Social Betting – Get Into the Group Thing

Ask most gamblers and they’ll tell you there’s nothing more fulfilling or exciting than placing a winning bet and collecting their spoils. Which definitely has some degree of truth to it, as anyone who has experienced the buzz of a successful bet will now.

However, we – as in the team at Casino Papa – would argue that there is in fact something even more enjoyable than the above. Which is, what we like to refer to as ‘social betting’.

Just to get one thing straight – we aren’t for one minute attempting to take credit for the invention of the syndication or group betting in general. Instead, we are simply positioning ourselves as advocates of the group thing.

These days, the fact that gambling online has become so fundamentally easy and convenient often means that those with a taste for sports betting rarely consider getting into the group thing. After all, it really couldn’t be easier to whip out your mobile device, press a few buttons and away you go.

But at the same time, at least the way we see it, there are so many unique benefits to social betting that really deserve to be considered. Even if it means making a tiny bit more ‘effort’ to organise than the alternative, what you get out far exceeds what you have to put in.

Still not convinced?

Here are six reasons why we would recommend anyone and everyone to give social betting a try in the near future:

  1. More Money, More Fun
    First up, it’s probably fair to say that the more disposable cash you have available, the more fun you can have in all aspects of gambling. For example, allocate yourself a monthly betting limit of £50 and there really isn’t a great deal you can do with it. However, team up with another nine people and you suddenly find yourselves with a combined £500 to use for betting purposes. Meaning you can place bigger wagers on more events and more sports on a more regular basis. All of which adds up to ten times more enjoyment than going it alone. Not to mention, the added bonus of standing a greater chance of winning at least something if you pool your resources accordingly.
  2. Shared Losses
    Likewise, when you combine your resources as a group, you are guaranteed not to be hit nearly as hard in the event of a loss. Armed with your solo £50 monthly allowance, a £50 loss at any time means it is effectively game over. By contrast, the same loss when betting as a group could mean no more than 10% of your total gambling finances gone. Which means that there is a much greater allowance for error when it comes to social gambling as when going it alone. Not only this, but if things do happen to go sour and you lose absolutely everything, losing as a group is never quite as bitter as losing alone. It doesn’t make any difference to the financial side of things, it simply makes it less painful to deal with.
  3. Pooled Knowledge and Skills
    Something else to bear in mind is that when you pool your resources and efforts as a group, you also benefit from the combined knowledge and experience of every member of the group. It’s inevitable that each member will have something unique and valuable to bring into the mix. The combination of 10 people’s knowledge and experience being ten times more valuable than that of a single individual. Even if you think you know it all, you could find yourself gaining access to the kinds of insights that make for targeted and intelligent wagers the likes of which you would have never thought of. It’s simply a case of identifying each member’s specialism and putting it to full use.
  4. More Control and Discipline
    When you gamble alone, the only voice of reason you have to work with is your own. Which in the case of some gamblers is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. By contrast, gambling as a group effectively relinquishes most of the control you have over the decisions you make. In terms of which bets and how many bets are placed, not to mention how much cash is put on the line, it is a collective decision – not just your own. Which can be surprisingly effective when it comes to the minimisation of losses and maintaining a sensible amount of discipline. Great for those who tend to lack essential discipline when it matters most!
  5. Try Something New
    Another key benefit of gambling as a group is the way in which you may find yourself discover new things and able to explore areas of gambling you never before considered. Whether it’s a new sport, a new league or a new approach to betting in general, it’s highly unlikely that every member of the group will have exactly the same experience and expertise. Throwing a little variety into the mix can make gambling on the whole an even more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Along with learning from others, it’s also highly likely that you’ll teach them a thing or two yourself – a highly rewarding and satisfying experience, for obvious reasons.
  6. More Fun in General
    Last but not least, the whole point of gambling is to make an already enjoyable experience even more enjoyable. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t about making money – hence the reason why most bookmakers are stinking rich. Instead, it’s all about the enjoyment element – something which can be stepped up to a pretty extraordinary level by gambling as a group. You share your knowledge and experience, celebrate wins and bear losses as a group. Pretty much everything about the entire gambling experience becomes even more enjoyable. And of course, it’s worth bearing in mind the fact that if it comes to pass that group gambling really isn’t for you, there’s nothing to stop you walking out of the circle and heading back down the solo route!

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