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Monday, July 24 2017 | Home of the Best Online Casinos

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Are Slots Really Better Than Blackjack?
Just to get one important thing out of the way immediately, this isn’t our own concrete opinion. We’re of the mindset that all classic casino games are to some extent created equally, in that they’ll bring something epic to the table that’s uniquely their ...
Why You Lose Pretty Much Every Time You Play Blackjack
If you’ve ever been to a casino and would consider yourself a newcomer, it’s a scenario you are probably familiar with. You try your hand with a few slots, you grab a drink or two and when you finally pluck up the courage to head to a table, you make a ...
Kaplan’s Golden Rules for Better Blackjack
Ever heard of Bill Kaplan? Well you should have – he’s the guy that put together a crack team of MIT researchers with the sole intention of taking casinos for everything they had. Rather than simply throwing a random team of card players together, he ...