Online Casino Gaming: How to Halt a Long-Term Losing Streak

Gambling can be an absolute blast, but inevitably comes with its fair share of ups and downs. Depending on who you are and how you play, you could find yourself dealing with either of these outcomes on a fairly regular basis.

Nevertheless, there will always be those who (seemingly) through no fault of their own end up neck-deep in long-term losing streaks. For one reason or another, they never seem to be able to walk away from a casino with anything but empty pockets.

On one hand, you could argue that this is all part and parcel of the experience.  Even with the best casinos on the web right now, they still technically exist for the purpose of making a profit…at your expense. 

But this doesn’t mean there aren’t things that you can and should be doing to get things back in order. As far as the gambling pros are concerned, these are the most important steps anyone facing a near-perpetual losing streak needs to do – sooner rather than later:

1. Reconsider Your Choice Of Casinos

First up, all online casinos tip things in favour of the house to a certain extent.  However, the best online casinos are committed to keeping things as fair and amicable as possible. In the case of the latter, you at least know that things will never be tipped too far out of balance.

Make no mistake about it – downright dodgy online casinos are comparatively rare these days. Nevertheless, it still makes sense to use the services available – such as the independent casino review listings at WeGamble – to find the very best in the business.

If you plan on spending time and money at an online casino at all, it simply makes sense to find one you can trust. 

2. Be Careful Which Games You Play

If there are some casino games you adore while others you can happily pass over, fair enough. Ultimately, it’s up to you how you spend your money, and it’s supposed to be about pure entertainment when playing at online casinos.

In any case, there are certain casino games – online and in the real world – that statistically have a much greater chance of a winning than with others. A prime example of which being European Roulette (the American version is slightly less forgiving), where the most popular wagers have near 50/50 odds as to whether you will win or not.

By contrast, hitting the jackpot while playing a high-volatility online slot could be about as unlikely as winning the lottery. It’s entirely up to you which games you play, but it’s also up to you to ensure you play the right games and places the right wagers to suit your risk appetite and bankroll.

3. Let Your Bankroll Be Your Guide

Speaking of which, the decisions you make when playing casino games should be based first on enjoyment, and secondly on your bankroll. If not, the other way around – you can’t realistically play games or place wagers you cannot afford.

For example, if starting out with a budget of £100 for the weekend, wasting the entire £100 on an outside bet at the roulette table you’ve almost no chance of winning is a pretty foolish move. By contrast, split this into 100 smaller £1 bets placed on more likely outcomes and you’ll be looking at a much more enjoyable weekend’s gambling. 

Still, this doesn’t apply to anyone who has bottomless pockets and a limitless bankroll. Though chances are these are the kinds of high rollers who won’t be reading an article about curbing constant losses in the first place!

4. Start Taking Things More Seriously

Admittedly, this only applies to certain games where you actually have a say in the outcome. Two examples of which picking poker and blackjack, which although technically games of chance bring at least a little skill and intuition into the mix.

If these are your games of choice, the key to getting the most out of them is to start taking them seriously. You can’t necessarily control which cards will be dealt and when, but you can learn how to make strategic decisions regarding your next move in accordance with what’s taking place at the time.

Meanwhile, you can also forget about all the other weird and wonderful strategies that supposedly ‘guarantee’ successful results elsewhere. A prime example of which being the Martingale System for winning at the roulette table, which unfortunately doesn’t work. 

5. Get Your Poker Game In Order 

There’s only one realistic way to remove the house edge out of the equation entirely, and that’s to focus on online poker. Not the kind of video poker you play against a machine, but the real-life poker you play against others. 

In an online poker room, it’s you versus your opponents – the house has nothing to do with what takes place or the outcome. They most likely pocket a share of the proceeds irrespective of the result, but in no way is the house ‘out to get you’ or tipping things out of balance. 

With online poker, it’s entirely up to you to do your thing and outclass your opponents. As above, start taking things more seriously and you might just make it happen. 

6. Change Your Mindset

Last but not least, almost all instances where a losing streak seemed prolonged or never-ending can be attributed to one simple thing:

Having the wrong mindset and attitude.

The more you lose, the more difficult it becomes to take pleasure in online gambling. Likewise, the temptation to chase losses becomes more and more difficult to resist, at which point you find yourself playing for all the wrong reasons.

Unless you play online casino games with nothing but pure pleasure and enjoyment in mind, you are pretty much guaranteed to lose. Hence, the key to pulling yourself out of your losing streak could lie in nothing more than changing your mindset and revisiting your expectations.

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