Online Roulette – 9 Tips on How to Avoid Taking a Pounding

There’s nothing in the world that annoys us more than coming across yet another handful of websites claiming to offer a fool-proof strategy for winning at the roulette table. From ‘how to make a fortune playing roulette’ to ‘formulating a guaranteed winning strategy’ and so on, it’s annoying because each and every example of such a guide is packed with pure nonsense.

Just as is the case when you roll a dice, deal a shuffled deck or flip a coin, the outcome of every spin of the roulette wheel is random. And as it is random, you cannot predict it and therefore cannot follow a guaranteed winning strategy – it just cannot be done.

That being said, it’s most certainly possible to play in accordance with a strategy that can better the odds of getting it right, while reducing the risk of taking a pounding. So rather than reading into the phony-baloney blurbs, try your luck with the following common-sense tips and guidelines instead.

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