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For want of a better description, the online slots landscape is slowly but surely becoming something of a minefield. Contrary to popular belief, it really is not as if there are thousands of sinister slots and dodgy dealers out there looking to steal your money. Instead, it’s simply a case of there being such an enormous number of slots doing the rounds that isolating the best of the best can be tricky.

But at the same time, it can also be quite easy.

For the most point, it simply comes down to your own personal preferences. Which means that rather than simply hacking away at things until you find something you like, it makes more sense to ask yourself a few questions before getting started.

Which include:

  • Am I out for enjoyment or big wins?
  • What kind of volatility suits my preferences best?
  • Do I prefer rich features or simplicity?
  • Am I looking for the best mobile or desktop experience?
  • Are there any themes I particularly like?
  • Do I want to spend a lot of money with each spin or not?
  • Do I want a slot I can spend hours with, or one built for the occasional casual spin?
  • Are there any developers I prefer to others?

Once you’ve answered these, you pretty much have yourself a blueprint for perfection in terms of which slots will suit you best. It’s then just a case of tackling the small matter of tracking them down, which unfortunately means carrying out at least a little bit of research.

The good news being that if you go about the process sensibly, you can actually get others to do most of the required homework on your behalf!

Reviews and Ratings


There are a lot of different things that make up an outstanding slot, but for the most part none are more important than the positive ratings and recommendations of others. That said, it can sometimes be difficult to get too much out of everyday user reviews, given the way in which they are obviously skewed in many instances by personal preferences. So along with these, we strongly advise checking out the opinions of independent experts – ideally those who know what they are talking about!

As a responsible service provider, it’s our job to occasionally point our customers in the direction of other responsible service providers, doing a similar thing to us. Which is why today, we thought we’d highlight the folks over at Gaming Revolution, who for some time now have been specialising in up-to-date game reviews from all the big developers on the scene. Just like the casino news and casino reviews we provide, these guys take a lot of pride in remaining 100% honest, impartial and objective. All the latest slots news and casino news can be found here, along with plenty of additional information regarding the best welcome bonus offers and generally where you might be better off taking your business. You can also check out hundreds of slot reviews here, which with a bit of luck should make it considerably easier for you to find the perfect package for your personal preferences. They even occasionally have a few special offers with regard to exclusive bonuses and promotions which are definitely worth checking out!

Reviewing the Reviewers
Unfortunately, though at the same time inevitably, there will always be those who don’t exactly follow the same rules as Gaming Revolution. And ourselves, of course. We’re not going to take things so far as to start naming any names publicly, but it’s important to be aware of the fact when researching and considering online slots that not all ‘expert’ review services are all they appear to be. More specifically, many are only interested in their own personal gain, regardless of the consequences to you.

What we’re referring to here are the thousands of affiliate websites and services that don’t actually offer anything close to genuine reviews and ratings. Instead, they are simply paid by the casinos, developers and websites they divert traffic to – all of which explains why they are so generous with their ratings. For obvious reasons, it’s never a good idea to put too much faith into these kinds of sites, but how exactly can you detect if and when you have encountered one?

  1. Nonsensical generosity
    Well, the first and most obvious warning sign of these kinds of dodgy dealers is an apparent inability to give any slot or service provider featured anything but a high mark. This suggests that rather than genuine opinions and honesty, it is in fact monetary gain that is influencing the comments and advice published. Which in turn means that it is advice you should ignore entirely.
  2. Vague or generic statements
    You can also usually tell what kind of service provider you are looking at when it comes to the detail and specifics of the content. For example, if it is filled with generic statements that could technically apply to any slot or casino out there, it’s probably just mindless filler generated randomly. By contrast, if it actually pinpoints details of the game and gives the impression the game has at least been tried out, it may have a little more authority.
  3. Relentless focus on promotions
    Bear in mind that these sites and services are supposed to be specifically for the benefit of the reader. As such, those that are primarily or exclusively focused on bonuses and promotions are probably more in it for themselves and the commissions they earn than anything else. Bringing up bonuses and promotions is fine, but they certainly aren’t the be all and end all.
  4. Generally poor quality
    In addition, you can usually tell a lot about the honesty, integrity and professionalism of the service provider in question by the overall quality of the articles and information they present. If it doesn’t exactly fill you with a sense of confidence from the get go, you might want to look elsewhere.
  5. Commitment to one developer/casino only
    Last but not least, should it come to your attention that the positive ratings and recommendations featured seem to be exclusively focused on one developer, casino or brand in general, you need to ask yourself serious questions about who exactly they are working for. If there isn’t a genuinely balanced mix in terms of who and what is being discussed, you can’t necessarily bank on them to provide you with the facts.

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