You’re More Likely to Succeed at Blackjack with These 10 Traits

Blackjack has always been one of the most popular casino games worldwide.  Primarily due to the fact that its basic gameplay principles are relatively simple.  Even if you’ve never sat at a blackjack table before, you’ll get to grips with the whole thing in no time.

That said, making a success of your time at the table isn’t quite as straightforward. As always, fate plays a role in determining the outcome of every hand. Nevertheless, blackjack is one of the few casino games where experience, intuition and skill can significantly tip the odds in your favour.

The question being – do you possess the following traits and characteristics of a blackjack professional in the making?

1.  You prefer skill to pot-luck

As mentioned, blackjack is one of the only casino games that brings skills, strategy and intuition into the equation. To such an extent that if you get it right with blackjack, you can practically eliminate the house edge. It takes experience and dedication to get to grips with the strategic aspect of blackjack. But if this is the kind of thing you revel in, blackjack is almost definitely your game.

2.  You don’t act on assumptions

At its heart, blackjack is a game of mathematics and statistics. As any mathematician or statistician will tell you, acting on assumptions or hunches is a recipe for disaster. In casino gaming, far too many players simply assume that given one outcome, a certain alternative outcome can now be expected. You hit a losing streak and in doing so assume that your bad luck will eventually run out and you’ll strike it lucky. It doesn’t take a mathematician of statistician to tell you that this is a fundamentally inadvisable approach.

3.  You’re good with mathematics

Sticking with the point outlined above, those who are mathematically-minded stand to get the maximum possible enjoyment out of blackjack. On one hand, you could argue that blackjack is a fantastically enjoyable game even if you’re absolutely terrible at maths. Nevertheless, those who excel with numbers in general are almost guaranteed to get an even bigger kick out of the whole thing.  Once again, play it right with the numbers and you could tip the odds in your favour.

4.  You understand the importance of bankroll management

This is by no means a trait that applies exclusively to blackjack players. In fact, strategic bankroll management is essential in all aspects of gambling at all levels. With blackjack, it’s technically possible to win or lose a small fortune in a matter of seconds. At the flip of a couple of cards, you could be looking at the depletion of your entire bankroll. That is, unless you know how to effectively and strategically manage your bankroll. If you’re in the habit of getting carried away and making irrational decisions, blackjack probably isn’t for you.

5. You’re not afraid of a little reading

Experience plays a part in moulding the most capable and competent blackjack players. But at the same time, there’s also quite a lot of reading and research involved. If you genuinely intend to become the best blackjack player you can be, you’ll need to study the game at a deeper level. Get to know the stories of the world’s most successful blackjack players, check out a bunch of online tutorials and research blackjack strategy. There’s a good chance your efforts will pay dividends in future games.

6.  You know your risk appetite

This is effectively something that overlaps with bankroll management. Each and every gambler has their own unique risk appetite. That being, a distinct line that separates acceptable and unacceptable risks. For the most part, this will be determined by two things – your skill level and bankroll. Understanding your risk appetite also means knowing when and where to walk away, without letting emotions get the better of you. Simple enough on paper, not quite so simple in practice.

7.  You’re naturally patient and focused

It’s not uncommon to join a blackjack table for a couple of casual hands, only to find yourself there for the duration. It’s such an enjoyable and immersive experience that things routinely take (a lot) longer than expected. The longer you find yourself sitting at a blackjack table, the more important it becomes to remain focused and stay patient. Allow your attention to wander and it could cost you dearly.

8.  You’re not easily distracted

Speaking of which, the importance of remaining focused in the face of all possible distractions cannot be overstated. Particularly if you plan on playing blackjack in a crowded casino, it’s inevitable that you’ll be surrounded by any number of distractions from start to finish. Maintaining strong focus can sometimes be challenging even for the most experienced blackjack players on the circuit. As such, if you succumb to distractions too easily, this may not be the game for you.

9.  You’re not a sore loser

Play any casino game for long enough and you are guaranteed to face at least a few losing streaks. You cannot expect to play a game like blackjack on a regular basis and always walk away a winner. As such, a hallmark of the successful blackjack player is the ability to simply count to 10, walk away and move on from even the heaviest loss. Throwing tantrums and allowing your emotions to get the better of you is only likely to make things worse.

10.  You’re happy to crawl first

Last up, anyone getting to grips with blackjack for the first time needs to expect and accept a certain learning curve. If you let your enthusiasm get the better of you, you’re headed for trouble. Likewise, if you expect to get things right and walk away with hefty prizes as an amateur, it just isn’t going to happen.  Instead, you need to give the whole thing as much time and effort as required to crawl, walk, run and eventually fly.

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