Seven Important Casino Safety Tips to Consider

Right now, the most responsible and celebrated UK casino sites are making enormous strides in safety and security. To such an extent that it’s becoming increasingly rare to come across a genuinely dodgy or dangerous online casino.

To an extent, every online casino gamer understands the importance of safe and responsible gambling. They choose online casinos in accordance with customer reviews, they check their policies and they exercise reasonable measures to stay safe.

But what about the world of traditional casino gaming?

Due to the rapid expansion of the sector, the online casino industry makes far more headlines these days than its conventional counterpart. Nevertheless, the popularity of traditional casino gaming is growing at its fastest ever pace worldwide. Fuelled partially by the growing popularity of online casino gaming, which is driving customers in record numbers to traditional gaming halls.

There’s nothing quite like the buzz of a crowded and chaotic casino, which simply has to be experienced to be believed. But at the same time, there are certain safety and security issues to bear in mind.

Think about it – what you’re looking at is an expansive and high-energy arena, packed with big-spending revellers, alcohol and massive amounts of money. Hence, it’s hardly surprising casinos are often the scene of petty (and not-so petty) crimes.

Statistically, the chances of being ‘pickpocketed’ at a casino these days is low. If you saw the kind of security coverage these buildings have, you’d know why.  Nevertheless, it isn’t unheard of for casino revellers to walk away with considerably less than they bargained for.

So taking attention away from the world of online casinos for just a moment, here’s a brief rundown of seven important casinos safety tips to consider on your next outing:

Casino Safety Tip No. 1: Keep an eye on your valuables

Contrary to popular belief, the undesirables hanging around casinos aren’t typically interested in your cash or your winnings. Instead, they’ve got their eye on the things you’ve taken your eye off. The more you get into any given casino game, the less likely you are to keep a close watch over your valuables. Mobile phones, credit cards, wallets, cameras and so on – all surprisingly easy to snatch when you’ve got your eye on (or off) the prize. Be absorbed by the experience by all means, but be sure to keep an eye on your valuables at all times.

Casino Safety Tip No. 2: Use the cloakroom and/or lockers

Rather than attempting to carry everything around with you, why not relieve yourself of the burden? The vast majority of decent casinos have cloakrooms and/or lockers that are free to use. Even if not, you’ll only be looking at around £2 or so to have your stuff looked after for the duration. You’ll find it far easier to relax and enjoy yourself if you’re not carting your luggage around from table to table. Taking as little as possible with you in the first place is a good way to go, but it’s worth insuring whatever you bring along for the ride is appropriately looked after.

Casino Safety Tip No. 3: Avoid inebriation at all costs

Enjoying a couple of libations along the way is all part and parcel of the experience. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get carried away when you’re practically having drinks thrown at you. There are so many tempting discounts and offers that you could find yourself indulging more vigorously than you intended to. At which point, you become the softest of soft targets. Having fun is one thing, but allowing cheap or free booze to get the best of you is never a good idea.

Casino Safety Tip No. 4: Never brag about your winnings

Bragging about how much money you’ve won is tantamount to slapping those around you in the face with a wad of notes. Suffice to say, inadvisable. Word travels quickly and the moment you begin spreading the word about your winnings, you face an elevated risk of being targeted. Once again, the actual odds of being targeted in any way, shape or form are relatively low.  Nevertheless, anyone who’s out to profit at the expense of others will instinctively make a beeline for those who are obviously in the money.

Casino Safety Tip No. 5: Don’t carry too much cash

If you plan on spending a total of £200, there’s no point bringing £2,000 along for the ride. Not because of the risk of being targeted by crooks, but more a case of ensuring you don’t overspend. It’s worth remembering that safety and security in a real-life casino includes ensuring you stay within your means. It’s far too tempting to bet more than you can afford when it’s right there in your pocket. Take as much as you plan to spend and not a penny more…and leave your credit cards at home!

Casino Safety Tip No. 6: Use the casino’s safety services

When you cash out, sums over a certain amount (as specified by the casino) can be paid in the form of a cheque. For obvious reasons, far safer to carry around than a briefcase full of cash. Depending on how much you win, it may also be possible to have the casino’s security guards escort you out of the premises via a different entrance and organise your safe transport to your destination. Again, far better than taking a rucksack full of £50 notes on a night bus.

Casino Safety Tip No. 7: Avoid going it alone

Last but not least, the biggest and most effective insurance policy you can have is at least one other person to watch your back. Particularly if you plan on spending or winning vast sums of cash, going it alone is inadvisable. Solo casino gaming can be great, that needs to be approached with care when there are vast sums of money exchanging hands. And of course, the added enjoyment of bringing someone else along for the ride speaks for itself.

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