Dodgy Directions – How to Spot Fraudulent Casino Reviews

As you’ll no doubt be aware by now, the primary bread and butter of the Casino Papa service lies in the provision of reviews, ratings and recommendations for online casinos. Which is why it might come across as a bit rich of us to offer the following warning:

Don’t believe everything you read!

More specifically, what we’re actually referring to here is the on-going and growing problem of low-grade affiliate sites and downright dodgy dealers who are littering the web with literally tens of thousands of bogus reviews. Why would you lie to the world about the quality of the casino? Some people would happily lie about anything and everything if you paid them enough money!


Easy Advertising

The simple fact of the matter is that no casino is ever going to get far without plenty of strong recommendations behind it. Coupled with the fact that it is easy and generally quite cheap to build and operate a lackluster review website…well, that’s exactly what plenty of folk do. The casino benefits from cheap and easy advertising, the power of public opinion works wonders in promotional terms and those responsible for the bogus reviews and recommendations take home commissions.

Which is all well and good – apart from the fact that it leads to an incalculable crowd of consumers being misled, day after day. All of which harks back to our original point – that being not to necessarily take what you read at face value.

But given the fact that you might not be a seasoned expert in such matters, how can you be sure that what you are reading is the real deal? Or more importantly, what kinds of warning signs should you be looking out for, which might indicate that you are being sent down the wrong path?

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