The Only Online Slot Strategies that Actually Work

It’s natural at this point in time for online gamblers to be searching high and low for slot strategies that actually work. If online slots are your thing, tipping the balance (even slightly) in your favour can only be a good thing.

Given the horror show that was 2020, there’s never been a more apt time to attempt to generate profits from online gambling. People are well and truly out of pocket for a variety of reasons, which in some instances adds even further shine and appeal to the idea of online casino games.

Particularly if there’s a way of reducing their house edge, giving yourself a shot at pocketing a prize in the meantime.

Sadly – and as explored in a whole bunch of prior articles – online slot strategies that guarantee paydirt don’t exist. Contrary to popular belief, online casinos and their operators are pretty savvy when it comes to making money. They know exactly how to make you think you might win, though ultimately walk away with your cash in their pockets.

Still, this doesn’t mean there aren’t approaches to online slot gaming that won’t help you along the way. It’s simply a case of accepting that guaranteed wins are out of the question.

Strategy #1: Manage and enhance your bankroll

First up, strategic bankroll management holds the key to staying safe online and keeping your balance in the black. What this means is making the most of what you have available, which begins with avoiding the temptation to wax your entire budget on a handful of silly bets.

It also means setting your sights on less volatile games with the highest possible RTP. While this effectively reduces the likelihood of pocketing a big prize, it significantly increases the amount of gameplay you get for your money.

Another important bankroll management strategy is to make the most of the introductory bonuses available at the web’s best online casinos. Stick with those that are realistic, ensure the wagering requirements aren’t ludicrous and always read the terms and conditions in full. Don’t be blindsided by massively overinflated offers that seem too good to be true – they almost always are!

Strategy #2: Understand the game mechanics

Understanding the mechanics of the game matters because there will be times when you can either collect your winnings or increase the stakes for a bigger payoff. Likewise, getting to know how the game works will give you a good idea of how likely or otherwise you are to win a prize. 

With some games, there’s basically zero excitement or enjoyment involved in the base game itself. You’re treated to a relatively rudimentary affair, with the slight possibility of something significantly more exciting if you trigger the bonus features. Elsewhere, the base game itself is exponentially more enjoyable – often to such an extent that weird and wonderful bonus rounds aren’t necessary.

It’s worth remembering at this point that excitement and enjoyment are what online slots are (supposed to be) all about. Familiarise yourself with the mechanics of the game before getting started, playing for free with virtual currency. Unless you’re completely happy with the experience and willing to spend good money on it, take your money elsewhere.

Strategy #3: Have realistic expectations

With online slot gaming, there’s really only one expectation that can be considered realistic. That being, to expect the unexpected and plan for all eventualities. What’s important to remember is that irrespective of the slots you play and the amount you bet, every outcome of every spin is 100% random. This essentially means that you’re just as likely to lose 1,000 spins in a row as you are to win a single penny along the way – total and inevitable randomness, spin after spin. 

The moment you start to believe you can predict the outcome is the moment you find yourself on a slippery slope. Any assumption you have any idea what’s going to happen next means you’ve lost sight of common sense and the reality of the whole thing. Playing an online slot is more or less the same as rolling a sophisticated dice – neither you nor anyone else on earth can predict or control the outcome.

By approaching online slot gaming with realistic expectations, you stand to gain so much more from the experience. At least, in the enjoyment and entertainment sense – there’s no approach to online slots that guarantees payouts with any real regularity.

Strategy #4: Pocket your winnings and run!

Last but not least, one of the main reasons casinos collect so much money is the way in which they play on our emotions. When you lose, you’re blinded by the kind of disappointment, frustration and rage that make it difficult to remain objective. Precisely why so many people make the mistake of chasing losses, ultimately losing way more than they can afford to. 

But it’s also true at the exact opposite side of the scale. You win a generous prize, you suddenly find yourself with an inflated bankroll and you feel you can justify wasting a sizeable proportion of it. After all, it’s ‘free’ money you didn’t start out with, so why not take a chance?

The answer – for the simple reason that you’re not making decisions based on logic, reason or common-sense. You’re instead basing them on emotions, making it practically impossible to make sensible and informed decisions. This is why all gambling pros will tell you the same – pocket your winnings and head for the hills, just as soon as you score a decent prize.

In Summary…

Online slots can be supremely enjoyable and are just about as accessible as it gets. No knowledge, skill or experience required – you just hit the button and see how lucky (or otherwise) you are.

Nevertheless, it’s important to keep yourself grounded and build a solid understanding of how the whole online slots system works. Play purely for entertainment and enjoyment, treating any prizes you pocket along the way as welcome but entirely unexpected bonuses.

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