Everything You Need To Know About Online Slots

As most online casino gamers will probably agree, there’s something uniquely appealing and perhaps even sophisticated about hitting the tables. Casino classics like roulette, blackjack and craps carry strong associations with prestige and glamour. Nevertheless, there really is nothing like the thrill of a good online slot to bring some much-needed variety into the mix from time to time.

Slot machines have existed in one form or another for well over a century. Along with providing entertainment for hundreds of millions of people, they’ve also seen a fair few walk away with life changing jackpots. The best thing about good online slots being that even if you don’t win, you still have a fantastic time playing them.

So for those who’ve yet to experience the fun and excitement of the best online slots in the business, we’ve put together a brief yet helpful guide. Read on and learn how to pinpoint the perfect slot machine for your personal preferences and enjoy every spin from start to finish.

What Is a Slot Machine?
Slot machines started life as somewhat remedial entertainment devices. Upon entering a coin into a slot, mechanical components on the interior would randomly determine if the player won a prize. No skill or strategy involved whatsoever – it was all down to pure chance and the predetermined odds.

Over the years and decades that followed, slot machines gradually became more and more sophisticated. Eventually giving way to the development of video slots, which eliminated mechanical components almost in their entirety and replaced them with microchips. The advent of video slots allowing developers to become increasingly ambitious and creative with their offerings. With no mechanical components required, there was nothing to stop developers summarily porting their biggest and best slots to online casinos worldwide.

But what remains the same with the overwhelming majority of slots continue to follow the same basic principles as the very same slots on the market. That being, everything is random with very little skill or strategy involved. The various exceptions to the rule exist, but all slots nonetheless use random number generators to determine the outcome.

Variety, enjoyment and the potential for huge winnings have evolved beyond recognition – the player’s reliance on Lady Luck is the same as it ever was.

What Kinds of Slots Games Can You Expect To Find?
The short answer to this question – whatever you can dream up and the whole lot more besides. Slot games have evolved way beyond the traditional one-armed bandits of the 20th century. Particularly when it comes to online slots, there are absolutely no limitations in terms of themes, features and functionalities alike.

There are literally thousands of slots to choose from these days, with themes ranging from hit Hollywood Movies to Disney to Marvel and many more besides. In terms of the way the action plays out, some developers follow traditional standards with three to five reels, a handful of paylines and just a few standard symbols. Others take things to extremes with hundreds of paylines, countless reels and all manner of weird and wonderful ‘cluster’ formation payouts.

It’s often this enormous level of diversity that makes the online slots market somewhat daunting for newcomers. But one of the key benefits of playing online slots is the way in which most decent examples provide comprehensive instructions on how to get started. What’s more, the overwhelming majority of online slots can also be played 100% free of charge, without having to pay a penny of your own money. Something that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon in your average casino.

How Can I Choose the Best Slot for Me?
Choosing the best slots to suit your own personal preferences doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s simply a case of selecting a slot that suits your tastes, in accordance with your preferred playing style, available budget and the reputation of the slot in question.

In terms of the theme and style of the slot, there’s no right or wrong way to go. If you like simple fruit machines that are essentially no different to those of the 60s and 70s, go right ahead. If you’d prefer something entirely more complex and futuristic, there’s endless scope for choice.

As for your budget, some slots can be played from as little as 5p or 10p per spin, while others charge a minimum of £1 or more. Low-volatility slots pay out smaller prizes on a regular basis, while high-volatility slots offer larger prizes on a far more infrequent basis. It’s entirely down to you as to which option you choose.

In terms of reputation, always take the time to do a little research on the slot, in order to see what other gamers have to say about it. If the slot has predominantly positive reviews and recommendations, you’re good to go.

What Should I Look For In A Slots Gaming Website?
If you are betting with real money, you should always check to see whether a slots gaming site is fully licensed and regulated. Looking for licensing from reputable organisations such as the UK Gambling Commission is a good place to start. And once again, simply seeing what other real-life gamers have to say about the site in question is a good way of staying safe.

How Much Can You Win with An Online Slots Game?
Technically speaking, there are no limitations to how much you can win. Some of the luckiest slot games in the world have scooped the kinds of seven-figure sums from progressive slots that have changed their lives forever. Nevertheless, the thing to remember is that the larger the prize, the less likely you are to win it. So while it can be tempting to stick with slots with spectacular cash prizes to play for, you need to be realistic when it comes to your odds of winning.

All in all, the key to enjoying online slots lies in sticking with sites you can trust and slots you genuinely enjoy playing. Be sure to check out reputable gaming websites like Slot Planet, where there is a broad range of slots games to pick and choose from.

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