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  • No-nonsense platform that’s deceptively powerful
  • A great range of trading types and plenty of assets
  • Useful welcome bonus offer that focuses on risk-free trades
  • Outstanding customer service and account security

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    uTrader Binary Options Review

    Owned and operated by Day Dream Investments LTD, uTrader comes across as the kind of binary options broker that doesn’t have its head in the clouds. Having been in business since 2011, they’ve certainly got the drop on quite a few others when it comes to experience. And while it’s clear these guys take the world of trading seriously, they nonetheless made it clear from the get-go that they also wanted to maintain the ‘fun’ element of it all. The question being – can you really balance fun and games with professional-quality trading? Read on for Casino Papa’s full review!

    Another SpotOption trading platform with a healthy reputation for delivering the goods, uTrader tends to sit somewhere about the mid-reaches when it comes to popularity and ratings. The fact that they are fully regulated certainly gives them an edge over some, but it’s the impressive list of trading types on offer at uTrader that make it a go-to for so many. And in terms of bonuses, they certainly came up with something that’s more interesting and appealing than most. Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?


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    Site Overview
    Starting with the platform itself, the team behind uTrader have clearly focused on simplicity and performance, as opposed to presentation. And while it may not sound like it, this is actually a compliment as far as we’re concerned. The predominantly white colour scheme gives you the impression that you’re dealing with a ‘by-the-book’ broker, as opposed to one predominantly interested in OTT visuals. In terms of performance however, there’s nothing stripped back or basic about uTrader. It all runs like a dream, which is impressive given their claims of 250,000 active traders doing business with them.

    Nailing two of the common criticisms thrown at uTrader right away – no, 90 assets isn’t the biggest of libraries and yes, 85% maximum payouts don’t come close to those of some rivals. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that quality counts more than quantity with assets, while 90%+ payout promises aren’t worth jack when they aren’t kept. As uTrader focuses on quality and delivers on its word, we don’t see these bug-bears as problematic in any way.

    Onto those all-important trading types now, it’s pretty safe to say that there’s no shortage at uTrader. These guys offer High/Low trading, 60-second options, One-Touch, Long-Term, Pair Options, Boundary Options and Ladder Options – all under one roof. Expiry time range from 30 seconds to 24hours, so chances are you’ll find something to suit your preferences.

    There are four account types to choose from, ranging from the $300+ Start Account right up to the $25,000+ VIP Account. Cheaper accounts feature perks like daily market reviews, access to trading materials and educational guides, while premium accounts up the perks with strategic trading assistance and personal account management. But what all accounts have in common is the way the welcome bonus offer is presented at uTrader.

    Instead of simply handing out credit, uTrader offers ‘Insurance’ to the tune of 50%, 100%, 120% or 150% of the value of the initial deposit. Which in turn translates to initial risk-free trades for those getting started with the broker. uTrader decides personally on exactly the scope of the risk-free trades allowed for each member uniquely, but it’s still an interesting alternative to standard bonus offers.

    They also hold regular competitions, with impressive cash prizes to play for each and every month. For June 2016 for example, the top prize up for grabs was a tasty $25,000, though there were another 30 cash prizes on offer starting from $1,500. Like most, they’ve done a stellar job with their mobile app which has earned rave reviews by iOS and Android users alike.

    Payments in both directions are nice and smooth, the customer care team is available 24/7 and we found them to be extremely friendly and knowledgeable when posed with even the most challenging question.

    Which would wrap it all up nicely, if it wasn’t for one glaring omission – no demo accounts. In this day and age, not providing customers with the option of a demo account is bordering on the unacceptable. It’s not as if it costs the service provider to allow new customers to test the waters with virtual currency, though it’s a facility uTrader seems to have no intention of offering anytime soon.

    We can only assume, therefore, that they’re more interested in roping in experienced traders, as opposed to first-time newcomers.

    Best Features
    The trading experience offered as a whole by uTrader is pretty great, but the best feature of all is the wide range of trading types available. They’ve basically pulled together what you’d expect from a handful of separate brokers and brought them all together in one place. We also found the platform to be superb and the mobile app to be one of the best around.

    If you are a seasoned trader, knowing exactly what you are doing and fancy playing with a whole arsenal of trading types, uTrader will not disappoint. But at the same time, if you are a newcomer looking to test the waters for the first time and keep risks to an absolute minimum, uTrader is probably not the broker for you.


    • The $300 deposit minimum is higher than the industry average
    • No demo account available for newcomers
    • Not the largest library of tradable assets


    • A wonderfully simplified and no-nonsense platform
    • Plenty of account types to suit traders at all levels
    • A huge list of trading types to choose from
    • Quality assets and educational resources
    • An interesting bonus system that spices things up a little
    • Outstanding customer support and a great mobile app

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