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Go Scratch Review
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  • A good selection of popular and exclusive scratch cards
  • Huge jackpots to play for in excess of £1 million
  • A capable and professional customer service team
  • Plenty of slots from the market’s leading developers

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    Go Scratch Review

    Every now and again, you come across a casino that leaves you scratching your head in puzzled bemusement. Not because you had a bad experience, but more a case of wondering what on earth they’re up to in other areas. And that’s exactly the case with Go Scratch – a relatively new gaming site focusing on scratch cards carrying pretty solid recommendations from its customers. Was our overall experience a negative one? No. Anything wrong with the games and general service provided? No. So why is it that Go Scratch left us with more questions than answers? Read on and Casino Papa will reveal all!


    Despite having joined the party pretty late (2015), Go Scratch has earned the recommendation of plenty of experts and everyday customers alike. Which would seem to suggest that these guys are definitely doing something right. As far as our own experience goes, we’d inclined to agree. That being, they definitely seem to be doing something right, but we’re not 100% convinced they’re doing enough of it!


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    Site Summary

    Upon entering the Go Scratch website for the first time, it’s hard not to be impressed by the way things have been put together. The visuals are striking, the overall architecture of the site is solid enough and there’s a delightfully reassuring scroll at the top featuring all the latest winners. Beneath this, you’ll find 12 of the most outstanding slots currently on the market ready and waiting. Play for free on demo mode without signing up if you’d prefer to test the waters before going ahead.
    Everything gets off to a good start – particularly upon noting the VIP Club right at the bottom of the page and a sprinkling of tempting bonus offers at the top. It’s a little on the unusual side but they don’t bother featuring any scratch cards on their home page, but still – they’re at least hiding in the background for those who take the time to sign up. Back with those bonuses, new customers are currently being offered a 100% initial deposit bonus up to a maximum of £200. Along with 20 free spins – an interesting choice, given that this is a site which supposedly focuses on scratch cards. Wagering requirements of 25X apply, which although rather steep is actually considerably lower than what would be the case elsewhere.
    Along with a whole bunch of on-going promotions – they were giving away a car as a competition prize at the time of our review – there’s also a pretty neat recommend a friend scheme. Every time you successfully recommend a friend, you will receive £25 bonus credit when they make their first deposit. Plus there is currently a £5 no-deposit bonus offer available for new sign-ups, though wagering requirements in this instance step up to 50X.

    Once you fight your way into the full Go Scratch experience, you will find a fair few scratch games and slots to choose from. Certainly more than indicated on the front page, which still has us incredibly confused to this day. For some reason, Go Scratch users a somewhat unusual Flash interface for most of its key pages. Which along with making it impossible to see what’s on offer before signing up also means that Go Scratch in its entirety cannot be accessed via mobile devices. It runs like an absolute dream on desktop, but mobile gamers are sadly out of luck.
    Which is a shame, as once you get into things there are some seriously incredible scratch games on offer with top prizes in excess of £1 million. Scratch cards to suit all budgets, slots to suit all preferences, a great VIP program and plenty of on-going bonuses.
    The customer service provision at Go Scratch is also extremely impressive, with representatives available from 8am to 1am CET. The only slight downside being that e-mail appears to be the only way of getting in touch. That said, response rates are pretty consistent and reliable to say the least. Last but not least, the inclusion of frequent live tournaments also has a big impact on the overall appeal of Go Scratch.

    It’s what Go Scratch does alongside the provision of slots and scratch cards that makes it a pretty great site to check out. Tournaments, on-going promotions, competitions, VIP schemes and so on all spice things up considerably. And as you probably know, we’re always fond of a no-deposit bonus offer for checking things out initially.

    So chances are by this point, you can understand our confusion. That being, the fact that Go Scratch has the potential to be a simply outstanding scratch cards site in general, but takes a somewhat inexplicable approach to its design. If they were to simply tweak the technical aspects of how the experience is delivered, Go Scratch really would be right up there with the best of them.


    • The primary home page is extremely confusing
    • Excessive use of flash just doesn’t make sense
    • Very little initial focus on scratch cards


    • A visually impressive website and solid desktop experience
    • Good selection of slots and scratch cards after signing up
    • No-deposit bonus offer for newcomers
    • Solid customer service representation, seven days a week
    • A good VIP system and on-going promotions