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Foxy Bingo
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Reasons to Play

  • Literally endless entertainment spanning bingo and beyond
  • Excellent on-going promotions, deals and jackpots
  • A huge user community keeps things busy and social
  • The mobile app is a joy to play with

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    Foxy Bingo

    He’s the fox that either entertains you or annoys the living daylights out of you…that’s a judgement call for you to make! In either case, Foxy has been on the scene since as far back as 2005, giving the folks behind Foxy Bingo a full decade to perfect their offerings. Here at Casino Papa, gimmicks and mascots do nothing for us at all. Instead, we’re 100% concerned with what’s actually on offer in gaming stakes. And given the fact that Foxy Bingo is nothing short of a phenomenon in terms of popularity and prowess, you have to believe they’re doing something very right!


    What’s important to understand about Foxy is that it isn’t just a gaming brand, but something of a totally new concept in online gaming. The folks behind the Fox set about creating a unique online community and gaming environment, where players would be able to access a wide range of gaming assets in a fun, safe and superbly social environment. And they weren’t messing around either, which is why the Foxy Bingo of today has its own in-house magazine, TV station and radio shows too! Instead of creating a new type of bingo experience, it’s more of a wall-to-wall enjoyment and entertainment package that just happens to centre around bingo.


    Contact Information

    Site Summary

    In terms of the way the site is put together, it’s basically a 101 guide as to how to get the job done properly. Everything is gorgeously well presented, with plenty of colour and boldness without straying into OTT territory. We aren’t normally into sites that get carried away with the pink, but along with the purple that makes up the rest of the primary colour theme, it works a treat…end of story.

    Hit the home page and you’ll be presented with a series of ‘Highlights’ under which all the upcoming games are listed clearly and concisely. If we’re totally honest, the huge video that takes up the entire top part of the page is a bit annoying…and unnecessary. Still, that’s just out personal opinion. It’s also possible to dive right into Foxy’s casino offerings from the first page too, if you fancy mixing it up a bit.

    Gameplay with Foxy is an absolute joy. You can manually mark your numbers or switch on the auto-dabber if you like, any cards with three or less to go light up and you get full control over player messages you receive and block. Tickets start from as little as 5p and there are tons of free bingo promos and BOGOF offers throughout the week. Thank Foxy it’s Friday is one of the best of all, giving players the chance to grab their share of a £100,000 prize pool, along with further jackpots in the Good Ship Foxy, Foxtrot Fives and Bingo Sisters which run all the way through to midnight. And every 30 minutes every day throughout the week, Foxy’s guaranteed jackpots ensure there are always outstanding opportunities to take home a huge prize!

    Bingo Points are Foxy’s take on loyalty points and every player earns them with every game they play. You even get points for taking part in chat games, depositing funds and so much more. Interestingly, customer support lines are only open from 10am to 6pm on weekdays, which is unusual for such a leading brand. There’s also the option of getting in touch by way of email, which in our tests prompted impressively quick responses.

    Best Features

    As touched upon earlier, what stands out about Foxy Bingo is the way in which it delivers such an all-encompassing and immersive entertainment experience. The bingo action is only part of the package…albeit a large and important one! It’s a unique online entertainment package you can easily find yourself getting lost in…and we mean that in a positive way!


    It’s not very often you come across a bingo site or service that can live up to the hype it generates about itself. In the case of Foxy Bingo however, we might well be looking at the exception. One you get used to the hugely elaborate site and its near-endless offerings, it serves up anything and everything today’s bingo player could ask for. Well, apart from 24/7 customer service, but whether that puts you off is purely a judgement call!


    • Lack of 24/7 customer support
    • Welcome bonus wagering requirements are a little steep
    • The site comes very close to being cluttered with too much info/content


    • A huge variety of games spanning bingo and other genres
    • Great presentation and outstanding performance
    • Plenty of on-going deals and promos
    • £5 introductory no-deposit bonus – start playing without paying!
    • A great customer service team
    • Tickets start from just 5p and plenty of free and BOGOF games
    • A truly unique online entertainment experience