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ZigZag 777
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  • Excellent selection of games covering all basses
  • Fast signups and a simple user experience
  • Professional and capable customer service team
  • Superb mobile experience on iOS and Android

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    ZigZag 777

    Just when your think you’ve come across every weird and wonderful name in the casino game, along comes ZigZag777 to show you just how wrong you are!  Truth is, it’s not exactly the kind of name that immediately conjures up images of all-things Vegas and the kind of casino action you might be craving. But at the same time, what’s really in a name? The answer is of course, nothing at all – precisely why we decided to put ZigZag777 through its paces with the Casino Papa treatment. Read on and we’ll let you know exactly what we found out about this plucky newcomer to the online casino world!


    Like a number of other properties doing the rounds right now, ZigZag777 comes courtesy of JocSolutions Limited. This is a brand with a strong reputation for fully regulated and transparent operations, making for comprehensive peace of mind from start to finish. But at the same time, the same can be said for plenty of current household names. So what is it, if anything, about ZigZag777 that makes it worthy of your time and money?


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    Site Summary

    To be frank, what really won us over with ZigZag777 is the way in which everything has been designed with pure simplicity and performance in mind.  They’ve managed to strike the ideal balance of presentation and performance, ensuring that both are well represented. We have to admit we found the visual of the pink-clad ladies advertising the bonus offer a little on the cheesy side – exactly why they were there or what relevance they had was never quite clear! But on the whole, it all looks great.

    Not only this, but it runs like lightning too. They stake claim to the fastest possible join up time of just 15 seconds, which is pretty accurate if you speed through the simple registration process. Their navigation system is also incredibly simple and every page across the site fires up in an instant.  Everything is organised into simple categories and despite the fact that there are enormous quantities of games available, it never feels cluttered or confusing in any way. If anything, quite to the contrary.

    Speaking of the archive of games available, slots take centre stage with ZigZag777 and are available in enormous numbers. But what makes ZigZag777 different from so many others is the way in which they haven’t decided to focus on slots OR table games – they’ve focused on both. Head over to the roulette section for example and you will be presented with no less than 18 incredible variants of the game, which in all instances perform like a dream. We found it slightly strange that many of the other table games are featured in the ‘Casual Games’ section, as opposed to a table games being given a dedicated section of their own. ZigZag777 could possibly do with upping the numbers a little when it comes to blackjack and baccarat, but what they do they do very well.

    One slight downside that lets the package down just a little is the way in which the welcome bonus and most on-going promotions are subject to unnecessarily steep wagering requirements. The welcome bonus of £200 may seem generous and there are plenty of opportunities to earn additional credit throughout the week. Unfortunately, 40X wagering requirements dilute the appeal of what’s on offer enormously. Still, it’s pretty much the same picture with quite a number of other online casinos – some taking things to even more excessive extremes.

    Back on the positive side of things, the thoughtful and creative approach to the user experience in general has resulted in an online casino that is just as outstanding via mobile device as desktop. Android and iOS devices alike can access the lion’s share of what’s on offer, an experience that is comprehensively smooth and reliable. Speaking of which, these are two very apt words for describing the customer service team at ZigZag777, which even when posed with the most challenging and awkward of questions never failed to perform

    with professionalism and enthusiasm. The only slight niggle being the fact that they do not provide a customer service telephone number – e-mail and live chat customer service being the only avenues available.

    All in all therefore, a very positive experience and an online casino that is definitely worth checking out.

    Best Features

    As you’ve probably figured out by now, perhaps the single most impressive aspect of ZigZag777 is the way in which simplicity, performance and user friendliness have been the clear focus points for the development team. Nothing is here just for the sake of it, every area of the site runs like a dream and the selection of games available is simply superb.


    Like some of the other assets from the same brand, ZigZag777 comes very close to delivering the total package with just a few small areas for improvement. No customer service telephone number and excessively high wagering requirements, for example, could and should be corrected relatively easily.  Nevertheless, if these are the kinds of things that bother you too much, it’s unlikely you’ll find anything you won’t like about the ZigZag777 take on casino gaming.


    • Wagering requirements of 40X are too high
    • No contact telephone number available
    • A few more table games would not go amiss


    • An enormous collection of slots
    • Genuinely impressive focus on roulette
    • One of the simplest and most user-friendly platforms
    • Outstanding performance on mobile devices
    • Excellent customer service team
    • Plenty of on-going promotions