Casino Careers and Job Titles

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to work in a casino? For those who really cannot get enough of the whole casino vibe, the idea of spending 40 hours a week in a casino and getting paid for it seems almost too good to be true. And for those with the right personality and character traits, it really can be a dream career.

But in terms of specific career options, what kinds of job opportunities tend to come up in real-life casinos? If you do make the decision to join and begin mapping out a casino career for yourself, what can you expect?

  1. Casino Cashier

Avg. Pay: £8 to £10 per hour

First up, casino cashiers are the individuals that sit into something of a human cage and handle most of the everyday transactions. They exchange chips for cash and vice-versa, set up credit facilities for qualifying customers and often serve as the first and last individual casino patrons deal with. While it may seem like a relatively low-key job in terms of glamour and sophistication, it is extremely hands-on, business-focused and can serve as a great entry-level position for those looking to climb the ladder into management.

  1. Floor Staff

Avg. Pay: £8 to £10 per hour

It may sound like a very generic job title, but this is for a good reason. Also referred to as floaters, floor staff take charge of all the assorted duties required to keep the casino floor operating as smoothly as possible. They may answer questions and queries, help out in the bar and restaurant, help cashiers during busy times, carry out rudimentary security duties, perform various administrative and janitorial duties and so on. As they do a little bit of everything, they pick up outstanding overall experience for future promotion prospects.

  1. Security Guard

Avg. Pay: £10 to £20 per hour

Exactly how much a security guard is paid depends on the establishment itself, their seniority, experience, duties and the overall risk factor of their job. In some instances, security guards are hired to monitor surveillance systems for dodgy behaviour, relaying important information to other security workers on the casino floor. Others may stand guard in or by the cashier’s desk, some are responsible for throwing disruptive customers out of the casino and then there are those that check IDs at the door. For obvious reasons, it is a position that requires a lot of confidence and a very specific set of character traits.

  1. Slot Attendant


Avg. Pay: £8 to £10 per hour

In larger casinos, staff may be hired for the specific purpose of essentially hanging around a contingency of slot machines and keeping an eye on what takes place. Such employees tend to have particularly social and outgoing roles, constantly chatting and interacting with customers, helping guide their decisions in terms of slot choices and also ensuring that all slots are in perfect order at all times, in terms of cleanliness and maintenance alike. They may also take orders from guests for drinks and snacks, handing out freebies to qualifying regulars.

What they do: Slot attendants are a sort of go-between, working with casino guests and casino management. Each slot attendant has a specific number or set of slot and video poker machines they work with, maintaining the proper functioning of the machines, looking out for guest safety and comfort, and making hand-pays to slow players who win large payouts. Slot attendants work for slot hosts, helping to promote loyalty clubs and other programs offered by the casino.

  1. Surveillance Agent

Avg. Pay: £5 to £20 per hour

One of the more exciting job titles, surveillance agents represent part of the overall security team, though often in something of an invisible capacity. Whether it’s closely watching customers through CCTV systems or in-person as they wander around the casino, it is their job to look for any signs of cheating, card counting or suspicious behaviour of any kind. This is a highly results-focused position and anyone working in this kind of role is expected to quantify their capabilities and value by significantly contributing to the reduction of casino losses.

  1. Casino Host


Avg. Pay: £20,000 to £35,000 per year

The job of the casino host is to essentially watch over everything that happens and create the most welcoming, entertaining and enjoyable overall experience possible. They greet guests as if they are members of their own family, they arrange special services and treatment for VIPs, they chat to customers and request feedback, they get to know the regulars by name and basically serve as the primary front-line representative of the entire casino. It is an extremely demanding and energetic position, but one that has extraordinary prospects in terms of both salary and future career prospects.

  1. Casino Manager

Avg. Pay: £50,000+

Last but not least, right at the top of the ladder comes the casino manager. The difference between a casino manager and casino host is the way in which managers take more of a back-end role, taking care of things like payroll, scheduling, accountancy, marketing and so on. It’s common for casino managers to almost never come into contact directly with the everyday customer, yet they must know exactly what it is their customers expect and how to deliver it. What’s more, they should technically be able to fulfil the primary duties of each and every other member of casino staff, in order to understand the mechanics of how day to day operations work.

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