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Nitrogen Sports
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Reasons to Play

  • Perhaps the best Bitcoin online sportsbook available right now
  • Supreme collection of betting markets from all over the world
  • A very easy to use platform
  • Great customer service and live lobby chat feature

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    Nitrogen Sports Review

    It really goes without saying that you have to have a hell of a lot of confidence to call yourself a ‘revolutionary’ online bookmaker. The reason being that for every hundred or so that do as such, usually one or none of them measure up to the mark. Which is precisely why it is normal, natural and to a certain extent advisable to approach such claims with scepticism. So when it comes to the package presented at Nitrogen Sports, what exactly are they offering that’s so out of the ordinary? And more to the point, is it worth your while? Read on and Casino Papa will divulge all!

    Addressing the most important point of all, Nitrogen Sports was first established in the year 2012 and remains today one of very few online sports betting brands to accept Bitcoin payments. They currently accept players from absolutely anywhere in the world and recently relaunched the website with an entirely new look and feel. And while it’s definitely fair to say that Bitcoin bookies like these are for the time being serving a relatively minor niche market, there’s every chance this could change considerably as time goes by.


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    Site Summary

    In terms of first impressions, there is no denying the fact that Nitrogen Sports isn’t what you’d call a particularly spectacular platform in terms of visual appeal. That being said, it is an extremely user-friendly platform with a very simple layout and smooth navigation system. The usual (and in this case extremely large) list of betting markets is right there in front of you, with customers being given the option of switching between decimal and American odds.
    One thing that we really, REALLY like about the platform at Nitrogen Sports is the way in which there is something of a chat room in the lobby. This basically gives everyone involved with Nitrogen Sports the opportunity to talk with one another about anything and everything, gain advice from other bettors and even strike up friendly (and occasionally unfriendly) rivalries. Either way, it all adds up to even more fun come crunch time!
    Nitrogen Sports has an interesting take on membership, in that accessing the site for the first time results in a cookie being stored on your computer with your unique account number. Which basically means that next time you access the site, you are automatically logged into your account without actually having to do anything. However, they do provide customers with the option of setting up a username and password, which in our opinion is an absolute must. Not that Nitrogen Sports isn’t safe and secure, it’s just that you don’t want to make it too easy for hackers to gain access to your account.

    In terms of betting markets, Nitrogen Sports takes things to extremes. In this one place, you will find betting options for just about every league in the world – one of the largest collections we have ever come across. The vast majority of attention is focused on European football leagues and competitions, though US betting markets are also present and correct in enormous numbers. There are also countless exotic and underrepresented leagues from all over the world.
    Despite the fact that Nitrogen Sports is a relatively niche online sportsbook, they offer consistently excellent odds across pretty much every major betting market. Not only this, but they are also confident enough to offer an odds-matching guarantee, meaning that if you find superior odds anywhere else, they will match them for you. That being said, wagering limits are relatively low and probably will not appeal to some professional gamblers. The minimum stake is set at 0.001 Bitcoins, while the maximum you can wager at any one time is 1 Bitcoin.
    Speaking of which, Bitcoin is the only currency accepted by Nitrogen Sports – all other payment types are entirely out of the question.
    Rounding things off, the customer service team at Nitrogen Sports is a credit to the brand in general and we found the response times to both emails and telephone calls extremely impressive. What’s more, there are almost always at least one or two members of staff taking part in the live lobby chat facility, making it even easier to get hold of them.

    Best Features
    In our opinion, the two very best features at Nitrogen Sports would have to be the extraordinary range of worldwide betting markets available and the fact that they will match any odds of a superior nature found elsewhere.

    When it comes to current online bookmakers that accept Bitcoin, Nitrogen Sports takes a bold step ahead by delivering the total package. This is not simply a second-rate bookie that scores points of appeal only by catering for the Bitcoin crowd. Quite to the contrary, it is an outstanding service provider in general that just so happens to support this particular currency. The only problem being that if you do not bet with Bitcoins, there’s absolutely nothing for you at Nitrogen Sports.


    • No in-play betting or live streaming available
    • Bitcoin is the only form of currency accepted


    • One of very few bookmakers to accept Bitcoins
    • An absolutely enormous range of global betting markets
    • Extremely competitive odds at all times
    • The promise of matching superior odds found elsewhere
    • Instant deposits and withdrawals
    • An extremely easy overall interface to use
    • Excellent lobby chat facility
    • High-quality customer service