Slingo: What Is It and Should You Check It Out?

The speed at which the online gaming world is evolving makes it difficult to keep up at the best of times. Hence, even the best of us allow any number of new gaming concepts to simply pass us by. After all, getting stuck into all of them just isn’t an option.

But every now and again, a new gaming concept comes along with the very real potential to transform the entire industry. In the world of online slots, Avalanche Reels, Cluster Payout structures and the likes are spicing things up for those on the lookout for something a little different. Over in the bingo world, the classic game has been transformed almost beyond recognition. All adding to a truly extraordinary online gaming landscape.

But what would happen if you were to combine online slots with bingo? What if all the most enjoyable elements of both games were combined into one single online gaming experience? Too weird? Too complex? Too good to be true?

The answer – none of the above!

Introducing Slingo

On the surface, the whole thing may come across as a little bizarre. But at the same time, the same was said about the concept of online casino gaming in the first place. Plus, when you actually get down to business, slingo it surprisingly easy to get to grips with.

As outlined above, slingo is an interesting concept that combines certain elements of online slots with a dynamic modern form of bingo. At its core, the aim of the game is the same as it’s always been in bingo. That being, to complete the bingo card in full, or create a winning line or combination as required. The difference being that in this instance, it isn’t simply a case of watching the numbers as they appear and marking them off your card.

Instead, the whole thing is spiced up with a number of slot-based features. Instead of a steady stream of numbers being generated randomly, the player often ‘spins’ in a similar way to an online slot. Along with the various numbers required to complete their card, additional symbols can also come into play. Jokers, wild cards, bonus symbols, free spins and so on – all having the same effect as over in the online slots domain.

Slingo players can score free spins, pick up multipliers along the way and enter any number of bonus rounds. The aim of the game remains largely the same, but there’s a serious amount happening in and around it to make things interesting. Hence, the whole thing becomes far more enjoyable, even if you don’t pocket a prize. Best of all, just a few spins into a game of slingo, you’ll know exactly what it’s all about and find the whole thing easy to navigate.

Current Slingo Trends

For us to call slingo a ‘new’ gaming concept is actually misleading. The reason being that the most basic form of slingo was actually invented in 1994, long before online gaming as we know it today came into existence. It wasn’t particularly popular or sophisticated, but a chap by the name of Sal Falciglia nonetheless takes credit for creating the game we now know as slingo.

As an iGaming concept, slingo has only been around for a relatively short period of time. Nevertheless, it has already gained impressive traction worldwide. Not to mention, attracted the attention of some of the biggest developers in the business. Back in 2013, RealNetworks bought the official rights to the original game of slingo for a whopping $15.6 million dollars. Since then, rights have been sold or leased to any number of gaming giants worldwide, resulting in a variety of slingo-based games appearing all over the web.

Many major names are already using slingo to put a twist on some of their most popular and iconic casino classics. One example of which being Rainbow Riches, for which there is already a slingo variant up and running. Huge casino powerhouses like Wink Bingo are embracing the slingo revolution, offering a growing number of games for their players.

The Appeal of Slingo

On paper at least, slingo appears to have a spectacularly bright future ahead of it. The reason being that this is technically the first iGaming concept with the potential to attract two of the largest and most lucrative gaming audiences.

According to the latest figures published by Statista, the total online casino industry worldwide is quickly heading for the $60 billion mark. It’s also no secret that online slots and bingo are responsible for generating the lion’s share of profits for major names worldwide. As such, the gaming concept that appeals to both online slot gamers and bingo audiences could be the ultimate money-spinner.

Particularly as more themed versions of slingo creep into the equation, providing players with new and interesting twists on the casino classics they know and love.

Slingo: Worth Checking Out?

As for whether it’s worth giving slingo a shot, the short answer is…yes. For one thing, the appeal of slingo transcends any standard online slot or bingo experience you’ve so far encountered. It’s the classic case of two things combining to become more than the sum of their component parts. Slingo is neither an enhanced version of bingo or a variation on traditional slot gaming – it’s a completely new concept in its own right.

Not only this, but the vast majority of casinos currently offering slingo games also support free play. This means that even if slingo doesn’t win you over, you can still check it out without losing a penny. If you do enjoy it, you can choose your own stakes and risk appetite accordingly.

In any case, it’s pretty clear slingo isn’t going anywhere in the immediate future at least. Having already experienced spectacular growth in popularity worldwide, it’s likely to become a genuine casino classic of the future.

Give it a shot for yourself and find out what all the fuss is about!

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