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  • An unrivalled reputation for safety and responsibility
  • Gorgeous desktop and mobile platforms alike
  • The highest customer service standards
  • Up to 15% returns on out of the money trades

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    Innovation is always a good thing when it comes to binary options brokerage. There will always be certain brokers that outpace others, when it comes to the way in which they bring new things to the table, often changing the way the industry works in general. In the case of OptionRally, these guys were the first of all brokers to introduce trading apps for iOS and Android. Which of course earned them pretty legendary status, but given the fact that mobile is a pretty standard feature these days, how do they stack up right now? Read on for Casino Papa’s full review!


    It might not yet be a household name, but first impressions at OptionRally paint a picture of a serious contender. Based out of Cyprus, they’ve earned a strong following across Europe and beyond – exactly 293,513 live accounts at the time of our review. No small-fry broker to say the least therefore, but how does the OptionRally compare to that of rivals?


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    Site Overview


    Well, the overall approach to the platform’s design is hugely impressive – as is that of the website itself. Well-presented, no clutter and a navigation system that’s a joy to work with. Much of the site is open to check out and evaluate before getting started, which is nice to see. Just to nail one extremely important point right off the bat, OptionRally sadly doesn’t offer any kind of demo account at all. Considering the fact that many rivals these days offer demo accounts that don’t even demand an initial deposit, this really isn’t good enough.

    There are plenty of account types to choose from at OptionRally, with welcome bonuses ranging from 15% to 30%. Each account also features its own unique perks and extras, along with redeposit bonuses that top up subsequent credits going forwards. Though the platform and its features are perfectly suited to newcomers, no demo account and a minimum $300 first deposit could be seen as a little off-putting.


    No complaints at all when it comes to the list of assets available, which features every popular index, Forex currency pair, stock and commodity you’d expect to see. It’s not the longest list, but it’s one that focuses on quality over quantity. They offer their traders regular binary options, high-speed options, ladder options and pairs, so there’s also plenty of scope in terms of option types. There’s a maximum return of 81% advertised, which is a little on the low side compared to what’s on offer elsewhere.

    As already mentioned, the fact that these guys pretty much wrote the book when it comes to mobile trading really tells you all you need to know about the mobile apps. They run like a dream, are richly featured and are constantly being improved

    by the OptionRally development team. If it’s trading on the go you’re into, it doesn’t come much better than this. Something else that stands out as a feature of quality at OptionRally is the platform’s education centre. Not only is there an abundance of learning materials on offer, but they’re also of real standout quality and value. The only problem being that unless you sign up for a high-end account, you’ll find most of the upper-level educational materials remain locked-off, which is a bit of a shame.


    Moving on, the customer service experience at OptionRally is excellent across the board. The team offers multiple methods of getting in touch on a 24/7 basis, while we found the quality of the support provided to be simply superb. What’s more, customer service is provided in no less than 10 languages, which is nothing short of outstanding. They have a wide-reaching reputation for being one of the safest and most responsible brokers currently on the market, so peace of mind comes as standard.


    Other than this, payments in both directions are handled swiftly with no unnecessary fees or commission to worry about. There’s even the potential to earn back up to 15% of your invested amount when trades finish out of the money, which can help curb what would otherwise be potentially heavy losses.


    On the whole, the reputation OptionRally has earned over the years largely speaks for itself – this is the kind of broker that goes to extremes when it comes to safe and secure operating standards.

    Best Features

    The OptionRally platform in general is one of the most professional and enjoyable to use you’re ever likely to come across. On top of this, 24/7 customer service in multiple languages really is fantastic, while the mobile trading experience is pretty much as good as it gets.


    OptionRally comes frustratingly close to perfection, but still needs to remedy a couple of irritating issues here and there. No demo account, high initial deposit, steep terms and conditions on bonuses – all things that could be easily turned around for a huge difference. As it stands, OptionRally is a seriously impressive and reliable broker – it’s just that there’s still a few little things holding them back.


    • Still no demo account available
    • Minimum $300 first deposit
    • Educational resources limited for lower-level account holders


    • Excellent platform design with plenty of features
    • The highest quality learning resources
    • Superb customer service in multiple languages
    • Out of the money returns of up to 15%
    • Total account security
    • One of the very best mobile trading experiences