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Betfair Arcade
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  • Unique approaches to gaming you will not find anywhere else
  • The pedigree and background of one of the biggest names in the business
  • Customer service representatives available 24/7
  • Unrivalled control over wagering

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    Betfair Arcade Review

    There are far too many brands and businesses these days that claim to be bringing something totally new to the online casino game. The only problem being that in reality, you usually find that less than 1% of these kinds of claims are actually true. Which is why you’d be forgiven for being at least a little skeptical on the subject of the microgaming, arcade gaming and online slots side of Betfair: Betfair Exchange Games. After all, it’s one thing to make bold claims about doing something new, but these guys genuinely suggest that what they are doing right now is nothing less than ‘the future of the casino’.  Strong words, but do they have the meat to back them up? Read this Betfair Arcade review and Casino Papa will tell all!

    Given the fact that Betfair is already one of the biggest names in the UK gambling business, it’s technically not as if they need to make enormous changes to continue their success story. Nevertheless, they have always insisted that this is a brand where innovation and improvement represent constant priorities, which is why Betfair Exchange Games came to be in the first place. And it is indeed a pretty radical new concept too, but does that necessarily mean it’s a concept we actually need? Given its popularity and impact on the market so far, the answer appears to be…yes!


    Contact Information

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    • Registered Office
      Betfair Games Limited, Triq il-Kappillan Mifsud,
      St Venera, SVR 1851,MALTA.

    Site Summary
    There’s not a great deal we need to tell you about the Betfair website itself, as it’s every bit as a professional and polished as you’d expect. Not all gamers were won over by the relatively recent predominantly orange makeover, but in terms of the way things run and what’s on offer, it’s top marks all round. And given the fact that things like welcome bonuses don’t really apply in specific when it comes to Betfair Exchange Games, we figured we’d instead give you the lowdown on how it actually works.

    The long and short of it is that when you play with any of the available Betfair Exchange Games, you actually pick your wits against other players as well as the casino itself. It’s essentially a case of judging and predicting the outcome of the game of your choosing, in accordance with the moves being made by both the dealer/banker and the players. It’s totally unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before and we believe it’s definitely worth checking out.

    For example, one of the most popular entry points for newcomers to Betfair Exchange Games is the site’s unique take on online blackjack. In the simplest of terms, you take something of a fly on the wall position, watching over a game of blackjack involving four players and summarily deciding who you personally think will win. A total of seven rounds are played and you get to place wagers on your chosen players after each round. Bet on as many players as you like, side with the dealer or go with one of the more exotic bets available – one of which being that a player will finish on 5 cards. It’s a totally different take on the blackjack you are used to and is surprisingly compelling.

    Betfair Exchange Texas Hold’em is also a genuinely fantastic alternative to the conventional game you know and love. In this instance, you once again take a seat at a table and watch over the action as four players take part. The only difference being that you get to see each and every hand dealt and are able to place your own wagers at any stage. You don’t specifically have a hand yourself, but rather bet on the hands of others. It’s simply a case of weighing up the odds in your favour at the time and coordinating your bets accordingly.

    We’d also highly recommend checking out Betfair Exchange Hi-Lo, which is an incredibly simple and at the same time innovative twist on this casino classic.  Once again, it isn’t actually you who predicts whether the next card will be high or low. Instead, the computer takes care of all such decision-making. You can bet before the game starts and then as many times as you like after each card is dealt. The game continues for as long as you choose it to, making it a hugely addictive prospect.

    These are just three examples of the games currently available at Betfair Exchange Games, where you’ll also find baccarat, roulette and many more besides. There’s really nothing negative to say about the way the site runs, the customer service available and so on, so in this instance we simply recommend you check out Betfair Exchange Games for yourself.

    Best Features
    As we’ve already mentioned a couple of times now, the single best feature about playing Betfair Exchange Games is the way in which it brings online slots and Vegas gamers the opportunity to try entirely different approaches to games they already know and love. There are so many ways to win, an incredible amount of control to be taken and the whole experience is incredibly immersive and addictive.

    It’s a pretty simple recommendation as far as we’re concerned therefore – check out Betfair Exchange Games for yourself and see if it hits a home run for you personally.

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    • A something of a learning curve to get to grips with
    • The games are not all presented particularly pleasingly
    • No specific special offers or promotions for Betfair Exchange gamers


    • Unique twists on games you will not find anywhere else
    • A new level of control over your wagering
    • A brilliant alternative to the norm

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