Why You Lose Pretty Much Every Time You Play Blackjack

If you’ve ever been to a casino and would consider yourself a newcomer, it’s a scenario you are probably familiar with. You try your hand with a few slots, you grab a drink or two and when you finally pluck up the courage to head to a table, you make a beeline for blackjack. In your mind, you expect to sit side by side with the pros, hitting, standing and winning time after time. You know you probably won’t get rich, but you at least expect to walk away wealthier.

Of course, all of this is only happening in your head – the reality turning out to be quite the contrary. You buy your chips, you place them in front of you and you slowly but surely begin trying your luck. The only problem being that within about 20 minutes of sitting down, you’ve lost every penny and taken away nothing but a rather empty feeling.

Why does this happen? It’s simple really – you suck at blackjack.

One of Many
But don’t feel too bad about it, as pretty much every single blackjack table in every casino spanning the land will each night have at least one person sitting there making the same mistakes as you. It might not be nice to be told that you are terrible at the game you’re developing an interest in, but the sooner you acknowledge your shortcomings, the quicker you can start making improvements.


Above all else, it’s important to remember that blackjack is supposed to be fun. There will always be those who play exclusively to win, along with those who really do not care how much money they lose. All in all though, it should be about soaking up the experience and savouring every instance when the cards fall in your favour. And if you lose, you lose.

Still, it’s far more enjoyable to play blackjack if you aren’t absolutely terrible at it, which is why it is definitely in your best interests to bone up a little on what’s what.

Or more specifically, the mistakes you are currently making.

Systems and Strategies
First and foremost, you absolutely have to acknowledge the fact that there is no such thing as a fool-proof blackjack strategy or system. If anyone ever tries to tell you that by doing X, Y and Z you are guaranteed to walk away rich, feel free to walk away from them immediately. They don’t work, they never have worked and they never will work – it’s just an alternative method of throwing your money away.

In addition, it’s also a good idea to cast the idea of card counting to one side. While it’s true to say that card counting has the potential to give you a huge edge, it will simply result in you being thrown out of the casino and banned for life. They know how to spot it and they will spot it.

So along with these two golden rules to follow at all times, here’s a quick rundown of 5 additional blackjack mistakes there’s a good chance you are making:

1 – You Haven’t Learned the Rules
First of all, the single biggest mistake you can make is sitting down at a blackjack table and expecting to learn the rules as you go along. Just because you know the basics of the 21 rule and so on does not mean you fully understand the game. Right now, gaining access to the most incredible guides and instructional resources online is both easy and free. You need to learn about the different kinds of blackjack, payout structures and essentially what you should be doing with the cards you are dealt. The more homework you do, the better the player you will be – it is as simple as that.1

2 – You Choose a Table That Uses a Continuous Shuffling Machine
There’s one reason and one reason alone why more casinos than ever before have started introducing CSMs as standard. And that reason is to make as much money from people like you as possible as quickly as possible. It’s not necessary to go into the specifics with regard to win rates and odds – suffice to say that the house edge increases significantly when and where tables use CSMs. These tables tend to deal to somewhere in the region of 20% more hands than standard tables in any given period of time, which doesn’t bode well for you in any way. At least not if you prefer to minimise losses.

3 – You Play After or While Drinking
Technically speaking, blackjack is a game where you can work out the odds of winning or losing with each hand relatively accurately. Just as soon as you pick up the basics, it becomes pretty obvious as to what exactly you should be doing in accordance with the cards you have been dealt. Nevertheless, any kind of logic and objective thinking will inevitably fly out the window the moment you become even slightly inebriated. After a few drinks, you no longer care about the fact that you really should be sticking to your 18 – you relish the excitement of going for 21. And you lose…of course you lose.

4 – You Buy Into Progressive Betting Systems
There are so many casino websites these days that to some extent are almost recommending that blackjack players play in accordance with some kind of progressive betting system. In the majority of instances, it’s something along the lines of placing a bet and then in the event that you lose, you bet again but twice as much. In doing so, you only need to beat the dealer once to break even. The only problem being that there is absolutely no logic or common sense in any of this garbage whatsoever. As is the case with all strategies and systems, if there was a single example of one that actually worked, it would have gone public by now and casinos would be going bankrupt. But of course it hasn’t, they aren’t and nor will they be.

5 – Not Practicing
Last but not least, the fact that it’s possible to play blackjack right now on a 24/7 100% free of charge means that it is something you should probably be doing more often. Admittedly, it’s not quite the same when you are playing for fun with absolutely no money on the line, but it is still a good way of learning the ropes and gaining a better understanding of the kinds of hands you should be standing or hitting on. Sign up with a decent online casino and you’ll be able to practice to your heart’s content, without the risk of losing so much as a penny.

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