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Argo Casino
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Reasons to Play

  • Huge selection of slot games from top providers
  • Regular tournaments and solid promotions
  • A simple and easy-to-use site in general
  • Superb mobile experience on iOS and Android

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    Argo Casino

    It’s natural to be a little sceptical of any new casino that lands this late in the game, claiming to offer something that isn’t already widely available. Like it or not, the simple fact of the matter is that most of the latecomers at this stage simply cannot rival the outstanding market leaders already dominating the industry. But at the same time, every now and again a welcome exception to the rule arrives, providing players with something truly outstanding. Is this the case with Argo Casino? Has the development team behind Argo Casino brought something new and valuable to the table? Or are we looking at another serving of the same old story? Read on for Casino Papa’s full rundown of the highs and the lows!


    These days, you need to provide customers with so much more than just a standard range of slots and table games to win acclaim. You need to think of something that makes your site and service stand out from the crowd. In the case of Argo Casino, there are certainly one or two things that make what’s on offer a genuinely pleasing prospect.It looks great, it runs like a dream and there’s plenty on offer to keep players at all levels coming back for more.


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    Site Summary

    In terms of the way the site is put together, you’d have to dig pretty deep to find anything wrong with the Argo Casino website. The overall presentation is fantastic, their navigation system is one of the simplest you’re likely to come across and everything runs blissfully smoothly at all times. Whatever it is you are looking for, you’ll find it right there at your fingertips for easy access. Both by way of desktop and mobile platforms alike, the Argo Casino approach to design and the overall user interface are nothing short of excellent.

    In terms of primary selling points, one of the things that really caught our eye while carrying out our review was the way in which Argo Casino organises and hosts regular tournaments for its customers. At any time there may be any number of tournaments taking place, where specific table games or slots are chosen and players are given the chance to win prizes from generous pools. Prizes tend to be paid out in the form of loyalty points, which can be exchanged for a wide variety of perks and rewards.

    As for those all-important promotions and bonuses, the primary hook at Argo Casino is one of a 100% welcome bonus up to a maximum value of £200. Generous enough, but it has to be said that wagering requirements of 40X are a little on the steep side. Still, this is somewhat made up for by the extensive range of additional promotions available to new and existing customers alike, including Weekly Rewards, Hot Weekends, Weekly Reload Bonuses and many more besides. Suffice to say, those with a taste for bonuses and promotions will no doubt find themselves right at home here.

    Argo Casino has also earned a strong reputation for providing players with one of the largest collections of games of any casino currently up and running. Predominantly by Playtech, the range of online slots available is nothing short of epic. But rather than focusing only on one side of the casino spectrum, these guys have also really gone to town on both table games and live dealer casino gaming. There are literally dozens of tables ready to join at all times and the action in general is just about as good as it gets.

    In terms of customer security, Argo Casino uses the highest level encryption and is fully regulated for total peace of mind. As for customer service, the only slight complaint we have is the fact that Argo Casino adds its name to a rather extensive list of casinos that do not provide their customers with a contact telephone number. The e-mail customer support Service & Life chat facility are both excellent, but it’s sometimes important to have a telephone number on-hand should it be required. Nevertheless, this probably isn’t a deal-breaker for most and isn’t in our opinion enough to take away from what is clearly an impressive and capable online casino.

    Best Features

    When it comes to keeping things fresh and interesting, the tournaments organised by Argo Casino really do tick all the right boxes. The same can also be said for the way the website has been engineered in general, not to mention the outstanding collection of slots and table games to satisfy every gamer at every level.


    To be honest, there are really only two things that are currently standing in the way of Argo Casino being a true market leader. And those are the lack of the customer service telephone numbers and excessively steep wagering requirements. Other than this, everything is exactly as it should be. A huge arsenal of games, plenty of promotions, outstanding security and so on – not to mention one of the best mobile experiences around.


    • Wagering requirements of 40X are too high
    • No contact telephone number available


    • Plenty of on-going promotions and specials
    • Regular tournaments to keep things interesting
    • A massive collection of slots
    • Easy site to navigate and use
    • Excellent table games and live dealer action
    • A great mobile experience