker Power, is on a mission to empower women to pursue their professional goals. And she firmly believes that by teaching women the art of poker, they’ll be in a much better position to do just that.

The question being – how can a classic casino game like poker help ambitious professionals build successful careers?

The Invention of Poker Power 

“At Poker Power, we know there’s a strong connection between women’s success, money ownership, and the game of poker. So we teach women how to play Texas Hold ’em to compete and succeed in business, finance, and life — all in a fun, supportive, and safe-to-fail environment.”

“Going all-in gives you confidence to ask for a promotion. Raising the stakes helps you negotiate. Practice strategic thinking and decision-making with every hand. Get ahead with computation and probability. Understand capital allocation and risk management. Not enough women learn these skills, but these are the skills women need. To be fearless.” – Jenny, Poker Power Founder

The idea behind Poker Power may seem farfetched, but is actually quite straightforward. What Jenny came up with is essentially an online poker site that combines classic poker play with professional business lectures.

In short, the principles of poker are used to train women to use important business skills like negotiation and risk management.

Most of the lectures are delivered by experienced players, who show the women taking part how many of the skills involved in poker can be transferred to the real world. The program usually starts with basics like how to read opponents and when to fold, understanding your opponents, and knowing when to walk away.

Once the women have learned the program’s basics, they are then invited to play live casino holdem with their colleagues via Zoom. As there is no money involved in the games that take place, those taking part can play as often as they like without risking financial loss. 

The learners are then encouraged to use the skills learned in their professional lives, in order to achieve their goals. For example, negotiating better pay and having the confidence to pursue leadership-level promotions in the workplace.

The Benefits of Joining Poker Power To Women

“Every hand offers several challenges to consider. Strategic thinking becomes second nature, and you’ll learn how to make bold, confident decisions…just the way it should be. Poker requires emotional discipline to outwit your opponents. The winning hand won’t do you any good without the winning approach. “

“When you know how to create one, you truly hold all the cards. The poker table is where deals are made, where friendships are forged, and where winners take all but share the wealth. You’ll have fun and deepen relationships while you learn valuable life skills. Now that’s upping the ante.” – Jenny, Poker Power Founder

Jane’s theory mirrors that of many successful businesspeople, who believe that playing poker can instil a lot of important life lessons.

Something which appears to be rubbing off on women worldwide, with more than 4,000 having already signed up with Poker Power.

Specifically, playing poker has the potential to empower ambitious individuals (men and women alike) with the following skills and attributes:

#1 Discipline

The key to success as a poker player lies in discipline. You have to accept the fact that you cannot always win, and that it is you and you alone in charge of the decisions you make. Your actions need to be carefully controlled at all times and you need to take ownership of every outcome. All while learning from your mistakes and building on your successes. 

#2 Bankroll Management Skills 

A hugely important attribute in the business world, which is just as critical for the professional poker player. Under no circumstances is it ever advisable to gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. Poker can help a person build a more meaningful, respectful and sensible relationship with money.

#3 Risk Management

All the skill and intuition in the world cannot influence which card is dealt next.  Ultimately, poker will always be a game of chance, calling for strategic risk management. Becoming a successful poker player means knowing how to hedge your bets wisely, basing decisions on your own unique risk appetite. Something that also rings true in the business world.

#4 Patience

You cannot always get what you want at the poker table, or at work. When you can get what you want, it may take time and effort to get there. Losses, setbacks and disappointment are all part and parcel of the journey. Patience and tenacity form the core of the successful poker player, and those who know how to make things happen in business. 

#5 Reading and Influencing Other

Last but not least, the ability to read other people and influence them is the ultimate poker talent. Reading between the lines, picking up on non-verbal cues, using your own body language to your advantage – all pure gold at the poker table and in business. Not to mention, awareness of how you are perceived by others and the ability to present a confident façade – even when what you are feeling the exact opposite. 

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