Rites of Passage: Seven Experiences Every Gambler Encounters

To a degree, every gambler’s journey from beginner to seasoned veteran is unique.  We all have our own preferred casino games, risk appetites and general gaming habits.

Nevertheless, pretty much every gambler goes through a similar set of rites of passage along the way. Each of which is more or less inevitable, as you start taking casino gaming a little more seriously.

Exactly how many of the following you’ve already experienced will give you an indication as to just how far (or otherwise) you’ve come. But if you’re yet to experience one or more of these, you can bet your last cent you will do soon enough!

Rite of Passage 1 – An exciting introduction
The first phase in the gambler’s journey is one of complete joy, wonder and experimentation. You’re new to the whole thing, which means that everything you see and do is extremely exciting. 

Though it can also be a little daunting – particularly when it comes to heading to a real casino for the first time. Still, nerves are all part of the experience, making it all even more memorable.

This is also the phase during which you’ll decide which of the games available suit your style and playing preferences. Games that are simple to get into (like roulette, blackjack and slots) tend to be the preferred choices for most early-days gamblers. After which, the temptation to try something new grows and you eventually branch out into new areas.

Rite of Passage 2 ‒ A lucky streak and feeling of invincibility
To be fair, it can be quite difficult for even the most seasoned gamblers to keep their emotions under control. This is just as true when you find yourself on a lucky streak as it is when bearing the brunt of a heavy loss.

For newcomers to casino gaming, the thrill of striking it lucky can be intoxicating beyond belief. Quite literally, as the brain churns out so many hormones and chemicals it becomes difficult to make rational decisions.  Subsequently, the lucky streak you’re on makes you feel temporarily invincible.  At which point, logical thinking goes completely out of the window.

Still, you’ll probably always remember the first time you sat at a casino table and simply couldn’t set a foot wrong. It’s an absolutely fantastic feeling while it lasts – one that subconsciously motivates you to keep coming back, time and time again.

Rite of Passage 3 ‒ The inevitable losing streak
Unfortunately, every run of good luck has to come to an end eventually. Worse still, you’re just as likely to find yourself on a losing streak as you are to run into positive fortune. In fact, losing streaks are far more common, given how the risks you take when playing are entirely up to you.

What’s interesting about a losing streak is how the brain goes nuts in a relatively similar way to when you’re winning. You find yourself fuelled with the same hormonal overload, which likewise makes it tough to stay grounded. Even though you’ve lost a packet and stand to lose more, you still place wager after wager in hope of recouping losses. 

This also tends to be a somewhat unforgettable (yet wholly regrettable) experience. Losing streaks from time to time are inevitable, so don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re the exception…you’re not! 

Rite of Passage 4 ‒ Considering going pro
If your gaming becomes something of a lifestyle and you’re managing to meticulously control your bankroll, you might think about taking things one step further. Perhaps not to such an extent as to become a competitive gambler, but more a case of fuelling a secondary revenue stream.

Technically speaking, there’s nothing to stop you or anyone who’s decent enough at it going pro. However, becoming a professional poker player, blackjack player or baccarat player really is a full-time job in its own right. It’s not something you can simply do on the side – nor can you transcend to pro status without a serious amount of spare cash lying around.

Ultimately, you therefore reach the conclusion things are better as they are right now. Which, in all honesty, they probably are!

Rite of Passage 5 ‒ Getting heavily into your favourite game
At some point, you find yourself playing one type of game more than any other. For a sizeable proportion of the gambling community, it’s poker – largely due to the skill and social aspects of the game.

When curiosity and enjoyment develop into outright passion, you’ll find yourself motivated to get to know your favourite game on a deeper level. You suddenly find yourself watching major tournaments on TV, checking out tutorials on YouTube and reading books written by the pros.

In doing so, you enhance your appreciation for the game and pick up some seriously useful insights in the process. Even if you’ve accepted you’re not going pro anytime soon, it’s still an enjoyable educational experience.

Rite of Passage 6 ‒ Peak performance and enjoyment
This is the level most should be aiming for, attempting to hold things here for as long as possible. At this point, you’re just about as good as you’re ever going to get at your preferred games. 

You’re also getting maximum enjoyment out of the whole thing and occasionally pocketing a prize or two. Confidence is high and you see yourself as something of a veteran, having built a huge knowledge base and plenty of experience.

Casino gaming has become part of your lifestyle and one you couldn’t imagine being without.

Rite of Passage 7 – The occasional massive mistake
Last up, there’s nothing like knowledge, experience, skill and confidence to occasionally send things completely off the rails. Even at this stage, you’re guaranteed to occasionally make the kind of massive mistake that leaves you questioning the whole thing.

You place a bet on what’s statistically a sure thing – not to mention something you’ve done a thousand times before. Only on this instance and for no specific reason, you lose…and you keep on losing. 

Periodically blowing your entire bankroll and feeling foolish for doing so is all part and parcel of the experience. It’s also an important reminder that you’re not invincible and need to keep yourself grounded while gambling online!

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