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Paddy Power Poker
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  • The same familiar Paddy Power gaming experience millions already love
  • Extremely high traffic volumes at all times
  • Simply spectacular competitions and tournaments
  • The dedicated mobile app is FINALLY available!

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    Play Paddy Power Poker Online With Welcome Bonus

    Ireland’s undeniably spectacular contribution to the international gambling scene, Paddy Power has been going from strength to strength much longer than most. Paddy Power Poker was a relatively late arrival to the scene and certainly generated plenty of fanfare when it touched down. But given the fact that this is a company that made its name (not to mention its fortune) in sports betting, what does it bring to the table as a poker provider? Casino Papa can tell you – read on for more!


    The primary slogan over at Paddy Power Poker is “It’s the Real Deal” which is every bit as predictable and cheesy as would be expected from these guys…and entirely to their credit, of course. Technically speaking, the colourful and somewhat cheeky approach to online gambling that made Paddy Power such a huge hit in the first place should technically translate brilliantly into an online poker service. But at the same time, there will always be those who prefer to play with established and seasoned poker brands, rather than sports betting names branching out into new territory. Is Paddy Power Poker worth your time? In short – probably!


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    Site Summary

    Assessing a poker site is so much easier than trying to evaluate a casino for one crucial reason. When you play poker, you are playing against other human beings and there is absolutely no house edge to worry about. Everything that enters the prize pot is contributed by players and it’s a simple case of those with the required skills and talents taking home the bacon. No individual gaming odds, no house edge, no wondering if the blackjack dealer’s cards are stacked and so on. Realistically, the only thing a quality poker service has to do to succeed is provide tables, deliver a polished user experience and make sure there are plenty of good competitions/tournaments available.

    In terms of ticking all such boxes, Paddy Power Poker scores big in every instance. For one thing, they actually give you the option as to whether you’d prefer to play directly via your web browser, or download the software client. They both get the job done pretty beautifully and you don’t have to download the software if you don’t want to.

    As for the overall user experience, Paddy Power Poker has managed to strike that elusive balance between genuinely impressive visuals and superb site performance. The fact that the primary Paddy Power colour theme is green works extremely well in the poker arena and the whole thing is put together very nicely indeed.

    In terms of bonuses, one of our absolute favourite things about Paddy Power Poker is the way in which they do not try and play you for a fool by pretending to offer you £1,500 in free cash. Instead, New Customers Welcome Package is Get 100% Up To £200 + £20 In Twister Tokens.

    Every standard poker type is covered and readily available at all times, including Texas holdem, Omaha hi and hi-lo, 7-card Stud, and even 5-card stud. Paddy Power Poker is never short on traffic either and it is not uncommon to find yourself playing at the same time as about 10,000 others. Freeroll tournaments are available all the time with generous prizes in the region of about £1, while many of the paid tournaments give players the opportunity to secure a seat in gigantic international poker events. Buy-ins range from £1 to hundreds, so chances are you will always find something that’s right up your street.

    And while Paddy Power Poker represented a relatively late entry to the party to say the least, it’s with great pleasure that we can confirm that the official Paddy Power Poker mobile app is now a thing…and a free thing, at that! We’ve put it through its paces considerably and it’s every bit as polished, seamless and generally impressive as you’d expect from these guys.

    Best Features

    It’s probably fair to say that Paddy Power Poker works harder than most to make sure that there are always plenty of brilliant competitions to enter, regardless of what level you may be at. Even by simply joining for £1 or £5 here and there, the opportunity to take home a guaranteed life changing jackpot is always a genuine possibility.


    So it’s pretty clear that everything Paddy Power knows about online gaming and web-based casinos has been brought over to Paddy Power Poker in generous measures. It’s extremely flexible with regard to accessibility, presentation is fantastic, performance is top notch, traffic is right up there with the best of them and competition availability is enormous. In a nutshell therefore, you’d have to search long and hard to find a reason not to give Paddy Power Poker a try.

    Terms & Conditions
    New Customer Welcome Package. Get 100% Up To £200 + £20 In Twister Tokens. T&C’s Apply.


    • Withdrawals are not always known to be the fastest in the world
    • If you do decide to go for the £200 match bonus, expect heavy terms and conditions


    • The same familiar website design you already know and love
    • Excellent performance, even during times of heavy congestion
    • Huge player numbers at all times
    • A good selection of tournaments and competitions for players at all levels
    • Free play tables available for risk-free practice
    • A great poker academy to help newcomers learn the ropes

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