The Six Casino Questions the Players Want Answered

There are some casino questions that are comparatively easy to answer, simply by injecting a little common sense into the whole thing. Examples of which include whether it is possible to beat the odds at a casino, whether cheating in casinos is rife among players and if there’s a way of predicting the outcome when playing casino games.

At the opposite end of the scale, you have a bunch of equally important questions that are not quite as easy to answer. Though in all instances, knowing exactly how things work could improve your chances of enjoying a memorable and perhaps even profitable casino experience.

With this in mind, let’s dive into our brief rundown of six casino questions the players want answered:

1 – How Often Do Dealers Screw Up?

One of the benefits of playing against a real human being is the way in which human error cannot be ruled out of the equation. At the same time, this is compensated by the fact that human intuition tends to be far more powerful than any computer algorithms.

In any case, to assume that dealers in a casino never screw up is to be quite naïve about the whole thing. It happens quite a lot, though tends to be something the establishment keeps quiet…for obvious reasons.

If playing in a casino and a dealer makes a mistake that bodes well for you, the best thing to do is not say anything at all. Pretend you hadn’t even noticed and plead ignorance if it’s brought up at the table – it’s not as if the casino isn’t already making enough money.

Don’t forget that the casino is technically there to fill its pockets with your cash. And they’ll gladly do so if you make a mistake and blow your wad, so it’s only fair to allow the same to happen in reverse. 

2 – Do Casinos Cheat Their Customers?

The short answer to this question is no, for the simple reason that casinos do not have to cheat. Depending on how you look at it, you could argue that all casino games across the board technically cheat in favour of the house in the first place.

This is because every game you play is disproportionately tipped in favour of the house, giving them a distinct advantage and meaning you’re more likely to lose than win. The games you play are therefore not ‘fair’ in the conventional sense and you are at a constant disadvantage at all times.

A form of cheating in its own right, which subsequently explains why no further cheating is necessary on the part of the casino.

3 – Am I Really Being Watched All the Time?

Not only are you being watched constantly from the moment you enter a casino, but every single move you make is also being recorded. This in turn means that even if you get away with something sketchy at the time, it could very well come back and haunt you later on.

Casinos hire vast teams of people to monitor and scrutinise every move of the players at the tables. They know exactly what to look for and can identify suspicious behaviour from a mile away.

On the plus side, being watched all the time also means that your generosity with tips, sociable attitude and high-roller status may also be picked up on by casino staff. At which point, you can expect all manner of additional freebies and incentives to be thrown your way.

4 – Do Casinos Really Intoxicate People with Pure Oxygen?

This is by far one of the most hilarious of all casino myths, which admittedly wouldn’t be a bad idea if it wasn’t for the obvious catastrophic risks. There are some people who swear that casinos keep people engaged in their games by getting them ‘high’ on pure oxygen. 

Legend has it that masses of pure oxygen are pumped into the establishment’s interior spaces, getting everyone in the mood for gambling and keeping them there for as long as possible. An interesting yet nonsensical notion, given the fact that pure oxygen is exceptionally flammable.

If a casino was to pump pure oxygen into its spaces in the quantities needed to have the desired effect, the entire place would explode. Serotonin and booze are therefore the only things likely to get you intoxicated at a casino.

5 – Do Casinos Exploit Vulnerable Gamblers?

Once perhaps, but it simply isn’t something that happens anymore. There was once a time when casinos could get away with encouraging people to spend more than they can afford to, or even supply them with vast quantities of alcohol to affect their decision-making capabilities.

Today, these are the kinds of nefarious acts that can result in licence suspension or even the closure of the casino as a whole. As a result, most reputable casinos take the exact opposite approach – proactively seeking to prevent vulnerable gamblers from getting in too deep.

Hence, if you find yourself on a pretty painful losing streak, don’t be surprised if you are approached by casino staff just to check you’re not getting carried away.

6 – Is There Any Effective Way of Cheating the Casino?

Last but not least, the short answer to this question is no – cheating is not something you can expect to get away with. It’s even something that can go on your criminal record if you get busted red handed, so it’s a risk not worth taking.

Perhaps the one exception to the whole thing is card counting, which doesn’t actually count as cheating. Using your memory and mathematics skills to give yourself an edge at a blackjack table isn’t illicit or illegal.

However, it could still earn you a one-way ticket out of the door, as it tends to be prohibited in the policies of most casinos. Even though you’re not technically cheating, you could still be treated as if you are.

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